The chrome is back on

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  1. Just put my Saleens back on figure Id post some pics.
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    dont know why my camera is so blurry but it looks ok.

    Im gonna get a S 281 wing and sideskirts and 15% tint.

    But first I gotta get my Supercharger installed...but let me know what you think of my car...its ok i guess but it looks better in person 94-98s are hard to make look good in pics.:shrug:
  2. looks damn good. those are my favorite rims for the SN95 by far. FWIW, I think that your car looks good with no tint .. I'd leave it. Either way, nice ride! :nice:
  3. Some Grill work would be a huge +
  4. Very nice :nice: . Your car always looks good man.
  5. Thanks guys and about the grill im getting my running pony in a couple days the person before me had a cobra on the front and I cant be driving a Fobra so im in transition(thats also why there are no side badges but just got some 99+ ones that im puttin on tomorrow.
  6. :hail2: no badges !!! :hail2 : :hail2:
  7. Muy sweet! very cool.
  8. Nice stance and those rims look perfect with the color. Personally, I'm missing the exhaust tips sticking out the back though. Looks great overall!
  9. ooohhhhh yeah ... you are right about the exhaust tips. I guess I just didn't look at the rear because I thought everyone kept their straight pipes. Hell, that is one of the main reasons our cars sound good.
  10. :drool: :drool: i dont know why but that cobra front looks really good with the saleens.
  11. Yeah i think so too. Now I gotta get some pics with my car as shiny as yours but that almost impossible...your car is so nice love the true blue:hail2:

    I think if I get my car repainted im gonna do it trueblue fo sho
  12. Looks good man! I love the saleen wheels with that hood and front bumper, looks really nice :nice:
  13. Just bought the S281 wing last night from speedworx and I put the GT badges on from the 99-04s and im getting the running pony for the front this week along with 15% tint prolly on friday...My rear bumper at the moment says cobra but im getting a V6 rear from a friend.

    What do you guys think about for sideskirts im thinkin saleen but do you know of any other good looking ones. The stock ones look like running boards IMO
  14. Looks good.

    Perhaps you can paint the brake calipers blue to match the car. With those rims, they stand out like a sore thumb.

    Maybe a Cobra brake kit up front would look good
  15. LOL i was trying to buy caliper paint today but since I had my 16yo bro in line with me at walmart they felt the need to ID him and hes not 18 so they wouldnt sell it to me:nonono: I made a scene and they escorted me out of the store. But im gonna go with red for the calipers and eventually get a baer 13" kit.
  16. IDing for caliper paint?! :nonono:
  17. they id for super glue. I had it happen last week.
  18. wow that is so messed up, but u cant blame them for trying to keep kids safe