The fastest you have had your car

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  1. maybe... my buddy had his early 1990's mark 8 or 3(cant remember which one it is)... the one thats the real boaty car with the 4.6 DOHC in it...he put that thing up to 140 like nohting, spilled coffee all over me and his leather seats with that air ride suspension...eesh, so id believe a cop car could do 160,( not that he did do it though...) as for me, i smartened up after i hit third gear in the aod-e and 2.73's at about 115... after going airborn another time with her, i dont really have the urge to go real fast anymore... :notnice:
  2. When I first got my Stang back in 1999 I took her up to 135mph and never took her there again.

    I took my new lincoln up to 140 a few weeks ago and it could have kept going but these roads are nowhere near flat and straight enuff for that.

    My Lincoln is the fastest car I have ever owned it's even faster then the Stang, Hopefully one day it won't be though.

  3. What kind of lincoln do you have?
  4. The Mark VIII is probably one of lincoln's fastest cars. I took it up to 130 once when I had it a couple years ago. At 100 you cant even feel that you're going that fast. The suspension lowers automatically at 60 mph to reduce aerodynamic drag. It was a neat car. And I think the engine was the DOHC 4.6L engine that was in the 1996 cobra.
  5. Speedo is correct, do the math. And no my oil pessure is not low, I replaced the sender unit, it looks fine now.


    I've hit ~ 145mph in the CL-S, and actually the Mustang feels much more stable. My Acura has an INSANE amount of wind noise past 125mph. My Mustang actually feels pretty stable at high speeds, but not with the bfg dr's, they are way too flexy.

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  6. burried, w/stock gearing. :D but yes, the car does seem a little light at that speed.
  7. 130mph on the way from vegas to state line one night. I was pissed off at my g/f and she hates when I drive fast, so I decided that it would be a good time to do a top speed run. The car felt pretty smooth and it felt like it had a lot left in it with the stock gears. That was pretty stupid. :notnice:

    *BTW* I slept on the floor of the hotel room that night. :D
  8. 144 which is correctly 140 cause of the 3.55's that are in it and the tires that were on it at that time. The whistling noise from the windows gets loud at that speed. I've been in a 96gt doing 157 and that whistling noise was ear piercing loud. Of course the 94-95's have that timing retart after what like 88 or something like that so the speed increases slowly.
  9. A cop car will not do way at all. Way to much aerodynamic drag and not near enough power to push it...

    Cop cars aren't fast...Top speed on the "crown vic cop cars" are around 135-140mph tops...

    jtkz13 - Why is the pic dark and you used a flash but your guages aren't illuminated? What is the red light illuminated on the dash (under trip meter)? That is pretty quick...
  10. 135 and it was pretty scaring just thinking what would happend if I lost it.
  11. I have been on a ride along with a deputy sherriff buddy of mine and at 115 to 120 all the BS(light bar,spot light,xtra antennas) on the cruiser is howling so bad with wind noise it is intolerable. He told me he hit 135 once and the cruiser didn't feel like it had anything left to give.
  12. I took the pic at night and with the flash on. I rested the camera on the steering column and had the "close-up" mode on. The idiot light is actually my airbag light, it has always blinked/stayed lit. :nonono:
  13. 140 Mph That was when it was fuel injected. On the highway racing another stang.
  14. timing retard after 88 mph?? :notnice: can this be fixed by a chip??
  15. 125-130 down the grade before the oregon-california border before u hit the inspection station.. This was in the old camaro . Hit 110 and had to put it into speed limiter. .. would i do it again... nope.
  16. dyno tune with custom diablo chip is in the mix after i scrounge up the money for some heads first.
  17. Here ya go. Took this picture with my 00 cougar, turbo kit. can only venture a guess how fast.

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  18. Sorry I haven't replied sooner,I forgot about this post.

    It's a 2001 LS V8
  19. 120mph earlier tonight on a small straightaway. The car is stock and felt solid as a rock like it was going 60 or something.