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  1. I don't consider it to be retro. I really see it as FORD going back to its roots where the mustang had drifted from its original ford designers' intentions.

    After the 80's mustangs came out I believed that FORD went completely off track from its original conception of the mustang. I think we're right on track now. :)
  2. it is retro because it was designed directly from previous models while still incorporating modern design changes. The car in a whole represents stangs from 64.5-73
  3. THe design is the definition of retro.
  4. Behind the axle muffler

    So what was the last stang to have the muffler can behind the rear axle?

    I hate the looks of the can right there. i think it looks so much better with just the pipes after the axle and when you can sometimes catch a glimpse of the cans in the center of the car in front.
  5. I think it carries the DNA, and that it may look retro to some people.
    Its not as much as you think though.

    It carries design cue's from a whack of stangs..
    Even the Sn95 99-04s carry these traits as much as the 05s.
  6. I think its too retro personally. The front looks too much like a 68-69 Mustang front end. The concept did a much better job of taking styling cues from the older Mustang and making it look modern.
  7. Well, that's another price for that agrarian live axle, gotto make room in the floor pan for that big heavy ol diff, torque arm and drive shaft to flail up and down.

    As for get'n one's groove on back there, I would have prefered a hatchback (fold flat seats) and IRS to open up a whole romper room back there like my Probe GT. Also convenient when you gotta haul a bunch of stuff too.
  8. I'm sorry but...

    The interior of the 05 is so german it's becoming funny. The GT looks like a cheap BMW and the V6 looks like a japanese copy of the GT... :mad:

    Great american icon... :nonono:
  9. Opinions are like arseholes... :shrug:

  10. :notnice: this new interior is in no comparison to any foreign makers interiors. I don't understand why people dislike such a beautiful car.
  11. I LOVE this interior compared to my shared interior from 94 and my old 02 Gt.

    It is like I never stepped out of the car and went in the other to drive.

    Thank you Ford for creating a nice looking interior that screams QUALITY(hopefully).

    I just pray they dont keep this one in production for 10+years AKA SN-95 era... and update the sheetmetal and interior together every 4.5years.
  12. Yeah ... I guess Ford was copying the Mustang Interior from the Japanese for their '65 model.

    Go look at a '65 and then look at the '05.

    If you think this interior looks ***/German then you should have said that they have been copying Fords design.
  13. Duhhhh ... Why do you think they made the hood so smooth ??? Who needs a back seat ?!
  14. Those that think it is retro have succumbed to computer designed "bubbleitious". If it doesn't look like a jellybean driving down the road, it is "retro".

    Car looks great .....
  15. Well, given a choice between having the mufflers behind the axle, or the gas tank behind the axle, I think I'm okay with the mufflers...

  16. Speaking of sheetmetal, anyone knows what is the material used... because if it is metallic paint on plastic, that is going to scream "cheap" really loud...

    Sorry guys, I don't want to seem bitter or to spoil the fun of those of you who like it, but I'm just so disappointed...

    I maintain the german familiarity of the interior... stern stern stern shapes... with cheap metallic add-ons...

    ok... I like the shifter on the automatic... :)
  17. id rather see the gas tank than those stupid mufflers
  18. Im pretty sure the aftermarket exhaust companies will take care of that problem...hopefully. Anyone know what size exhaust tips the new Gt has, 2.5" again? I would love to see 3" or 3.5"
  19. Yuk!!

    As a Mustanger since April 18, 1964, I'm really disappointed in the new Stang! Why do they call it "retro"?? The original was low, wide and sleek. The new one is narrow, high, and that round nose looks like something straight from Mattell! The interior is so-so. Neither bad nor great, just typical mass-produced glop.

    But the major disappointment is mechanical. When is Ford coming into the 21st century???? No 6-speed and no IRS. And they even lie about the rear end: ""We talked to a lot of Mustang owners as we were developing this program," said Hau Thai-Tang, chief engineer. "They are a very passionate group, and a lot of them told us – very strongly – that the all-new Mustang had to have a solid rear axle.""

    NO WAY!!! We Mustangers have been BEGGING for IRS since about 1966 or 1967!! Unless they talk only to drag racers, that is simply unbelievable. It has to be a bean-counter decision. After all, they claim to be reducing the price substantially. (claim is the word - I'll believe it when I see it).

    I'll stick with my 65 convert with 5.0 HO and 5-speed. Lower, wider, and considerably faster. And it doesn't look like all the rice boxes on the road!!
  20. Stern??????? I'm lost on that. You could say "BOLD" and I'd say "YES, THANK GOODNESS!!!!". I'm so sick and tired of the current softy-swoopy-black-sea-o'-plastic cheapo ill-fitting interior in the current Mustang, that this new interior is like a sign that there is indeed a God. BMW and Mercedes and Porsche and Audi, IMHO, currently are the WORLD STANDARD when it comes to interior styling, fit, finish and materials. Ford is aiming squarely at them when it comes to quality and fit and finish, but with a retro Mustang flare that is pure American. I like a crisp and bold edge in the interior, it screams quality. Embrace change, because it's good, and without it, we'd all still have mullet hairdo's and big gold chains. If it startles you, that's probably a good thing. Things that are more familiar get awfully boring, really quick. And I was snoring-bored with the outgoing interior.