The fastest you have had your car

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  1. I am just wondering what is the fastest you guys (and Gals) have drivin your cars. (TOP SPEED)

  2. radared by a deputy buddy at 147....dont recomend it though, it gets a little lite at that speed
  3. 124 +- for speedo error It had more but I couldn't take the vibes-I hadn't gotten the D/S angle right from the tranny swap.
  4. 110mph all stock.
  5. buried the 150 speedo :D
  6. I took my moms 94 5.0 to the 150 mark. Not all stock though. It gets really scarry on the stock suspension.
  7. So far I have only hit 110MPH and that was going up a stait-away on a hill. I dont even want to know what it can do going the other direction!
  8. 150...transmission snout or whatever where it necks down to meet the driveshaft cracked....

    Did it one more time with the aluminum driveshaft and it was smooth as butter...but i still hate going that fast cause you dont feel like you are in control lol :lol:
  9. I burried the speedo one time but not sure how fast that really is with the gear swap since my speedo is off a bit. Fast enough that's for sure.
  10. Don't know if it counts but I was drafting a buddies low 12 sec WRX to a buried 150mph speedo....was pretty smooth but the suspension isn't as old (2000GT) and there was almost zero resistance. Doubt I would do it again. F.Y.I. although I didn't look, you can be accurate at that speed if you do the math off of your tach correct, i.e. 5000 rpm in 1st or 5th means no real difference. Just get the RPM, tire size, rear gearing and such, look at Richmond gears website.

  11. I have had the car 11 days and I went 70 mph once. :D
  12. 130mph 6 years ago when it was bone stock, except 245/50 tires. I seriously think the car weighed like 1200 pounds at that speed!!! :rolleyes: I haven't had it over 110 since, even though it could probably do 170mph in a heartbeat now.
  13. 157 +/- 1...i was at about 4k rpm's i coulda gone scared... :notnice:

  14. At that speed you didn't get scared, you got smart!!
  15. I hit 135 on a deserted highway. The needle was climbing pretty steady still, I estimate another 20mph in her... didn't feel light at that speed, maybe I wasn't going fast enough?
  16. 135 racing a Suzuki Cantana. Pretty scary.
  17. Buried the speedo quite a few times, probably was at about 165ish but my speedo should be a little off. Its got more in it, supercharger gets you up there like its nothing.
  18. 120 in my old stang. Fast enough for me.