the H or X debate

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  1. Thanks for all of the info- this thread really helped. I'm a long time muscle car fan and am new to Ford. I just bought my first "toy"; a 2009 GT Coupe and absolutely love it! The 300 horses is great but, like any guy, I want to do some mods and boost its power. Exhaust is one mod I thought about doing (H or X now clarified- Thank you!), but being a newbie, I also want to add the most HP for the least amount of $... My thoughts were a cold air kit, exhaust, headers, short throw shifter, and a performance module... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Help with mid pipe H or x??

    hello i have a 2002 mustang gt and im looking to put in an H or X pipe but unsure which one i need some advice help me please?
    What is a better add on and h or x pipe?
    And if so what is the best pipe brand to use?

    Let me know thanks
  3. Go to Youtube and listen to clips of both pipes. Performance gain, as stated will be neglegable and just about equal to it comes down to sound preference.
  4. okay and yeah im looking for a muscle sound like
  5. In my opinion X and H both sound good! As long as it is not a straight through design muffler. Then they both sound ehhhhhh.
  6. What type of mufflers do you have, or plan on buying?

    H pipes and chambered mufflers usually go together, and x pipes and straight through mufflers go together. You can mix and match just fine, but some people don't prefer the sound.

    I have a Mac catback and UPR catless X on mine. I've had the setup almost four years and still like it.

    As far as what pipe to get; most brands give a quality product. I personally don't like the design of the BBK and Bassani X pipes, but that's a person preference and not a quality issue.

    Go 2 1/2" and decide if you want converters or not. With converters, it will be a little more quiet but also a little more refined, and you'll pass inspection/emissions. No converters is an awesome, raw sound, will offer the little extra bit of power, but you'll have trouble with inspections/emissions testing.
  7. I've got a Magnaflow catted X (build quality is impressive) and the MAC Flowpath catback.. I am in love with the sound of my exhaust...
  8. right now i have flowmasters original 40's.
  9. Get an H. Better yet, get a Prochamber!
  10. MRT catted H and Steeda catback....would not trade it for anything. Loud enough and deep enough under normal cruise with minimal drone... perfect under WOT.
  11. Does anybody know if this article is still available anywhere?
  12. i was planning to get the Pypes beast with O/R x-pipe setup on my mustang. does anyone know if its a good setup or not?