The "FrankenStang gets a makeover" progress thread.

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  1. thats the key.....**** em :nice:
  2. Im not saying it wont look good, I saw that covair and it looked damn fine. You cant lie its a ghetto job, but ghetto jobs can be done right. Sorry if I came off rude, isnt the car gonna be black anyways though?
  3. Yup. All black on the outside. If one (or both) of us gets overly ambitious in the future, the inside might wind up becoming black, too... :D
  4. i color matched my mirrors on my old black 93 gt. imo it works with black, but any other color like calypso green or blue or something, mob is right. looks cheesy. blacks legit though
  5. I've seen it done on quite a few and thought it looked good.
  6. What did I ever do to him?
  7. You're probably the daddy. It'll take a DNA test to confirm.
  8. Well, if you'll look at my post again, there's a smiley face indicating that I was smiling, thus, I was JOKING. :rolleyes:

    That's not even close to being funny... :(

    (Note to self: DO NOT post on Stangnet while in a bad mood.)
  9. Yes, thankyouplease... :nice:
  10. Ack! Headless man in shorts paints Frankie's car! :eek:
  11. SHHHHHHHH!!! I havent paid a dime of child support, Im not gonna start now!!:D
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  13. The latest eye candy. Second/final coat. Still need to put one more coat on the topside of the wing after it's mounted, but otherwise, it's just a matter now of pulling off the masking tape, putting the door panels back on, cleaning the windows, and cleaning up the inside. :nice:

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  14. you know from the outside it really dont look to bad! how much did it end up costing you guys?
  15. Ummm ... let's see...

    Masking tape - FREE
    1 Quart of Gloss Black Rustoleum - FREE (part of 3/4 gallon left over from painting Notch)
    Two ultra-smooth foam rollers - $3
    Pages from Jeg's and Summit Racing catalogs for masking windows - FREE
    13 cans of gray Wal-Mart primer - $13
    4 cans of Wal-Mart gloss black - $4
    1 can of Adhesion Promoter - $4?
    1 pack of 180-grit sandpaper - $5
    2 sanding rubber blocks - $4
    1 Quart of Prep-All - $5? (can't remember some prices)

    Soooo ... probably around $40, give or take. :shrug: Something like $65 if you add on the cost of a gallon of Rustoleum and some masking tape.

    I just wish that we'd been a little more thorough with some things, like sanding the primer down a bit more carefully before rolling; some rough spots are shining through the finish, so we'll either have to sand them down with 220 grit or something fine and then maybe do some touch-up rolling. :scratch: Also, the roof looks like hell, but again, unless we actually just strip the thing all the way down to bare metal, it's always going to look pretty awful up there.

    All in all, it's lookin' like another good 20-Footer Paintjob. :nice:
  16. I honestly dont kow what to say.... I dont wanna step on any toes but WTF were you thinking?
  17. did you guys really just paint that car with rollers? :eek:
  18. So you only did two coats? From what I read on the net it was taking like 6-10? Did you not thin it out as much as they did? Looks good.