The "FrankenStang gets a makeover" progress thread.

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    "bolting on a passenger door handle, adding a third brake light (or at lest the lens), and then giving the thing a thorough detailing to make it all come together. Then we can start in on the '04 clutch swap, then doing up the '86 'vert all nice, and then starting back over again on mine by glossing the flat-black trim that's faded out and has yellow showing through on the bumpers, and then going back to the Capri ":bang:
  2. Thanks for the recap, noob. :nice:
  3. pwned.
  4. Ummm, stuff... :D
  5. Looks much better... Maybe a good buff with some good products will make it shine great. I had a paint job done recently and if you knew what I paid you would puke. I got a HUGE bargain on everything and it was still a ton of $$!
  6. I saw your thread. Your car looks great. :nice:
  7. Well... 11 July was the last post to this thread. I'm interested in how the paint is holding up.

    It looked kind of thick in the garage pics, so is it peeling, flaking, chipping?

    How's it doing?
  8. DAGGAR!!!!!! :eek:

    Well, the car hasn't been driven but two or three times since it was painted. It's got bad tires, the wrong fan clutch (car sounds like a Hoover vacuum), a cracked fan and it needs an alignement BAD. So far though, the paint still looks good. Of course, we still need to wet sand it and stuff...
  9. Let's not rush into it or anything. :rolleyes:
  10. Are you still here? :rolleyes:
  11. Not all of us have unlimited funds and free time on our hands, y'know. Some of us have jobs and chores n' stuff, plus other things on our 'Stangs to fix besides paint.

    Y'know, things like a throwout bearing and A/C clutch bearing on the '04, a bunch of holes in the top of the GT, vacuum leaks galore, oil changes on five different cars, tranny fluid drain/fills, exhaust swaps, wheel trades, front and rear brake jobs, etc. etc. etc. ...

    Call me weird, but I'd rather see a car running right and roadworthy before it gets all purty'ed up. :D

    That being said, the current list of major to-do's for the Capri now are:

    - Alignment and four tires;
    - 3g alternator upgrade;
    - Taurus fan conversion;
    - Proper steering wheel (an '87-'89 wheel on a '90-'93 steering column does NOT work well);
    - Better fix for the gangsta-leanin' seat (need to weld floorpan or otherwise do something to reinforce it) - currently using a couple of strategically-placed, lightweight, high-impact, race-quality 2x4 wood blocks :D
    - Completely de-gunk the engine, transmission, and engine bay/undercarriage - I seriously think we scraped at least 5 pounds or so of dirt, mung, and sludge from under there while doing that last oil change :eek:
    - Find and swap back on the correct four-eyed Capri front-end and rear bumper, side mouldings, and possibly the quarter glass/sail panels;
    - Install a radio that doesn't randomly change volume levels or seek stations on its own, or refuse to play any CD's at all;

    ... and, somewhere wayyyyyy on down below that list...

    - Sand/Strip, Bondo-fill, reprime, and recoat the entire car. :D
  12. Keep up the good work. :nice:
  13. Yeah... what he said... :nice:
  14. I am painting my car now so I wish you all the luck, its def a ton of work
  15. holy :poo: im back frakenstang. What can we talk about?
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  16. Wow, talk about a zombie thread...I haven't been around too much lately but I still poke through from time to time. Is Frankie still around?
  17. I hope so because I wanna see some updated pics of her daughter
  18. She mods behind the scenes. Shes pretty active on FB.