The "FrankenStang gets a makeover" progress thread.

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  1. .........and I ****in' spelled German wrong. :(
  2. My sarcasm bone is broken. :(
  3. *ive fallen and i cant get up*
  4. And where would you get the paint job done at for 500$ even if you did all the prep
  5. macco is 299.00 for base and clear...but most do a ****y job.
  6. Guess who did the paint before this? Earl Sheib. That's right. They did a ****TY job.
  7. ...which is exactly why I did the paintjob on my Notch, myself, as well. If I want a cheap paintjob, I'll put on a cheap paintjob; I'm not going to dish out hundreds of bucks for paint that's only going to look marginally better. Not that my Mad Rustoleum Skillz are all that mad or skilled, but rather those of Maaco and the like are just about as bad; in both cases, unskilled wee-todds are putting paint on a vehicle, but the difference is that I don't have thousands of dollars of equipment and/or a professional paint booth to do this in. So yeah, I won't argue that a $30 paintjob is probably going to look like a $30 paintjob ... but it beats NO paintjob, at all.

    Seriously, her hood was primered back in ... uhhhh ... whatever year, and had faded away to a point that with just a VERY light scuff-sanding, we were already down to bare metal. Light surface rust was beginning to form around some spots, and NOTHING rusts in Arizona! Sooooo, at least the car is all one color, now, a bit more shiney, and protected from the elements (excluding water spots, because our water out here SUCKS).

    If anyone wants to throw stones and rag on her and/or me about giving it a DIY paintjob, then by all means, I'm sure we'd both be tickled pink if you'd be willing to bring all your painting equipment and supplies down here, rent us a paint booth, prep the thing, and spray it, yourself. I'll even buy you two cases of beer - one per car. :D Seriously. As she said, being dirt poor = no money for pretty stuff. At this point, if someone handed me $500, I'd sooner put it into paying off my school loan and/or fixing things that NEED fixing on my Fox than just making it more shiney and trying in vain to appease those who seem never to have anything but negative remarks to say about anything and everything that someone else does to their car(s).

    That being said ... here's a couple of sunny pics...

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    View attachment 377864

    ...and most of the mess created in the process of painting and such (including many cans of Cherry Coke Zero :D )...

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  8. Looks pretty damn good to me. :nice:
  9. i think it looks sweet, wax that **** up. Look alot better than it did... Way to go guys.
  10. Dave did most of the work. All I did was some sanding. :D
  11. For $30 thats pretty damn good. Your cars, your money, your time......
    Doesn't matter what anyone "thinks" you should do to your car, you do what you want. I am glad this thread was made. As I have pm'ed DW about I want to do this on a beater. Car looks better, its protected better, and from 20 feet it looks decent. Roll it and be proud.
  12. From the photo's I saw before of it still in the garage, it looked like chit. Could have been bad lighting, or when the photo's had been taken.

    However, seeing it in the sunlight and knowing it's prior condition, it looks suprising good. :nice:
  13. *does the happy dance*

  14. WTF does my sig keep dissapearing?? :mad:
  15. b/c it only shows the sig once per page to help bandwitdth problems
  16. Now, we just need to get around to bolting on a passenger door handle, adding a third brake light (or at lest the lens), and then giving the thing a thorough detailing to make it all come together. Then we can start in on the '04 clutch swap, then doing up the '86 'vert all nice, and then starting back over again on mine by glossing the flat-black trim that's faded out and has yellow showing through on the bumpers, and then going back to the Capri for ... oh hell, who am I kidding? It just never ends... :shrug:

    Thanks for the compliments. :cheers:
  17. hope you "re pay" him well :nice:
  18. My Friend paints cars.. and as long as yur prep work with te sanding and priming is flawless the actual base coat isnt that hard..
  19. Where do you learn this R Rated talk? You're house needs parental control on the TV.
  20. prep is the easy ****.

    i painted a 85 ranger a while back and i ended up redoing it becasue i ****ed up. and its not as easy as it looks...alot of factors that go into just laying a base coat....

    when i see you actually start working on your cars then maybe they will long is it going to take you to get the damn 302 in your notch?