Fox The Great Engine Bay Detailing Debate

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  1. A lot of Australian people pronounce it that way. One of my dads buddies is from there and the first time I heard him say it I had no clue what he was talking about.
  2. Here you go guys, I've cleaned my 300SRT like this, and the Fox. Follow these two most important steps or you will be disappointed!!!!!

    First- make your drink of choice!
    Second- light a cigarette if you smoke and then watch the magic happen!
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  3. This looks like the same engine from that video I found, ...interesting though.
  4. :(I doubt that I'll be doing much cleaning/detailing this weekend. The weather is supposed to be warmer but rain off and on. I hate spending time detailing only to have it jacked up the next day.
  5. Man, you are not kidding. I have joked with people for years that if they ever need rain, just let me wash my car. It's guaranteed to happen within a few hours! Of course, that's just what it seems like, but I joke with people about it.
  6. I feel your pain. I've looked at the weather forecast and there will be no mention of rain for several days. I'll spend half the day detailing my car and BAM, a stray shower will come through. It always rains just long enough to jack it up and then the freakin sun will come back out. I'm like, are serious... Chaps my arse bad
  7. So im doing this quick and easy engine trick right now, report back soon. I'm at the close your hood and bake it part.

    ****Alright all done with my trial run. In this i did the VERY min of cleaning, meaning no using any type of brushes etc to get into tight spaces etc or scrubing so we could really see with any effort how much more can be had.
    I just used the Gunk spray-(original blue top can) then I replaced the Turtle Wax tire foam with Meguiars tire foam. So before I post the pics here are my exact steps at the very min of cleaning.

    1. Cold engine
    2. Sprayed Gunk, set for 5-10 min
    3. Rinsed with light water spray and let dry with hood open.
    4. Used blow dyer on electrical places that were exposed, had no air compressor but it worked well.
    5. Lined the engine bay sides with a towel for over spray used the Meguiars tire foam.
    6. Sprayed A LOT Everywhere but on the Atlternator, you can see i left the back left top firewall, left fender side unsprayed for a side by side view.
    7. Finished spraying and closed the hood and started the car and let it run at idle for 15-20min. It started smoking outta the hood and i could smell it getting baked or burning off the headers, valve covers etc.

    After all the smoke cleared and engine was nice and hot, I opened the hood after and this is what i got......
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  8. IMAG0989-1.jpg


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  9. Now that was pretty damn easy for the results I got.
    I'll use a paint brush to get the edges better and do my own detail later but that was a general spray and go trial run.
    But now that trick is in the bag for sure :nice:
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  10. That looks awesome brother!!!! Easy peasy! Job we'll done !! Makes me happy to see results like that, but makes me sad I can't do mine.. Storage, Canada winters... Ah we'll spring is going to be here soon, (I hope)
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  11. Nice one man!!!
  12. Wow, I must say I'm impressed. Looks pretty dang good. Thanks for the report and posting the pics!
  13. yup, i do the same thing except i start with a warm engine. speeds things up.
  14. I'm too afraid to spray a couple different chemicals on a hot engine and be comfortable :confused:
    But when I lifted the hood at the end I was like ---------> :eek:
  15. Simple green on a nice warm engine does wonders fyi...
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  16. Confusing thread title...
    If your bay is that dirty and needs a good cleaning simple green does wonders to get it clean. If you want to get serious about detaling it, look into powder coating, painting, polishing parts and replacing the hardware with chrome stainless or anodized fasteners.
  17. What's confusing about it??
    I believe the OP was looking for different ways to clean and detail an engine bay.
  18. Ok let me rephrase...confusing to me as in my idea of engine bay detailing is and what the OPs idea is.....


    clean bay


    Detailed bay




    I guess we all have our own idea of a detailed bay
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  19. I also too, believe there are different levels of a DD clean up and show cars.
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