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  1. My only question about the center console is about the parking brake. This isn't an insult, just something I was curious about. I noticed that the parking brake is next to the driver. Every car I have ever driven has had the brake on the other side of the console, next to the passenger seat. Was it moved to make it easier to use or something?
  2. Yes you will have an easier time using it for drifting.:D
  3. God What a Bunch of Whiners!

    LMFAO! Man I Couldn't Agree More! There are some Whiney Little Babys Out there, just lookin' for somethin' to **** about! Hello! The Dried Up, Shrivled, Old, Dead F Body, even with it's Black Slab of a Center Console never had 300 Horses Under it's Hood with a Base V8! Not to mention THERE IS NO MORE F BODY, because the stang is a practicle pony car. I never saw any fault with the Camaro's Console, just everything around it! I Dont think the 05's Console Looks Like an F Body's anyway, The Only Similarity I can see is they are Black and Flat on top, with a Short, Fat, Alluminum, Balled Shifter stickin' up in a Much Better Position than a Fox or SN95 ever dreamed of, a couple decently sized and placed cup/junk holders, and a Proper Hand Brake! If you look at the back of the console you'll see it's not at all like a F Body's Console.
  4. Im not saying it shouldnt have one, Im just saying ino it looks like s**t. I have been a long time stanger and an even longer time chevy hater, and i love everything they did with the 05, I even plan on buying one, but I think it just looks too much like the f-body center console. You dont have to convince me that the mustang is better, you will be preaching to the quire, but I do feel that it should at least look a little more mustang like.

  5. I Did see a concept interior that had a console that really looked like it came out of a 71/73 Stang. Here's the pic' but I actually like the production one better.

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  6. LS1 F-bodies had more than 300 horses. That was the only V8 available in them I believe. Am I wrong here?

    So the '05 Mustang console is squarish. So what, looks great. Who cares? It matches the overall styling theme of the interior wonderfully, and it looks like it'll be a nice function/fit from the driver's seat perspective. What were you expecting? A greco-italian pedestal tipped over on its side? I like a console that's shaped like a box. You can set things on it while you're doing this and that going down the road (your phone, cd cases, food), and it doesn't slide off between the seat. Makes a good "end-table" for practicality.
  7. I like the concept only for the fact that there is a drop down instead of the high rise center in the production one. like i said before it may just be me, but that console reminds me of the f-bodys and some of the *** cars like the eclipse.
  8. I'm not a huge fan of the center console.....the dash is cool, but only in front of the driver.....the rest of the interior is too "square"
  9. Don't really like it

    I loved the way the 05 looked in concept drawings, but I didn't really like the final product. Then I saw it in the "Ford Performance Trilogy" video, and I decided that I *REALLY* like the 99-04 bodystyle much better. The front end of the 05 looks to cumbersome in my opinion, and it just looks less sporty overall. Anyone else agree? I love the engine though :p
  10. You should follow the "if i dont have anything nice to post..." rule.
  11. This should be referred back to the complaint department thread. It has no real business in starting a new thread just to rehash an old debate.
  12. We really need to look at the positive side of this thread. I sincerely hope there are more folks out there like Jaz142, to keep the demand down for the new '05 so the initial dealer gouging will end sooner. I'm afraid the '05 is going to look too good to too many folks.
  13. I wouldn't worry about the dealer price gouging. The stupid morons who are not going to wait will be the ones who will get gouged. The ones who wait for the rebates and incentives are the ones who will be able to pick these cars up cheap. Beleive me, Ford will have many of these new Mustangs left on their lots after 1 year or so after they come out. The same thing happened in 2000 and 2001 with the Mustang. There were many just sitting in the dealer lots unsold and Ford started to give many really good deals on them. So, don't worry about getting gouged on the new Mustang. Just wait 1 to 2 years before you go out to buy one.

    And to the person in here who doesn't like the final version of the 2005 Mustang, you are free to express your own opinion. I myself like BOTH the 99-04 style as well as the 2005 style. I own a 2001 GT and a 2002 V6 Mustang. I love the body style very much. I also like the 2005 body style. The only body styles that I don't like in the Mustang are the body styles that were made from 1979 to 1998. I had the opportunity to buy many Mustang vehicles during the period from 1979-1998, but I declined to do so because I didn't like the body styles. When the 1999 body style came out, I loved it a lot. It had more of the retro Mustang look to it. That's why I bought three of them. The 2005 Mustang has even more retro features to it than the 99-04 style. I like that.
  14. I confess that at first I was a little turned off by the new design, but it really has grown on me. In the past (i.e. when the 99 came out) I was mortally offended and it took months for me to even accept it. So I think I'm really going to end up liking the new style, based on past experience.

    And when someone posted the side by side picture comparison of an 05 GT against a 01 Cobra, it sure did make the Cobra look pathetic in my opinion (and I used to *own* a 99 Cobra myself :D). I still like the older SN95 (94-98), but I think the '05 puts the 99+ body style away for good in my book.

    But that's just my opinion, and you are welcome to yours. *Someone* has to buy up the old 2004 stock this year! :jester:

  15. And it aint going to be me. I already own 2 Mustangs with the 2001 and 2002 body style. The next one will be the 2006/2007 body style.
  16. I too don't really like the lines on the new car. I didn't like the 94-98's but the 99-04's look great. I own an 03 V6 which will be paid off this June. A motor swap is going to cost way too much money so I'm probably going to end up trading the V6 in on an 04 GT and modding it to run with the new cars.
  17. When are you going to trade in your 2003 V6 Mustang for the 2004 Mustang GT? How soon from now are you going to do that? Also, why don't you keep your 2003 V6 Mustang since you are going to have it all paid off? Did you buy the 2003 V6 Mustang brand new or used? If it was bought used, how many miles was on it when you bought it. And how long have you owned it? I am curious about these things.
  18. I hear you, Ron. I'm just hoping the demand will be lower than I expect it'll be so I don't have to wait as long. I'd rather wait 1 than 2 years, but I guess patience is still a virtue. Maybe I need to start bad-mouthing and bashing the '05 for my own self-interest. ;)
  19. Don't like it? Don't buy it. :nonono:

    Of fthe the complaint department you go.
  20. Thanks Tyler