The Cleanest Interior On Ebay!

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  1. Found this and thougt everyone could appreciate their interior a little more. The bid for the car was at $3050 with 3 minutes left.
  2. That picture should be posted in every thread where someone asks about painting their interior.
  3. i about shat myself once i really looked at it hard :bang:
  4. I've Poo'd out better looking things than that
  5. maybe he should try selling just the interior on ebay and passing it off as OEM black :lol:
  6. uhhhh, you said poo'd
  7. I said somethin else but it ended up looking loke this ****
  8. poo poo hehe heheh
    hey beavis, that was like, uhh, cool and stuff hehehheh
  9. I saw that car on ebay. The outside looked pretty good. I couldn't believe the inside looked like shat.
  10. I wonder why my post # is stuck on 66.
  11. start posting outside of talk

  12. did you see all the mods he listed also. I found that an engine bay that looked like that had all that "Work" done to it. :notnice: :bs:
  13. Dyed interiors still look good though :shrug:
  14. WTF, does this guy paint ball in his car?