The fastest you have had your car

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  1. I had a data log of my VSS reading 183. I don't know how far off it is but I was moving.
  2. My car went the quarter!!!:p
  3. I believe it, your car is FAST...or so you say :rolleyes:

  4. my stock 2.73 AOD has seen 110 since i've had it, It felt good but seemed like it was exhausted and had not much power left.
  5. How in the name of god did you find the insanity to relax and take a picture of your speedo at that speed???? ( a pretty clean and clear one too, I might add) :hail2:

    Anyway, I've buried my needle, but at speeds like that, I sometimes wonder if my car's being smarter than me, and showing me high speeds so I'll slow it down. I would say I was at 145 tops!

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  6. I broke 157 on I-40 in my RX-7..... with a 1.3L engine and factory 4.10 gears!!! I was turning 6,400 RPM's. Had a couple hundred left to turn..... but that biotch was so light, I felt like I was about to be airborne, so I chickened and backed off. I believe I could have reached a buck eighty, no problem.... I just didn't want to! I miss that thing. I've only had my '94 GT up to 120.... speeding ain't my thing anymore.....

  7. I dont know, my car has always been pretty stable at high speeds. There is no insane wind noise (unlike my acura), and it tracks straight & smooth. I actually took a couple pics, believe it or not because a couple were blurry. :nice:

    You have no idea how many bs flags i've gotten for that pic, but I swear its 100% real. I have video hitting 150+ plus also. :nono:
  8. i went mach 1.12 in an f-15e at 15k feet. in my car somewhere in the neighborhood of 130. ford said top speed of a stock 95 cobra is 140 and i think you would be hard pressed to hit that in a stock car. going to silver state classic this year and hoping to hit cap speed of 145. next year 165, after that who knows, there are cars hitting 225 out there, on a normal highway f-ing insane and very difficult to do.
  9. like 100 maybe when i first got the car... now like 80 what i trap in the 1/8th =D
  10. I had my 94 up to 110 mph.
  11. I went 142mph a couple of nights ago, car has 3.73's and a speedo gear for 3.55's (5mph off @70) so its off a little bit just not sure how much at that speed.
  12. I've had my convert. up to 125 with another buddy and the top down, it felt like I was towing a boat. The next night with the top up by myself, I hit between 130 & 135. I don't really like going that fast in a convert for the obvious reasons of danger, but also because the back glass window starts vibrating so bad. The night I did the run with my top up I stopped on the off ramp once I had slowed down and got out to make sure everything was OK, and the canvas was so loose on the top that it buched up between the supporting bars. I thought it was ruined, but by the time I got home it had tightened up and all the slack was gone. The fastest I have ever went was in my buddy's '99 GT with full bassani exhaust and 3.55 gears = 149. That was recorded with my portable GPS unit also.
  13. I had my vette (92) up to 153, My 86 stang with the 85 mph speedo I went to whatever speed the wipers start to climb up the window and bend at.
  14. 115 last night with the top down. Perfectly stable too... Actually felt better than it does at 60...

  15. 125mph, late, abandoned freeway.
  16. buried it at 200, i estimate 210. Driving my 89 Gt basically stock on an empty divided highway . Recently paved this year. the smoothest pavement i have ever driven on in my life and thats why I tried to bury the needle. Had alot of air resistance though and didnt seem like it had the power to push past the resistance. Fox bodies arent very aerodynamic.
  17. 135 according to the speedometer on the car in the signature (minus the mods). 13 years ago, I was running from a state trooper in a 5.0 that passed me going the other way. A few days later, I noticed my brake rotors were warped. A couple of days after that, I heard a breaking sound and metal to metal. Pulled the brake pads and they were broken and crystalized. Haven't been that fast in my car since.
  18. 142ish stopped looking and shut it down. I was on I-5 messing around with my buddy's 94 vert. his car stopped around 135 although he had 4 guys in the car.

    I think it was when I 2.73's it's been so long I don't remember. I will never do it again it is just stupid.
  19. 115-120 in my car

    and had my 85 mph buried in my 94 150 :D