The get rid of the junk in your garage thread!

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  1. I'll look for my stock lines for ya.

  3. Hey guys Iam still looking for a rad over flow bottle and also

    I need a hood prop rod (with bolt) ASAP.
  4. im needing 94/95 color gray kick panels ..door sill plates/scuff plates...and glove box...and a steering wheel ..just the wheel though... it can be a black wheel ..willing to pay just REALLY need them!!
  5. stock exhaust headers - on car about 3-4 months
    stock shifter
    stock MAF
    65mm FMS TB with IAC
    GT black shift knob
    15 new stock header bolts (missing one bolt)
    Milodon main stud kit with windage tray - never used

    Gotta check for other stuff
  6. Anyone have a stock hood lying around?
    Not asking for a freebie...
  7. any one have block and heads in any condition to play/practice with near arizona?

    I have old but good
    K&N filter
    intake box and tube
    cap rotor
    motorsport wires
    one 2.5" cat
    all 4 calipers
    front brake lines
    front and rear rotors
    spare tire (find another one and youll have skinnies for the track :D ... jk)
  8. PM sent!
  9. Now looking for:


    I have a stock upper intake I need to get rid of.
  10. I'm in need of a cloth convertible rear seat, both the back and bottom portion. I figured maybe someone had one laying around from doing a rear seat delete that they may want out of their garage.
  11. I have door cups, 94-95 stock tail lights with harness (need prep and paint), and most of a tan leather interior, a stock 98 cobra rear bumper, stock rear wing, cobra brakes w/slotted drilled rotors, hawk pads all of which are still basically new. the bumper, rear wing, and door cups are ready to go now, the brakes will be available in 2-3 months.
  12. I have the following:

    Seat belts...(all kinds, kinda dirty)
    Stock Starter...(dirty, but worked when removed)
    T-5 block plate
    94-95 stock fogs, brackets, bolts, etc...pretty good condition
    Stock overflow bottle
    Quarter window interior trim
    Broken Edelbrock perfromer RPM intake (needs new rear plenum welded on, bolt holes are broken out)
    off road H-pipe (hedman) (5K miles)
    BBK Catted H-pipe (8K miles)
    Aeromotive Street rod Carb fuel pump...used but works good
    ARP main bolts set up for girdle...Have girdle as well. (studs are new, girdle has been used for 4-5K miles)
    AFM ashtray switch panel (94-95)
    2 dash clocks
    Airbag module (under the radio)
    2 airbag crash sensors (front of car)
    Mach 460 tweeters (still in car, would need to trade for black covers)
    Moroso water pump drive
    Fox and sn-95 waterpumps (both used)
    -8 AN Straight push on hose ends (4 total)
    Any engine/tranny bolts...some rusty but there...
    all kinds of accessory pullies (one underdrive crank...mostly stock others)

    Have ALOT of other stuff...Jog my memory and I ay have it.

    Located in Palmdale, Ca

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  14. garage thread

    how much for the over flow bottle and 1 dash clock shipped to 32779 fl.
    are the dash clocks black?
  15. Ok I now have a bassani Catted X pipe (cats hollow) with new flow tubes, a canton racing aluminum overflow bottle (the website says no modifying but it will need a little). It looks like i'll be selling the black interior out of the 98 afterall, and the stock 17' spare tire. I will have tons more since i'm now starting to dismantle it. I also have a starter (just bought it from squeeze&stroke) since the 98's is exactly the same. lol. i'll
  16. What effect do the hollowed-out cats have on emissions? Did you have to find a "special" test-only shop to pass smog? How much do you want for the X-pipe? I can pick it up, since I'll be heading to Garden Grove a week from Saturday.

    Oh, is this x-pipe from the 98? Or will it fit on a 95 GT/Cobra? Auto or manual only? :shrug:
  17. PM sent chythar.
  18. If it is for a 98, and you still need one for a 94/95 I have a BBK catted H-pipe if Donkey punch doesnt want to pay to have it shipped. :shrug:
  19. I have an H-pipe for Shorties
  20. The Bassani is off his 95 Cobra, I'm going to buy it from him. Thanks for the offer!