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  1. tangerine96gt
    361.8rwhp / 363.7rwtq

    Mongoose Vortec V2-SQ Kit + MPH Boost Pipe
    BBK 70mm TB/Trick Flow Plenum
    Bassani O/R X-Pipe
    Weld in Flowmasters

    680.1whp / 605.5lb-ft


    Procharger D1SC
    Forged MMR pro MOD 950 5.0 stroker
    -balanced and blueprinted
    -ford 1200hp MMR crank
    -4340 Forged H-beam manley rods and ARP bolts
    -forged lightweight manley racing pistons
    -Speed Pro tri-metal bearings with moly rings
    -MMR Ultimate oil pump (used on their 2000hp drag car)
    3 core race intercooler
    20lb 8-rib pulley
    Kooks 1-7/8ths stepped 1-3/4 long tubes
    Kooks mid-pipe
    Accufab 60mm twin bore throttle body
    Meizere electric water pump
    AFM powerpipe
    Magnaflow stainless cat-back
    Professional MAS 3 made specifically for the Procharger blow throw set-up calibrated for 60lb injectors

    Steeda sport springs
    Steeda ‘stop the hop kit’
    -IRS Brace
    -polyurethane bushings
    -rear IRS control arm bushings
    Fidanza lightweight flywheel
    Centerforce DF clutch
    New clutch cable
    MGW short shifter
    T-56 6 speed 26-spline with upgrade billet keys and synchros
    04 cobra driveshaft
    Tokico D-Spec struts
    Steeda full-length sub frame connectors with seat braces
    4.10 FMS gears
    Upgraded 10th Ann. Cobra Calipers RED w/hawk pads
    Powerslot slotted and coated rotors
    Maximum motorsports caster/camber plates
    17 Chrome FR500 wheels 17x9 front with 275/45/17 and 17x10.5 rear with 315/35/17 summitomos

    Speed of sound dual gauge pod
    Autometer phantom boost gauge
    Autometer phantom fuel pressure gauge
    Eclipse AVN 5435 double-din CD/DVD/NAV unit with Sirius Radio and remote
    Oz Audio matrix elite 6.5 components-front doors
    Dynamat extreme throughout car
    Rockford Fosgate 5.25 mid-woofers for rear fill
    JL Audio 450/4 4 channel amp
    JL Audio 500/1 mono amp
    2 JL Audio 10w3 subwoofers in custom fiberglass enclosure
    JL Audio RBC-1 remote bass control knob
    6-speed shift knob
    MGW short shifter

    03/04 cobra front bumper
    04 Mustang black headlights
    Blacked out tail lights
    Window tint

    Fuel system:
    04 Cobra fuel tank
    Ford GT fuel pumps
    Zone 5 Cobra Stage II Modified FPDM
    60LB Fuel Injectors
    Braided stainless fuel lines with Earls fittings

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  3. Tripoli
    308 RWHP / 323 RWTQ
    2002 Mustang GT Coupe


    * Naturally-Aspirated 4.6L SOHC - Stock shortblock
    * Fox Lake Stage 2 heads (2003-2004 cores w/ deeper spark plug threads)
    * VT Engines Stage 2 N/A cams
    * Comp Cams 26125-16 High-Load valve springs
    * Steeda underdrive pulleys w/ balancer
    * Ignition Solutions Plasma Booster
    * Tuned by Archie at Lone Star Performance with SCT Xcalibrator 2
    * Mac cold air induction
    * Accufab 75mm throttle body & upper intake plenum
    * Hooker long tube headers
    * Hooker off-road X-pipe w/ custom cut-outs

    StangNet gallery

  4. update

    305 RW / 322 TQ (STD)
    298 RW / 315 TQ (SAE)

    Modifications: T56 Transmission, MGW Short Shifter, Chrome 17x9 and 17x10.5 FR500s, Eibach Sportlines, Cobra Skirts, Wing Removed, Bassani O/R X and catback, PHP Intake Spacer, 4.10s, JLT RAI, Accufab Twin 60mm Throttlebody, NGK TR6, Tuned by Manny at HPP Motorsports

  5. Update!

    751 rwhp / 634 rwtq

    Paxton Novi 2000
    Custom Front Mount Intercooler 24x12x3 core
    Tial 50mm BOV
    Viper spec T56 transmission
    Aluminum driveshaft
    HPM driveshaft safety loop
    Maximum Motorsports full length subframes
    SLP Loud Mouth catback
    BBK 75 mm throttle body
    SCT FastLane custom tune
    60LB injectors
    MGW short throw shifter
    MGW shift knob
    Fidanza aluminum flywheel
    Spec stage 3+ clutch
    Motive 3.90 gears
    Auburn Pro 31 spline differential
    Moser 31 spline axles w/ 3" studs
    Moser C-clip eliminators
    Autometer Lunar gauge cluster
    Autometer Lunar boost and fuel pressure gauges
    AEM wideband gauge
    Raptor shift light
    Steeda clutch quadrant and firewall adjuster
    Cobra fuel tank Dual GT supercar pumps
    SLP line lock
    SCT 3000 MAF
    Tokico HP shocks/struts
    Cobra brakes front & rear
    P51 intake
    2004 Cobra crank
    Ported PI heads
    MPH custom grind blower cams
    Manley Billet I-Beam rods
    Mahle pistons
    ARP head and main studs
    CPR fuel rails
    Oil pump with billet gear
    Canton oil pan
    Bassani mid length ceramic headers
    Bassani off road midpipe
    new ford racing block
    8 Rib kit
    Innovators West 10% OD crank pulley
    modified FPDM
    8 gauge wiring for fuel pumps
    PPRV delete
    NOS intercooler spray bar
    NOS polished 10lb bottle and billet bracket
    Spec stage 3+ clutch
    CPR fuel rails
    8AN braided fuel line
    Welded axle tubes
    UPR lower control arms
    UPR upper control arms

  6. GidiUp01
    366rwhp / 384rwtq

    KB 2.1 @ 9 psi intercooled
    Weld in bullit style mufflers

  7. Mastrocola17
    262 rwhp / 268 rwtq

    1999 GT Automatic

    Comp Cam Stage 1 Cam (262AH)
    Comp Beehive Valve Springs
    Mac LT Headers
    Pypes O/F X-Pipe
    BBK C/A Intake
    Professional Products TB/Plenum
    Summit Underdrives
    Flowmaster Super 40 Weld-Ins
    Ford Racing 4.10's
    Diablo Sport Tuner
    Dyno Tune

  8. 3ponyshow
    351 rwhp / 349 rwtq


    Vortech SQ trim Supercharger w/aftercooler (originally mongoose)
    AODE 2500 stall converter w/B&M trans cooler
    DiabloSport Predator tuned by Gil at NRP
    Magnaflow X pipe (cat's) w/Dynomax stainless cat back
    Koni Yellows and Sport Springs
    MM full length SFC's
    Ford Racing 3.73 Gears
    275/40/17 Nitto 555R's (rear)

  9. navarro98gt
    292 rwhp / 307 rwtq

    1998 Mustang GT Auto


    2001 ported PI heads
    CMS Stage 2 n/a cams
    C&L intake plenum
    75mm throttle body
    C&L intake elbow
    Hooker long-tube headers
    O/r X-pipe
    Mac catback
    Steeda u/d pulleys
    24lb injectors
    FRPP 9mm wires

    Jerry @ Sutton HP in Mattson Illinois did the tuning with an X-CAL 3.

  10. LaserSVT
    448rwhp / 460 rwtq

    2003 Sonic Blue Cobra


    BBK Ceramic Long Tubes
    BBK O/R H-pipe
    Flowmaster 40s
    Steeda CAI
    Steeda 2.81" pully
    Accufab Big Oval T-body and upper plenum
    Diablo Chip w/custom tune
    Centerforce DFX
    Fidanza aluminum flywheel

  11. 86LXnotchback

    206.9rwhp / 280.8rwtq


    Unknown brand CAI
    40 Series Flowmasters
    Unknown SCT tuneel

    Dyno sheet forthcoming.
  12. 02 281 GT

    252.7 rwhp / 288 rwtq


    Pace setter off-road h-pipe
    "custom" 2½" catback with Flowmaster original 40s

  13. Ibeyorsuperman
    592hp / 590 rwtq

    96 Saleen s281

    5.0 Stroker, ported PI heads
    CMS stage 3 cams
    BBK 78MM throttle body/plenum
    MP T70

  14. deftsound

    428hp / 410tq

    99 GT Coupe 5spd

    Vortech SQ Supercharger
    3.12" pulley pushing 10# boost
    Procharger 2-core intercooler
    BBK ceramic L/T Headers
    BBK O/R H pipe
    Stock catback with weld-in mac mufflers
    Dual 03 cobra fuel pumps/stock gt tank
    42# injectors
    Professional products 75mm TB/Plenum
    MPH Boost pipe
    Motive 3.73 gears
    MM Subframes
    Tokico Shocks/Struts/Springs
    Spec Stg2 Clutch/Flywheel
    Steeda clutch firewall adjuster

  15. Ares

    320rwhp / 326rwtq

    Stock PI heads, PI intake
    Stock shortblock
    Hitech Stage 2 cams
    C&L upper plenum
    BBK 75mm TB
    Meziere Electric water pump
    K&N FIPK
    Pypes Longtube headers
    2.5" H-pipe
    MAC Catback
    Fidenza Aluminum flywheel
    Spec 2+ 11" clutch
    FRPP 4.30 gears

    Tuned By Modular Depot.
    Dyno'd on a Mustang MD-250

  16. Stark77

    264rwhp / 299rwtq

    2001 Mustang GT

    Mac LT's, O/R Prochamber, Flowmaster 40's, aluminum DS, JLT CAI, Steeda UDP's, PP 70mm plenum + TB, tuned by Jaws Racing in Tallahassee FL

  17. oxfordgt

    700rwhp / 573rwtq

    2004 Ford Mustang GT

    • Built shortblock
    • stage 3 patriot heads
    • stage 3 cms blower cams
    • TFS intake
    • Novi 2000 Race version 23lbs of boost
    • AIS meth injection
    • return style fuel system
    • Mac L/T headers
    • O/R H
    • Mac catback
    • 8 rib kit
    • IW 10% overdrive
    • RR 2.7" s/c pulley
    • Thump r single bolt tensioner
    • 130 amp alternator
    • optima red top
    • meziere electric water pump
    • aluminum radiator
    • canton 7qt oil pan
    • 33 spline axles
    • c clip eliminator
    • auburn diff
    • welded and brace axle
    • stock transmission
    • spec stage 1 clutch and holding like a champ

  18. Tim2002GT

    250rwhp / 292rwtq & 378rwhp/474rwtq with nitrous

    2002 Ford Mustang GT

    • 125hp nitrous
    • Long tube headers
    • Off-road X pipe
    • JLT RAI
    • 75mm throttle body
    • TrickFlow plenum

  19. TeufelGt
    409rwhp / 395rwtq

    2000 Mustang GT

    Tork Tech Intercooled Magnuson M112

    BBK Longtubes
    BBK O/R H
    DMH Electric Cut-Outs
    Flowmaster 40 series

    Tri-Ax Short shift
    Spec Stg2+
    FFRP Aluminum Drive Shaft
    FFRP 3.73 gears

    Steeda Upper Control arms
    Steeda Lower Control arms
    H&R springs

    Exterior Mods
    Cervinis 95 Cobra R hood
    Mach 1 Chin
    mach 1 deletion
    Cobra Side Skirts
    Cobra Mirrors
    Chrome Saleen Reps 18x9/18x10
    Nitto 555 275/35/18
    Nitto NT05 295/35/18

  20. Scicom
    700rwhp / 576rwtq

    1999 Mustang GT

    04 Cobra short block
    HPP worked heads
    HPP custom grind cams
    Edelbrock lower intake
    T56 6 speed trans (26 spline)
    Custom built hat w/LFP single blade Big Mouth throttle body
    Return style fuel system w/80lb injectors, Cobra tank w/Cobra intake pump housing, 2 high flow 255 walbro pumps (gss342)
    Full length BBk headers Mac cat back
    Cobra front brakes
    Polished F-1 Procharger (8 rib) w/3.4 pulley, my gauge only goes to 20
    Eaton Posi w/3.73's
    Moser 31 spline
    HPM Megabite rear lowers
    Steeda uppers

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