The cheap seats.

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by David R, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. AXE seats

    Those are the most inexpensive seats i have ever found.
    Could they be any good to replace my worn, cloth, stock seats. :shrug:

  2. .......I guess not. lol :)
  3. Did u win the auction?
  4. I think they look ok.

    My 94 had some crappy worn Out seats and I think those would get the job done and not hurt the wallet too bad.

    Go for it :nice:
  5. $115 for Shipping and Handling???

    Brag about how light they are then charge that much for shipping and handling... plus $30 for insurance? :bs:

    They look like nice seats...

    If you did get them... tell us what you think of them. Maybe we can find another distributor with a Christmas Special on shipping???
  6. They are going out UPS. UPS has 3 OS (over sized) categories, OS1 automatically weighs in at like 30lbs, OS2 is automatically 80lbs, and i forget what OS3 weighs in at, Those seats would fall in under OS3 thats why shipping is so expensive. They are ripping you a new one for the insurance. UPS automaticaly gives you $100 for insurance and every $100 after that is $1.00.
  7. At 19lbs a piece and looking at your example wouldn't they qualify for being UNDER 80lbs???
  8. Not if it doesnt fit in a small enough box.
  9. I was just going by what you posted, there was no mention of size of the box... sorry.
  10. I should have been more specific with OS and box sizes. Im not 100% sure on the weight of OS2 and OS3 (havent worked their for 5 months, but OS1 is definately 30lbs.
  11. $50/seat makes me wonder how safe they are -- I don't just expect my seat to be comfortable and durable, I have some concern over how it will treat me in the worst case scenario -- an accident. I'm not a teenager any more, so I don't have the luxury of being immortal :D.

  12. Hey man those look like some great cheap replacements!!! The only thing that worries me though is the cheap price, like why is it so cheap??? I've been looking for some new seats for a while also and I dont want to spend Sparco prices even though they have awesome seats........I've looked into import mags too and they have some cheap seats there. I just dont want some crazy azz Japanese writing allover my seats!!!!!!!
  13. Wow...thanks for the quick replies. :nice:

    No...i did not bid on em yet.
    I think I may try them if i can get the cash.
    Id like to go pick them up like i did with my wheels(18 hr. drive) to avoid shipping, but from Ohio to California is a little to far.

    It is nice that they dont have writing all over them lol.

    I didnt think about the safety...good point.

    well see