Roush The coupe went to the body shop yesterday

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  1. My buddy and I took the coupe to his work yesterday, and today him and his boss started pulling the body back straight. He said It's turning out pretty good. He also said he wants to put a rocker panel on it and maybe a roof skin, but not sure on the roof yet, they are still pullin. The A-piller is ok though. So I should get it back tomorrow and I will post pics the straight body. Here is before pics.
  2. Thats awsome :nice:
    Keep us posted and good luck!

  3. They are giving it back to your in a total of 3 days?
    That's awesome, around here it would take 3 months to fix that.
  4. very cool! i am glad you decided to restore it. that car is awesome & you are a lucky guy!
  5. They did the work today and it took them only about 3-4 hours. So tomorrow I am going to pick it up and I will post pics. I'm sure glad I'm good friends with a body man. It makes things so much nicer. :nice:
  6. 89 coupe

    I am glad you are fixing it.It apears like the roof took alot of the energy.The door hinge pillar doesn't look that bad.Did you check the floor pans out for kinks?
  7. Yea the floor is ok, it hit more up high then down low, but the rocker panel was wrinkled a little so my friend says he wants to replace it instead of filling it full of mudd. and I guess the pull was able to get most of the big dents out but there is still some small ones so again he would rather replace a skin instead of mudding up the roof. So I don't care I guess, I would rather a good clean straight car instead of a big mudd mess. Oh yea and it has to be done for Bellevue. I want steve to sign the dash before he decides that he doesn't want to go to that show anymore.:D
  8. Who's yanking it back for ya?

    You got the connections on getting other pieces and parts Steve? If you run into some dead ends, give me a jingle, I might know a few peeps that can help ya:D
  9. Northwest Autobody pulled it out for me.

    I will call you Cory If I need anything. I did find a inst cluster that is better than mine and a nicer set of door panel inserts. The same guy has a complete sticker kit also that I'm going to get. But If you know where there are some super nice blue door panels I could use at least the drivers door panel.

  10. Blue..maybe. I will call Chuck up in Longview tomorrow and see what he has. I'll PM ya with the info To-mar-row:nice:
  11. post up more pics of that blue interior also. i think that alone is super cool to have that interior! has to be the only one like that. awesome car even when it was damaged LOL!
  12. Yea one of you guys on here said that is the only coupe with blue interior. I was telling my friends that since I sold my 00 saleen I now have two mustangs with the ulgyiest interiors made, blue and red. LOL. the interior is out right now but I do still have one pic of the interior that I took when I bought it so I will post that one.
  13. I can't tell from the picture, but I am hoping the flofits were dark gray and light gray. I couldn't imagine blue and light gray flofits?
  14. Yes. The only white and blue interior coupe. (Using/By the old Redeker Book). The registry also stated an SVO shift knob was used instead of the Saleen sourced one.

    This tu-tone blue is neat. Kinda' like the '88 SporTrucks.

    Good luck! :nice:
  15. What does the SVO shif knob look like?
    Here are the pics after the body shop. It definatley needs more work to get it perfect. But the panels are on and the roof is straight. Still needs some parts replaced, like the rocker and twhere the door bolts to. But here are the pics.:nice: Oh yea and needs some adjusting of other panels now.
  16. Looks like a different car. Nice work! :)
  17. 1.JPG

    Above is what a factory knob from an SVO looks like. The SVO version had the Hurst logo stamped into the leather.

    What your Saleen probably cam with is the Ford Motorsport version of this knob. This one looks just like the above knob, but has the Ford Motorsport logo stamped into it (Instead of the Hurst logo) and was sold in the Motorsport and SPP catalog. Saleen listed the Motorsport version as the "Anatomic Shift Knob."

    The SVO used a different size thread (or pitch) on the shift lever than the standard Mustang. So... cross threading take place when either version is forced onto the other.

    Oh… and keep in mind there is currently a Chinese version of the Ford Motorsport knob on the market and offered by the Mustang parts houses and maybe even FRPP. This one features a Ford oval stamp instead of the Motorsport logo. It’s also made of a harder, more granular leather (or even vinyl).
  18. Ye they are blue with grey center. They really don't look bad.

    Thanks for the help, I may just put a steeda knob on it, because finding one of those knobs will be tough I think.

  19. i think the Blue FloFits with the gray centers & door panel inserts look very cool. just about as cool as say...................... an 87-89 gray Saleen FloFit interior but
    10x more rare! LOL. once again, good score on that car! why doesnt this stuff happen to me?:shrug:
  20. LOL, you know, I don't know how I even get this kind of stuff sometimes. This was my second smokin deal, the last one was a 27,000 mile 99 GT 35 anniv special edition car that hit a guard rail for $4500. That was a couple years ago.