the H or X debate

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  1. Bullit - I think the main reason is the expensiveness of the Borla Stingers. I have personally heard them, and was extremely impressed with the sound/quality. I loved it.
  2. yes but for a ****load cheaper you can get awesome sound from the MAC o/r and flows as well
  3. Here is my o/r prochamber with bassani.

    in the cabin, it's raspy as hell, I gotta get cats for this mid pipe :(
  4. I just installed a BBK X-pipe, and I have the cylinder shaped design Magnaflow Magnapac cat-back. Took about an hour on the lift, and, well, I think I need to get it tighter at the manifolds cause I can hear a little leak. I can defonantly vouch for the loss of torque, but's it's barely noticable. However high rpm screamin, it's awesome, defonantly some gain.

    The shop says they dont think they've ever done a BBK mid pipe with a magnaflow cat back. I gotta admit, the sound is extremly unique. In nuetral just revving it it sounds just like a nascar, like, hit it right on the nose, just well, not quite as loud, cause I roll @ 6k not 8-10k heh, obvously.

    Anyways, my only complaints are that it's a bit raspy. First and second gear, wind up so quick you cant really tell, but 3rd and on, you can really tell, it sounds weird, but once it passes 4k it just sounds like a freakin nascar lol.

    Also, another thing that is interesting. If i'm just like.....being easy on it, just goin thru the gears, being easy on it in every gear, just kinda giving a tiny amount of gas, just enough to accelerate, and shift at around 2400rpm, it's sounds amazing, but if I get on it, all hell breaks loose. Although raspy ( only from 3000rpm to 3700rpm) it sounds great, and is extremly loud.

    Does anyone else have a similar/exact setup? I'd be really interested in hearing how it sounds, especially if the car has more done to it than mine, which is just full exhaust and Roush CAI-----wish I spent that amount on gears....CAI no point, K&N drop in + remove air silencer exact same ****. Unlesss you're doing it for cosmetics that's different, or if you have 4V, or both.

    Sorry for long post, i'm just sooo blown away at how nasty this damn car sounds, it's insane. I tried to make a video of it, from the rear to show the progress and the sound, but it's soo loud all it does is crack and you cant hear anything at all, just me sayin "cut it!" LOL

  5. Woot, thread revival!!!

    Im thinking my next mod is going to be exhaust. Right now I have the stock H with no mufflers. Its rhaspy, sounds like your neighbors F-150 with glasspacks at lower RPM's, but up top it sounds like it has Magnapacks or LM-II's.

    So... I really want the chambered muffler sound, since I have the "straight through" sound now. So im thinking either Flowmasters or Mac's...

    But, I definatly want the gains of an X pipe. I know VRS, Dr. Gas, and Magnaflow are "true" X's so far through this article. But im not interested in the VRS or Dr. Gas due to them needing to be welded up. And quite honestly, the Magnaflow is too expensive.

    So... is the UPR X a "true" X pipe? They look like a nice peice and arent too expensive. Ive heard good things about them, but im looking for real gains when I do this, and dont want to buy an imitation X pipe.
  6. Take a look at the MRT H-pipe, I got the catted version. Sounds great with Borla Pro XS mufflers (not expensive at all, $69 each).

    One MRT catted H before-after dyno I saw showed 8.x gain over stock. Hardly any difference in power between x and h that I have found. Not sure about Mac's prochamber.
  7. No comment.
  8. :crazy:

    Does anyone know if there is a major difference between a stamped X and a true-X in terms of gains throughout the powerband? Compare, for example, a Magnaflow X to a Bassani X, both catted. Is it true that the Bassani will really just shift the powerband while a Magnaflow X will show gains throughout the whole range?
  9. Prochamber... you cant get much better balance than throwing them all in a box :)

    i like mine... it makes w/ in 2-3hp of an X but sounds like an H... actually it sounds MEAN w/ the flows :)
  10. Prochambers are nice, but they seem a little quiet. My buddy has one and hes running Magnapacks, that thing is quiet as hell at idle... but when he steps on it they definatly wake up. Also know someone with a H/C/I 5.0 and he has a Prochamber and Flows. It sounds nasty as hell when hes on the gas, but still a little muffled at idle.

    Ive always wondered about the gains with them also.

    Id still like to know if the UPR X is a "true" x or not though.
  11. BBK Shorty Headers + BBK H Pipe + Flowmaster American Thunder 40s = lots of looks and compliments.

    Somebody explain backpressure to me. I've heard it thrown around a few times, but I just can't get it into my head that restricting exhaust increases power. Is it a velocity issue or what?
  12. Check out my page on myspace . I have a sound clip of my UPR o/r X and magnaflow catback. I wanna go back to my Mac o/r H and 2 chamber flows.
  13. your bumper is a liar:nono:


    Was just looking for some reasearch on h vs x and found this. Man, Had the car for over 2 and a half years and still can't decide on my exhaust choice! :shrug:
  14. Sounds like garbage. Flowmasters with any X-pipe always sounds like garbage. Nice at idle , horrible when revved lightly or WOT.
  15. BBK X's and Flow's have a bad rep. as far as sound. But what sounds good to someone may sound bad to someone else. I know someone with a o/r BBK X and 40 series Flow's on his GT and it doesnt sound anything like the stang in the video above. Some X's dont sound bad at all with Flow's IMO, but some do. Kinda wierd, lol.

    I ended up going with a UPR o/r X that I got off a freind. I welded some stock mufflers in (got them cheap), and im deciding on a catback. I think im going with Mac Flowpath's for a few reasons. They flow great for chambered mufflers, they also dont sound bad with an X pipe, and I love they way they sound with an H or Prochamber, so if I cant stand the sound with the X I can switch them out for something I know ill like. Plus they are cheap, lol.
  16. The best sound so far is... what I hear from my H-pipe and center exhaust !
    Everyones who heard it agrees... The deep drone from H-pipe is now a higher pitch "ferrari like" at 3000rpm and higher, but still sounds deep under deceleration, and louder than before. I love it...
  17. Id have to agree with the above, that is what I have on my car
  18. just joined the Mustang forums because I wanted to get some info on X versus H pipes for my02 Gt with a 99 Cobra engine .it has Accufab twin63 mm throttlelbody with a Granatelli 90 MM maf and magnaflow catbacks along with 355 gears ,278 RWHP on the dyno,about 328 HP at the flywheel.Can't believe all the the great info i was able to get here,thanks to everyone ,going with the X pipes.
  19. I ended up going with a Prochamber last year for my GT. Love the sound. Already had Flows. I didn't want super loud, so it rumbles nice and deep, but noticable at idle, and when I accelerate it isn't as obnoxious as some systems that to me sound like a V8 version of a Honda where all sounds get drowned out. Also like when I'm in a higher gear at low rpm and let the torque do the work, it makes a real deep old style muscle rumble that echos under the car, IMO.