The get rid of the junk in your garage thread!

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  1. I actually need 2 of the bellhousing to engine block bolts. Lost them and cant figure out where it is, lol. So i wanted an extra anyways so i guess i only need 1 but 2 would be nice. And a few extra pressure plate bolts would help too (dont ask why....) You have those?
  2. Donkey punch..... :rlaugh: It still makes me laugh like a little kid.

  3. Does anyone happen to have any trunk interior. All i need is the little hook that screws in almost right behind the taillights and holds the vertical carpeted piece up, there's one on each side, somehow one of mine disappeared and ford doesn't carry them.....
  4. I may have some, i'll get back to ya.

  5. To go:

    2005 stock Honda VTX 1300 pipes, air box, signal covers, and most of a stage 3 jet kit (less 210 main jet).

    1 set of fox and sn95 stock headers.

    Stock 94-95 t5 with 1 bad synchro that I know of.

    1989 AOD stock. Worked when taken out.

    Fox body strut tower brace ( no hardware)


    Stock fogs for a 1994-95
    Stock spare tire jack
    Any ac parts, have none, will purchase whole set
    smog pump lines(hoses and valves)
    stock long block
    Stock coolant resevoir bracket
    stock strut tower brace
  6. I am interested in that t5
  7. You didn't quote, but are you interested in my t5?
  8. Anybody have a power steering bracket for 94-95 GT 5.0? Need one for my 414W and the 3.8 one doesn't fit! PM me if you have one thanks!! And with price shipped to 56364 (MN)
  9. yea sorry, lol
  10. Im outside Chicago, that's kind of far to ship but I'll see what shipping costs. I have no clue what it weighs.
  11. I just shipped the T5 from my 95 GT and the trans with block plate packaged was 96 pounds and the bell packaged was 18 pounds. That is in cardboard boxes.
  12. Thanks for the estimate. My wife would go nuts if I used the scale from in the house to weigh the trans. Women just don't understand.:shrug:
  13. now looking for a defroster switch.
  14. anything on that t5 yet?
  15. You know what, I haven't had a chance and forgot about it. Sorry. I'll look into it on Monday.
  16. Are the injectors still available?
  17. guessing those are gone since its been a whole year..... :shrug:
  18. Anyone have a driver Side Mirror for a 94 GT?
    Does have to have mirror just need the everything else.
    Mine decided to shear off all three pins holding it tody!!

    Anyone know A good place I can order one at a fair price?
  19. Anyone in central florida have a set of stock e7's for cheap?

    I have a set of gt40p's if anyone wants them for cheap, need to get rid of them.
  20. I've got a stock air intake system with a drop in K&N filter that I am needing to get rid of