The Ford Mustang Before It Actually Was

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  1. Ever wondered just how the Ford Mustang came to be? Maybe a few of you know the whole story, but hey, there’s always something to be said about repeating things for emphasis, right? Also, there’s usually something new people are able to pick up on while getting a little history lesson…something obscure not heard of before.

    Chew on these tidbits, then… Did you know the early Ford Mustang was inspired by (*gasp*) the Chevrolet Corvair? How about the Ford Thunderbird design nearly bleeding over to make the Mustang a two-seater? What about Studebaker styling cues that almost (thank goodness) made it to the first generation Mustang? We’ve all joked about this one at one point or another–could you imagine the Mustang having been offered with 4 doors? Yikes, right?!

    Hit the link below to check out the rest of the slides from Road & Track…there’s some good stuff in there!

    Source: Road & Track

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