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  1. I don't think the car is too long, but it is a disturbing trend. If it doesn't efect handling and it translates into more room, I guess it's ok.

  2. There is no truth to that. Lots of stupid things are done to get around CAFE and emissions standards but that is not one of them.
  3. That's awesome. If you only want 4 inches of trunk opening. Wouls you guys like a 3 cylinder engine so that we can shorten up the front end also? If you think the mustang has too large a butt. You definately won't like the corvette.
  4. well as a matter of fact I don't like the new vette. I personally like the looks of the 80's vette :) but what I was saying is that I think a shorter rear goes more with the style. And I don't think i would mind having 4-6" trunk opening, so long as the panel between the taillights opens too...or it could always just be a hatchback, that would be super sweet too :)

    and personally, I think the front end need to be elongated a bit :)
  5. The smaller the trunk the less you can get. No matter how they split the taillights for opening. Unless you put something in sideways. You also have to remember that the longer the car is. The better the weight distribution for better handling.
  6. 4.4" is not half a foot.

    You missed one very important specification.

    Interior Volume:

    2004 = 83 cu ft.

    2005 = 86 cu ft

    3 cubic feet is a lot of extra interior space.

    Add to that the extra 1.4 cu ft. of trunk space. 4.4 cu ft of total interior & trunk volume is HUGE.
  7. Its a mustang, not a station wagon its not supposed to have trunk space. Mustangs didnt have backseat space for the longest time either. And the trunk in my notch was pretty much good for nothing. Ohh well its a race car not a grocery getter.
    I think it looked a lot better in the photoshop. A great soultion would be making a fast back....that would look sweet
  8. It IS supposed to have trunk space, because if it were not somewhat practical it would cease to exist. That's why it has a backseat too; always has and always will.
  9. Amen brother. It really bugs me when people try to rewrite the history of the Mustang.
  10. What we're talking about is the difference between what a few enthusiasts want, and what the other 95% of Mustang owners want...
  11. Er... federal crash standards are requiring a lot more front and rear protection. The 2004 Mustang wouldn't pass the 2007 standards, partly because of the location of the fuel tank, but also because of the way it behaves in a crash. A lot of cars are starting to have a more "boxy" feel to their designs, and that's not just because a lot of people are getting tired of rounded-off styling. It's also because of the crash standards being much higher. The 05 is gonna be the safest, roomiest, and most powerful Mustang ever produced. Those are three very unlikely things to see together, and I'm quite willing to forgive the vehicle being a bit longer in order to achieve this.
  12. most powerful?
  13. What mustang was a 2 seater?
  14. flippin nitpickers and naysayers :rolleyes: get a life ( of course i mean that in a nice way)
  15. aside from the current roush and cobra. the old school stangs had the engines but not the tire and drivetrain technology. this will be a great car, and robably the best mustang to date. ford needs this thing to be a hit. so it has a little more room, better styling, hopefully better quality. guys i work with who are driving G35's and 350Z's are talking about trading in for the new stang. So i think ford is doing something right. :nice:
  16. Mustang too loud?

    My wife thinks the current mustang is too loud. Do you think the new mustangs will be a more refined car with less noise? I want a mustang in the worse way, but I have to talk my wife into it. She likes the looks of the car, just doesn't want it to "rattle her brain". She thinks that Ford should come out with a "Limited" version and make it more luxurious than the normal car. Does anyone else see a demand for this?
  17. She thinks the current Mustang is too loud with stock exhaust or aftermarket? If she thinks stock is too loud then you are going to have issues! :D
  18. Is there such a thing as a too loud Mustang? :D
  19. That's what I was thinkin Cajun. lol

    Sorry Joe I think you are gonna have a big problem if your wife thinks these things are too loud. From the video they played in Detroit it doesn't exactly look like this thing will be exactly quiet.
    But it looks like she is just in it for the aesthetics so just buy a V6 those things are as quiet as any other car.