The fastest you have had your car

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  1. In the seventies the highway police had cars specially made for interception. One of them was the Grand Torino with a big block and a 4 barrel carb and a 4 speed. Cars like this put out near 400 hp. The police enjoyed showing off the power of their cars.
  2. In my stang I got to 100 but the highway here is groved so I am scared to take it higher.

    The fast I ever when was 185 in a 73 roadrunner that my buddy dropped in 440 with a 727 trans. That car was just mean.

  3. Exactly, feels very unstable almost like the body wants to lift off the car. Ive had mine at about 130, fast enough for me. It was during the day in the summer on a long stretch of empty interstate.
  4. According to motortrend test data from 1994, the top speed is 140mph.
  5. that car probably had some rear end gears with an uncorrected speedo. :shrug:
  6. 130 on stock suspension. I am never going to do it again on stock suspension, felt like the car was gonna go airborne, not to mention the hood always appears to want to fly up.
  7. 140 with my 351w swap. that's about as fast as i'll go. but car felt pretty solid.
  8. I have been around ~110... My wife on the other have took it to 120... :D
  9. Especially when someone says they went 180 with exhaust and pullies. That must have been a hell of a long downhill run.

    But seriously, I went 170 once.

  10. I'm surprised it hasn't been moved to 'talk' yet :rlaugh:
  11. 147mph on the speedo 140 or so because of my 373s and the speedo gear get a little off at that high of a speed. That was before my heads cam so i could probably hit that a lot faster now.
  12. I've been 130mph driving my car and don't have a desire to go any faster car is to old for me to trust it. In my Gt I would sustain those speeds for longer periods of time due to the reliability and solidness of it...
  13. My car like to move around a little when I get over 100, but it smoothes right back out over 120.

  14. 135 with the top down!
  15. lol badass
  16. I think maybe 130 or so... I was honestly too busy paying attention to the road in front of me to watch the speedo. Of course, the top speed this year has been roughly .5 mph when we pushed it into the garage to begin working on it. :rlaugh:
  17. fastest i've been in mine was 138 with a few mods and 3.55 gears! peace

    john :p
  18. Raced my buddies 540 BMW last weekend and hit 135mph before I backed off, don't trust my rear tires at that speed. Changing them soon.
  19. When I had a vortech s-trim I took mine up to 130 with the top down. Vacuum created in my car at that speed sucked a cup right out of the cup holder. :D

    When I had the incon twin turbos I took it up to 150 when I chickened out (or got smart) with the top up. Since then, I've decided it's just stupid to go that fast on public roads. All it would take would be for some critter (big or small) or a tire to blow and you're history. :nono:

    Now that my engine is basically stock, but I have the Bullitt suspension and sub frames, I'm sure it would be much more stable. With 3.73 gears and fewer horses under the hood, mine probably won't do 130 or more. As I stated above - I'm not even going to try anymore. :flag: :flag:

    Besides, I'm putting it up for sale next week. :cheers: