The "FrankenStang gets a makeover" progress thread.

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  1. Well, the articles I've seen posted have guys thinning the mix out 50/50, which seems wayyyyy too thin to me ... but then, their results are a lot more polished and better-looking, overall. It's a matter of taking one's time and doing things correctly, having the time/know-how to do it right, and so forth. In this instance, we went with about a 30% mix of mineral spirits in with the Rustoleum, so while it's still a lot thicker than what the other guys have used, it still levels out better than straight Rustoleum and doesn't have a ripply textured look to it like my Notch came out with.

    As far as "what we're thinking" : We're both poor, desperate, and driving cars with over 200k on 'em. Would you spend $2,000 on a paintjob for a car that's maybe worth $1,500? :scratch:

  2. If I liked the car I would.
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  4. Why did you quote him to talk about me or rsstang?

    If it looks ok and keeps the car from rusting then great, time and money well spent. I personally would save up for a real nice paint job. The book value of the car has nothing to do with it imo.
  5. what are you now the quote police?
  6. Yes, now stfu and let this thread continue.
  7. View attachment 377969 :p

    you guys need to take it out and get some pics of it in the sun.
  8. yeah i'd like to see some sunny shots. painting a car with rollers almost beats my friend painting his bmw with a wagner power painter. :rlaugh:
  9. now ThatS readneck. :rlaugh:
  10. With it being thicker did it dry a little slower and all the way?
  11. One more thing.

    Do you think you could put a clear on it?
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  13. I still dont understand why?. For $500 you could of done all the prep yourself and sprayed it.. It would look ten times better.. In the end a 30 dolar paint job looks like a 30 dolar paint job..

  14. did you ever get the drivetrain swapped into the coupe yet?
  15. Ok........:rolleyes:

    I LOVE this car. I've had this car longer that any other car. It will never be sold. EVER. The paint was HORRIBLE. The hood had NO paint on it. The car is more protected now than it was before. I'm POOR. I can't afford to save up for a professional paint job. My kids need to be taken care of and my BILLS need to be paid first. After that, no money. No money = no $3000.00 paint job. :shrug:

    It doesn't look bad. Like Darkwriter said, we need to sand a couple spots and touch it up but, honestly, I think the paint is the least of my worries. I could have just primered it grey and left it like that. The poor car STILL has an aero front end. I've got alot of work ahead of me to make this car right.
  16. Have you got an extra $500 layin' around? I sure don't. :shrug:
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  19. That's not me ryan, it's Darkwriter. Kids... :rolleyes: :lol:
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