Fox The Great Engine Bay Detailing Debate

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  1. I say who cares for my DD, but like to pop the hood on my weekend toy. Hope to get the fender aprons done next and respray back to body color

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  2. Yeah, My intent was to gain insight as to how you guys clean (detail) a dirty engine bay. I've read tons of things and some say don't spray water, lightly mist, go at it with a pressure washer. Don't use chemicals, use chemicals. Cover this, don't worry about covering anything. Hot, cold, warm..etc.

    Right now I want to get all the oil, dirt, and grime off so I can see what I'm working with. Then I'll worry about polishing and stuff like that.
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  3. I hear you. Unfortunately my DD is my weekend toy for now.:)
  4. one thing too about the shiny stuff on your engine parts is that it seems to attract dirt/dust some also after its clean
  5. did u cover the alt, dizzy, injectors, batt, coil, tfi module?
  6. Well its the same stuff that goes on your tires, how long do they stay clean and shiny being on the road with dust and dirt v.s in a closed hood environment, cause after you shine the wheels up they don't form dust rings on the tires right after ;) BTW the good stuff I used lasts way longer than the turtle wax foam on tires. Also I did not cover anything in my engine bay, I just didn't spray it directly on the alternator, belt, pulley groves etc. But I sprayed it everywhere else that you mentioned, sprayed it all, foamed up real good too, foam on top of foam :rlaugh:
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  7. cool cool yeah i wont spray the connections , the electrical stuff directly and will skimp around them as best i can. I have alot of chrome accesories too so i wont spray that foam stuff on them cause that just means rewiping down all the chrome and actually i won't want to get the chrome wet if possible too so for me its a little more delicate
  8. I have no chrome and I'd cover the chrome up if I had it.
  9. Well, I gave mine a quick wash over the weekend. I must say, it does look much better, but it also confirmed that I have a lot of work to do o_O
  10. I take the easier route...

    I don't let it get dirty!! :p
  11. lol. Yeah i dont know about getting all that water over electrical stuff but then again if its not that dirty you shouldnt have to spray the water that hard or even really over the electrical stuff so i will see. I have wiped stuff down before and done a good job but alot of the harness looms and stuff that i couldnt get too still looked dirty so maybe i will give those areas the treatment of he hosing off and foam. Everything i can get foam on and dont have to clean off like the chrome stuff, ect., i will spray the foam on
  12. Well, I've owned this car for almost a year and a half without ever cleaning under the hood. I've been too busy concentrating on other areas.
    I can't put it off any longer at this point. Car show season is coming up and I'd like to enter a few :)