the H or X debate

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  1. Not to high-jack the thread, but a CATTED H starts and ends where on our exhaust (on a 97GT)? Does it eliminate a few of the rediculous amounts of catalytic converters we have on there? I've tried to search for how to install them, in order to find out where they fit in, but I'm not having much luck.

  2. it bolts right at teh exhaust manifold and ends after the H set-up, and you will be replacing the stock mid pipe which has 4 cats some might have 6 from what i have heard
  3. The Bassani X pipe was always my favorite! :nice:
  4. Any One have Clips of Mac O/R H and UPR O/R X? That will make up my mind i plan to use one of these two pipes along with flowmaster super 40's So the sound clip will decide which i get. Im not hear to argue performance really Im mostly interested in the sound.
  5. Ive heard a couple X Pipe Clips yes kinda exotic and i have heard alot of H pipe clips nice deep and loud. But the UPR O/R X pipes seem to be turning heads Anyone have a clip of them?
  6. They dont have a clip of the UPR xpipe look already
  7. Been listening to alot of sound clips and the O/R H with Flow master 40's is the way im pretty sure im going to go unless someone can post a CLip of the UPR X pipe. The x's just sound too nascarish or like some foreign super car not deep and burbly like a good American muscle car.
  8. i have the catted x on my 2000. so do u think i would pick up any power from the o/r h or x
  9. Off topic: I just installed my upr x pipe with my Bassani Catback and it sounds like ****. It sounds like a f*ucking dump truck:notnice: :nonono: . It sounded better with my catted x. I think I'm going to get some Mac muffs.:)
  10. hmm sounds like im going with the MAC o/r H and SUper 40 flowmasters. Heard alot of clips of the MAC H and it sounds great
  11. Here's what my Mac O/R H with 40 series flow catback sounded like from the back of the car.... before the IAC restrictor plate.. like that hanging idle? :)

    Loved the sound, hated the torque shift.
  12. yep mac o/r's for me with the super 40 flows....... nice very deep rumble
  13. Sounds just like mine. MAC O/R H with 40's FTW :nice:
  14. Can anyone tell me where a CATTED x or h pipe bolts up? From looking at pics of them, I can't tell if they're a direct bolt-on to the stock manifold and rear flange, if modifications are needed, or if they're built to fit in there only when you have headers installed....? Any help? I didn't wanna start a new thread for a quickly answered question, so my apologies for a little off topic.
  15. Wes - It is a direct fit...just like the "offroad pipes"...
  16. So they'll bolt up to a stock exhaust then? I'm sure the diameter of pipe is larger, so I thought maybe that would mean some modification would be in order... Do they just bolt up from flange to flange?
    And a catted H/X has how many cats? 2? I can't imagine it having the stock 6...
  17. They bolt-up flange to flange...the "performance" pipe is a bit larger in diameter. It will bolt-up just fine. No leaks, no problems.

    I think they have 2 cats...
  18. I never hear anybody mention the Borla stinger exhaust mounted to x or H pipes....why is this, is there something about Borla I should know before I commit to a purchase????