The "FrankenStang gets a makeover" progress thread.

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  1. ***note: a Capri front end IS in this car's future***


  2. Sweet, keep this threadup. If there is a capri in a JY near you ****** that front end, what are you waiting for?? It can't cost that much.

    Edit:Wow.... ******

    S NAT CH is blocked lol wtf??
  3. Are you ditching the saleen wing? You should post this on ftf also in the garage section.
  4. I'm putting a new wing on.

    I'll do that. :D

  5. :lol:

    I need a hood, rear bumper, and trim too. Can't afford it right now. The Capri has been there for ages so, I doubt it'll go anywhere... :D
  6. do you know who made the wing?
  7. Saleen
  8. can i ask why everything is outlined in black?
  9. kind of wondering that myself. that WILL show through unless you prime the whole car in black. darker the primer = darker the paint

    looks like it's coming along nicely though
  10. Umm, the car is primered with grey primer. The black you see is paint.

    It'll turn out fine. This one did. :D :hail2:

  11. saleen style yes but is it an actual saleen or a knock off?
  12. Does it matter? LOL I got it through JC Whitney 8 years ago.

    It's a Saleen style wing. Is that better? :shrug:
  13. Stock wing?
  14. Stock to what? GT? LX? Capri? :shrug:
  15. lol ok what wing are you putting back on it?
  16. Saleen. :)

    I've had it for 8 years. I can't aford a different one right now. :(
  17. Indeed
  18. I spelled afford wrong. LMAO, dammit, Beavis...

    Ugh, I only got like, 4 or so hours of sleep last night. I'm kinda brain dead.
  19. lol no probably doesnt matter after its been painted and put on the car...
    i was only asking cuz i would like to get a real saleen i believe they are made out of urethane isntead of fiberglass