The Facts Of Life

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  1. Women are like cars, fun til the new wears off then you're just makin payments.
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  2. Sounds like someone needs to get blown....;)
  3. Ha good one
  4. Obviously you have not found the right woman..............uh, wait.......there is no such thing, sorry.
  5. ^^^Must be into dudes eh?
  6. :troll::shutup:
  7. Little testy are we...
  8. must not be married. Ps: :urmom:
  9. If that show was on during the current era "Jo" the tomboy would've been a lesbian and "Natalie" the chubby one would've dated an African American. No offense Affrican Americans.
  10. I have to agree with this thread subject. The maintenance on these things is ridiculous.
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  11. Everything on your car costs at least double. Whatever you spend on the car, she'll feel justified on spending at least that on other stuff.

    So, when estimating the budget for spending on the project car, double the least.

    I will say this though. While my significant other is tough to contend with at times, I know I'd miss her if she were gone. Let's be honest, it's probably the same situation for most of us. Maintaining a household with all the general daily and weekly tasks is never ending work.

    Today is my 21st anniversary.
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  12. congrats, and what the he!! are you doing on stangnet on your anniversary ;)
  13. As we have been discussing, it cost me....dearly!
  14. I guess I've been pretty lucky in my marriage so far.

  15. I spent a lot of time fixing her. Didn't work. So I got divorced. Best. Decision. Ever! Now I have a very good relationship with someone else. And on the next episode on Dr. Phil....
  16. An open fisted smack wouldve fixed all your problems lol ^^^

  17. Sure am.
  18. All you need to know

  19. when I used to need something car related on my old slowmaro I would turn the distributor a few degrees until it runs a little rough and freak out poke at the car a few days and then whip out the summit catalog and say hey I need these things to get the car fixed and heres how the conversation goes:
    her: "do we have the money?"
    me: uh yeah.
    in my mind: Been saving up for like 3 months without telling you how do you thing i lost 12 pounds i stopped eating lunch women.