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  1. Alright :SNSign: we are starting a collection of dyno sheets to keep them easy to find. If you have a sheet, please submit a copy. All sections here will have a dyno sheet thread (for example, 5.0, 4.6, S197, etc).

    Submissions need to be in the following format:

    forum name that the sheet needs to go into (ex. S197 GT)
    your SN user name
    ### rwhp / ### rwtq

    mod list goes here


    You can host your own dyno sheet via photobucket (or other host) or we can supply some FTP space as well. Email Tim if you would like him to host your sheet.

    Submissions are to be made via Private Message to any S197 moderator, (preferably me) where that moderator can update this thread. Be advised, only posts of dyno sheets and details are going to be permitted to remain in this thread (i.e. only Staffers can post in this thread to update it).

    Let's see what you've got! :nice:
  2. SP_51-F1

    302 rwhp / 320 rwtq

    FRPP CMCV Delete plates
    Pypes O/R H-pipe
    FRPP Axle-Backs
    X-Cal 2 w/ tune from Bamachips


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  3. anthony05gt


    5 spd, Procharger 11lbs, 3 core, Twin Ford Focus pumps, Mafia, LFP radiator, FRPP 4.10's, JBA ceramic LT, JBA catted H, Magnaflow catback, Centerforce alum. fly, Dual friction, Steeda Triax, JPC Alum. shaft, Metco loop, Predator, Steeda springs, RK Sport Ram air hood, CDC agr. chin spoiler, GE Ford rear spoiler, Xenon scoops, Kazeera KZ-A, chrome wheels, Michelin PS 275/40/R18, 255/45/R18, Custom Paint w/ Lemans stripes, Customized OE Grill, 490rwhp,434rwtq,mustang dyno

  4. Hoboattacker

    289rwhp @ 5500rpms / 301ft-lbs @ 4500rpms

    Ford Ceramic Coated Shorties, Pypes Off-Road H-Pipe, Stock Mufflers, C&L CAI, Diablo Predator Tuner w/ CnL canned 91 tune.

  5. TJG
    2005 Mustang GT 5Spd Manual
    276 RWHP, 327 RWTQ
    SLP LM exhaust( only mod )
    Mustang Dyno - FF&MM's Mustang on a Mustang Dyno day

    Weather conditions from that day are handwritten on the dyno sheet.


    As I stated earlier, the graph crosses at around 3900 RPM. :(
  6. Lightblade
    underdrive pulleys, demolet cai, and xcal-2 with 93oct tune
    295rwhp 315rwtq!:nice:

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  7. myponyisred

    06 GT 5 Speed

    XCal 93 oct tune
    BBR Underdrive Pullies
    No Mufflers
    308rwhp / 323rwtq

  8. cruiser94

    2006 GT

    298 rwhp / 309 rwtq

    Diablo Predator
    K&N Cold Air Kit
    U/D Pulleys
    Bassani Exhaust (X-pipe, hi-flo cats, mufflers, etc)
    FRPP 4.10 gears
    B&M short throw shifter

  9. 2005 Mustang GT (S197)

    520.9 rwhp / 475 rwtq
    ProCharger Polished D1SC with 900+ HP Intercooler
    60lb H.I. Injectors
    Predator Mafia
    MSD Boost-A-Pump
    Dual GT Fuel Pumps (255 Ltr)
    JPC Polished Fuel Rails
    Granatelli Coil Pack Kit
    4.30 Gears 8.8
    JBA SS Ceramic LT Headers
    JBA SS H-Pipe w\ High Flow Cats
    Nitto NT555R Drag Radials
    Boyd Coddington 18x8, 18x10 Wheels
    93 Octane Tune

  10. iskwezm

    06 Convertible GT,manual trans


    all stock
    removed mufflers
    Tuned by Racers Edge
    View attachment 386951 [/QUOTE]
    293 RWHP / 309 RWTQ

    STEEDA 90mm. CAI


  12. DarkFireGT

    287 RWHP / 304 RWTQ

    Mods: Steeda High-Velocity CAI, BBR Off-Road X-Pipe, Magnaflow side exhaust, XCal2 and 91 Octane Bamachips Tune

  13. ufnavy06

    S197 GT
    Flowmaster AT Axleback

  14. 05 Horseplay

    306 rwhp 312 rwtq
    Mustang Dynometer

    C&L Intake
    Steeda Underdrive pulley's
    Ford Shorty Headers
    Magnaflow truX pipe w/Cat's
    Flowmaster Axle Back
    Charge Motion Plate delete's
    Steeda Throttle Body Spacer

  15. TheMaster
    2006 Mustang GT 5 speed

    286RWHP / 301TQ

    Hurst shifter, BMR lca's, BMR strut tower brace, BMR lowering kit, BMR front and rear sway-bars, jlt intake, Bamachips tune, FRPP 4:10s, CMCV deletes.


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  16. Belzebub2u


    Turbonetics T60-1 kit
    autolite ht0 plugs and summit coils
    Xcal 2 with custom dyno tune from Modular Powerhouse
    and thats it for power adders.

    dynosheet.jpg [/QUOTE]
  17. Green Machine
    2005 Mustang GT 5 speed
    298.02 / 314.99

    Ford Racing Axel Backs,JBA Eq Length shorties,CMCV deletes,JLT II CAI with BamaChips 93 Race Tune,Steeda UDPs,Pypes O/R H-pipe,Motovation TB spacer,SCT II tuner,3.55 gears,Air temp 72*

  18. o0Dan0o
    08 GT

    LT's O/R-H, JLT-II with Bama tune, and CMCV deletes.

  19. kooldawg 06 GT

    I had the opportunity to have my car dyno tuned by Doug from BamaChips himself on Saturday! This originally started out as me just being there for video and pic opps as I didn't feel the need to spend the $300 for the dyno tune only having a couple of basic mods done(CAI, O/R H and mufflers). Ever since 93 octane had gotten to $4/gal, I have switched dropped back down to 87. So here I am showing up with the group of 8 guys to get their cars tuned with a tank full of 87 gas:rlaugh: After seeing the first couple get run through and one of the guys trying to talk me into getting mine done as well, I started to think about it. I didn't even have my tuner with me, but Doug said it was no problem as he could use his and load it into my car and then email it to me to load into my tuner. That right there was all it took for me to commit 100%!!!!! Well, my turn arrived and the baseline run was higher than I expected giving the fact mine is auto running 4.10s and the 87 gas...275 HP 275 TQ. There was a big time dip from 3600-4200 RPM and a spike near 5300 RPM due to the converter locking and unlocking! Doug just looked at the graph and :rlaugh:! He said his tune will take care of both those problems and gain power! Second pull and presto! No more dip (37 HP gain at 3700 RPM:eek:) and no more converter induced spike! The third pull he tweaked the A/F ratio some more and squeezed out a few more HP & TQ from her and the end result was 286 HP & 295 TQ with just the 87 tune! Being an auto with 4.10 gears, I now have in the neighborhood of 30+ HP over stock and can only get better once I get his 93 tunes:rock:

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