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  1. Personally, I don't have this problem, because my wife drives my old mustang right now (99 v-6), and I have the kenny brown dual exahust conversion kit on it, and she has asked if we could make it louder!! She is 100% behind me getting a 05 when they are avail (expecially since my brother works for a dealer, and I get hooked up with it at invoice!!!)

    My suggestion to you, buy the new '05, and the first thing you should do, is to goto walmart, go into the sporting section, and spend a dollar, and buy her some ear plugs, it will be the most quite vehicle she has ever taken for a spin!!!! :banana:
  2. If you are talking about the stock V8 exhaust, I wouldn't expect it to be any quieter. It's a V8! My wife's '98 was stock and she loved the sound, but I was never able to convince her to get an aftermarket exhaust. I think my Focus w/ an exhaust ruined that for her.

    As for a luxury model, I don't think there is a market for it. If people are spending more, it's for a faster car. In fact, the more expensive the Mustang, the less luxurious they tend to be. Look at the Cobra R.

  3. I believe it's the most powerful base V8 ever in a Mustang, right?
  4. :rlaugh: icon_whip.gif

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  5. Thats what I was afraid of

    I will just get an 05 gt, and when we ride together, the 05, can stay in the garage, and we will take the Explorer : ( I do like the dollar ear plugs idea though.
  6. I showed my wife the 05 stang, she wants the red one and is talking about selling her saturn for it. Oh yeah, she likes the exhaust loud!
  7. There is a lot of noise in the current Mustang that I could do without. I think the motor noise would be a lot nicer if it was not competing with things like wind noise and body squeaks.

    My guess is that the new Mustang will be quieter with the windows up. It will probably be about the same with the windows down. You could always take some mufflers off of a Lincoln LS and see if they fit.
  8. I think you are right...even the 'vaunted' K Code Hi Po 289 was 271 HP, and those engine ratings were gross, not net like they are now.

    I had this debate with someone else in here, and the fastest of the fast 'stock' mustangs ran high 13's.

  9. Huh???

    If you brother works at a dealer (sales manager here) he can provide you with a D-Plan pin number (employee pricing) and get it way below cost... what is he trying to pull on you? :shrug: :nonono:

    ohhh, btw, it doesn't matter what he does at the dealership... he still gets D-plan if he is employed by it...
  10. hey at least you guys are having trouble convincing your wife to get having trouble convincing my bf to get one!! he thinks they are ugly :(

    Mabie the sound will grow on her?? I mean even my mom liked the way my stang sounded
  11. That's exactly the complaint I had with the 05 styling - they rounded off the sleek concept car styling. The T-Bird and GT both look a LOT like the concept - the Mustang doesn't. I haven't seen anything to get excited about.... yet.
  12. One reason the rear of the car may be so extended is to help create a close to 50%/50% front to rear weight ratio. The more overhang behind the rear axle makes a big difference in balancing out the front to rear weight ratio. Look at a 3 series BMW, the front wheels are very close to the front bumper and there is alot of car (in comparison to the front) behind the rear wheels. Its like shifting the whole car back while keeping the wheels fixed, the result is you get more weight transfered to the rear wheels, and obviously the more the weight is closer to 50/50 the better it handles.
  13. wouldn't it be easier just to get a new wife?? j/k
  14. My bad... I said invoice.. I meant cost. I had him check pricing with the dealer (he actually works a Mercedes dealer, but the company owns dealers all over the country, fords and just about everything else...) and through the employee plan, apparenly I will get a good deal on them. I had him check with them on the cost of a '04 Gt fully loaded 5spd (just for ball park comparison) and came back around 20ish (dealer cost plus 300)... is that what you meant? I know thats not going to be the exact cost of the 05, but I figured it would be comparable within reason... (Guess my brother is going to earn his keep for once.. :hail2: )
  15. Wow, it's odd to be on the other side of the argument. I have been a staunch supporter of the 05, I like most everything about it. However, I think that the 04 is bordering on being too long, but it fits with the styling cues of it. I feel that they need to go back to the Mustang being a smallish car, look at the Fox. I don't need anymore interior space, or trunk space. I don't like the Mustang becoming bigger every year. Those are just my thoughts. I poorly stated in my first post that though the 05 isn't that much longer, the 04 is already too long, so anymore and it'll look like a boat.

    I love the engine of the 05, a little more hp would have been nice, but that's really my only gripe about it. Some people painted me as a Ford anarchist.
  16. No Mustang can be too loud (unless your city says otherwise)

    Supposedly, with the new car, the NVH levels are supposed to be dramatically all the thing that make the Mustang too loud inside will probably dissappear. Just as long as I can hear the throaty rumblewhen I step on the gas and the gurgling pop of a perfectly executed downshift.
  17. They said the thing would actually have a more refined ride in the stangnet news email I got. Quieter on the inside, while being at least as fierce on the outside.

    The V6 supposedly got a major makeover, exhaust note-wise, as well. They wanted it to sound more like the V8s of old as well. Which I thought was impossible until I saw this Supra flying down the street with an exhaust note I coulda swear was coming from a Chevy 350 or something.

    Sound wise, we are in for good things.
  18. Must be a GM guy :D Glad I don't have the problem of wife/girlfriend not liking the car/exhaust sound.
  19. The Mustang I concept car, The Mach III Mustang concept car and the 2005 Mustang concept cars. The Shelby GT-350 Mustangs.

    But to echo your point, ALL production Mustangs, other than the Shelby's have always been 4 seaters
  20. Some shelby's did have rear seats.
    The rear seat returned and more colors were offered on 1966 Shelby Mustangs, making them more consumer-friendly.