The Fox got lonely..

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Feb 4, 2003
SF Bay
NICE! Looks like fun. Any plans or are you going to keep her stock for a while?

my wonderful fiance is also thinking about getting a new 5.0. Needless to say I fully support her decision! Unfortunately she wants an automatic :(


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Aug 31, 2003
Oly, WA
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thanks, the fox is taking the mod $$ now. im truthfully getting burnt out on it, badly. it just keeps finding ways for stupid **** to take my money. some of it im deciding to, some of it the damn thing just keeps robbing me. perks of a 20 year old car.

once its done, if i can even make it that far, the new car will be getting lots of stuff. cai, boss intake, tuner, full exhaust atleast for power. probably lower it and black accents on the outside.


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Aug 31, 2003
Oly, WA
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man that looks great, what color is it?

Me, I'd sell the fox if I had that thing and sink all my money into that :)
yea... its crossed my mind. however, i loved my fox before i got it. just a bad time to put car head to head. one is a paid for project, the other is a big monthly payment.

once the engine is back and i can get through the remaining, ill have a 600whp toy that will be a blast. this will stop around mid-4's and daily drive it :D

the color is metallic yellow blaze. i kinda stumbled upon this from some friends. it was a custom ordered car, that was never paid for/picked up. they couldn't sell it forever, so i got a very good deal on it.


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Aug 31, 2003
Oly, WA
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thanks, it seems to be a like it or hate it color for most. when i saw it in pictures, i didnt like it at all. it is either white, gold, orange, or yellow depending on the light in person. lots of metallic to it.

time will tell how accurate the 27 hwy mpg rating is. that was one of, if not the biggest factor to me jumping on it. better rated then my acura tl was, which this replaced. i got 19.7 mpg the first tank, which was not putting around at all :D


It's only an inch or two. What's the big deal?
SN Certified Technician
Dec 19, 2010
I saw one that color at the gas station the other day. It looked really good up close. Kind of reminiscent of the 70's colors. Nice!


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Aug 31, 2003
Oly, WA
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been finding out as lots of people have asked, this color is pretty rare. i'm sure broken down by option, my car is very rare. brembo car, 3:73, manual and almost no other options. ie; no sync, no mood lights :rolleyes:, ect.

mods will be coming soon.. got the first huge round of crap mapped out tonight. gonna take a weekend and put it all on at once.
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