The "FrankenStang gets a makeover" progress thread.

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  1. you should show him what your dong to the never know..he may flip out.then maybe he will lose those rights :nice: ...just as bad...kick him, :nice:
  2. Oh, very true. :lol:
  3. heh... he already knows about it. My son is really excited about the whole thing and tells his Dad all about it. :rolleyes: :D
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  5. Things a ghey person would say for 500 please. :D
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  6. Oh, sweet. :nice:
  7. Ok, they suck but, whatever. :shrug:

    *gasp* :eek: :lol:
  8. Oh, GTO, my son has a message for you....
    :shrug: :D
  9. Darkwritters a piiiiiiimp.

  10. lol +1
  11. Just curious, does anyone else body-color their mirrors? I know Foxes had flat-black trim/mirrors at least 90% of the time over the years, aside from maybe some late 'verts, but in repaints, whatcha'll think of glossed mirrors/trim? I just went ahead and did 'em bodycolor on Frankie's because I know how weird it looks to have flat-black trim right next to gloss-black paint ... looks like the paint has faded out on selective pieces, or something. After this project is done, I'm likely gonna gloss up the trim/mirrors on my Notch, too, because the Duplicolor Trim Paint that I used has already faded to near-primer and looks like poo whenever wax accidentally gets smeared on it. :notnice:

    Hey Frankie, does the paint feel like it's pretty well dried out on the front, already?
  12. Body colored mirrors looks CHEAAPP. Make them black and keep on pimpin' brotha.
  13. Eh... from what I can tell, it's pretty dry. :shrug:
  14. Bodycolor = cheap? :scratch: I don't get it.

    Flat-black always looked cheap to me, because it just showed the automaker was too cheap/lazy to spend a couple cents more per car to paint the trim pieces to match. Y'know, like a base-model '94 Cavalier versus a Z24 Cavalier, for example - the bare-bones base model has the bare-plastic/flat-black front and rear bumpers, and the LS and Z24 models got body-colored bumpers.

    If it just makes the pieces stick out sorely, though, that's a different matter...
  15. I think it looks fine. :shrug:
  16. Hey, you shouldn't have asked for opinions. I'm not sure if you've seen it done but mirrors painted the same color as the car atleast on foxes makes it look like a ghetto paint job, but then again thats pretty much what you're doing. Do what you'd like, im just telling you how it is. The mirrors would actually stand out more because if you notice the mirrors are small and part of the window area, witch is black, so it blends in. Its like painting your quarter window stripes the same color as your car. Maybe on vert mirrors it would look good, but not ours.
  17. Wasn't critiquing your opinion, just trying to understand what you meant by "cheap." It shouldn't look much different than stock on an all-black car, I suppose - I agree that, on something like a blue car, body-coloring everything just looks like someone got too lazy to mask things off. We'll see how it turns out after Sunday, I guess... :shrug:
  18. Black is black... your not even going to notice it. I had an 86 GT that i painted all black, moldings, mirrors and everything.. As long as you paint the moldings and mirros BLACK and not like a color (87ttop is an exception) then you are good to go.. Plus it gives you more things to wax :nice:
  19. Well, in the pics I posted, the mirrors and trim look fine. I'm the one who has to drive it and I LIKE IT. :D