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  1. Yeah, i looked at it again and it does look pretty bad. ah well, ill probably look at a TFS top end kit when the time comes. Guess ill use it for an art sculpture or something lol
  2. looks like a mailbox post to me
  3. I would grab a grinder of sorts and polish it up and lay it on a desk shiny and make a stand for it :D
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  4. So today was my day off from work. tired from the week, so didn't do much today. We did do some more work on the bumper and i did some general sanding on the car. We finally decided how the break is gonna look. Check it out :)


    The area in between the molding pinstripe and the lower bumper pinstripe is gonna be red. That area of the bumper casting tapers nicely so that break is gonna look good. More.



    And did some general sanding on the door. First with 320 grit, then with 600.



    That area has to be redone. Were gonna take it down to bare metal, then re-coat it with a special rust inhibiting primer.


    Theres also a small bubble in that area so thats gonna have to be cleaned and patched.

    Not much progress, but its something :)
  5. Fixed a small problem area and touched it up. Gonna do the rest of the masking tomorrow and get the red done. After that ill probably do more general sanding on the car. Slowly coming together :)
  6. I haven't really been active lately. Work has been busy. But, we were able to get this done:





    I am very happy with how it turned out. We did have to wet sand the clear coat due to some dust particles getting into the clear (being painted in a dusty garage in hawaii's humid weather) So we're gonna re-clear it and go from there! Its not flawless and its not a show worthy job but I'm satisfied. If i wanted it flawless i would've gone with a brand new OEM bumper cover and go from there. Next we're gonna bring the car back into the main garage and remove the hatch and rear bumper to work on those. The rear bumper has to have the MUSTANG lettering painted silver and I have to remove the glass on the hatch to fix the rust.

    I may be buying the replacement moldings soon so we can wrap up the bodywork on it and get it painted.
  7. That bumper is looking really good! I wouldn't worry about the cam, letter cams are best used as paper weights anyway. :D
  8. Haha yeah that thing is completely out of the plans. Thank you for the compliments though!

    Im trying my best to keep the costs down on this project because, honestly, i may sell it next year. I plan to move to the mainland for career purposes, and i can't bring it with me. So, this thing is on a REALLY tight budget. lol
  9. Let me know if you want some 5 lug rear axles from a 95 GT. If you want them, they are all yours.

  10. To minimize dust, hose down your garage floor and anywhere else that dust could get kicked up. It also helps to clean up the over spray on the floor as well. Make sure you have a fan blowing out of your garage as well, this will pull dust and fumes away from where you're painting. Other than that, dust is going to be part of your paint job when painting in a garage at home.

    Some people build simple paint booths in their garage. You can frame in all around your garage about 24" in, then cover it with plastic, add HVAC filters and a fan and you have a redneck paint booth!! Pretty simple for those DIY guys. There is a youtube video of how to do it, some are fancier than others depending on budget.

    Make sure you save some $$ to pay a pro to pin stripe the color line.

    Car looks good, great job!

  11. Im not the only one doing the job myself, my dad is helping me out too. He's got 50+ years in auto body so i trust him. When we clear coated the bumper we hosed down the floor and the clear went on very nicely, very minimal dust. Some wet sanding and buffing and it'll be nice :)

    Im saving lots of $ doing it myself. If i wanted it to be perfect id take my time and paint everything in a booth. Its a budget project and every savings here helps.

    But thank you for the advice.
  12. You and I have similar Fathers, my Dad worked for a Ford body shop in San Diego for 35+ years before his body couldn't take it anymore (carpel tunnel, trigger finger, arthritis etc....).

    I'm not 100%, but you may regret selling a project that your Father helped you do. I know I did.

    Good luck.
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  13. Thanks man. He owned his own shop back in the 80s and now he works for a local trash company doing all their body work for trucks and cans. He has severe tinnitus (can't even use a hearing aid because the reverb is insane) and yet he's still working full time (idk how he still does it) But yeah, its just a thought for now, depending on what i get up in the mainland i may take it with me. Well, for now lets just focus on the task at hand.

    Gonna attach the bumper to the front probably sometime this weekend and remove the back bumper to work on the silver and two tone on the bottom.
  14. So its been over a month since I've updated this...

    Anyways, got to work on the back bumper, completed the two tone on that, ill get some pics up later this afternoon!

    Gonna start doing the spoiler because it doesn't need any work and i can paint it, wrap it up and set it aside for when the car is done getting painted. After that, the hatch is next. Gonna remove the window and repair the rust.

    Progress has been slow but its moving along. Gonna order the major trim pieces, weatherstrips, and emblems so it all ready to go when the car is painted. Shooting for mid march to have the whole thing done. Already making my list of interior pieces that need to be replaced.

    Its coming along. Slowly, but its getting there :)
  15. You're making great progress. Looking forward to your updates! :nice:
  16. Looking good so far man.
  17. Alright! Pics are a little late, but better late then never i suppose.

    Rear bumper completed.



    starting to work on the areas below the body molding to paint the silver. Also doing the door jambs in the same fashion. The two tone is gonna go into the door jambs as well. Ill probably do the spoiler this weekend, get it painted then wrap it up and store it away until the rest of the car is done.

    Probably gonna order the weatherstrips next week to do the weatherstrips and order the exterior trim and taillight lenses to have it ready for the car. Looking at mid march to have the body completed.
  18. So we made some progress! Painted the lower part of the door jambs silver to match with the silver lower part of the body.

    Next up is the spoiler. That can be finished fast.

    Then the hatch, to repair all the rust and paint the hatch jamb.

    After that, it'll be the antenna area and the cowl. Then it's just basic sanding for the body.

    OH! So I've decided to start collecting parts for a 5 lug swap. I'm picking up a rear axle out of a 94GT minus calipers for 150, and 98 GT front calipers and brackets for 35. All I need after that is spindles and rotors and the major hardware is complete! Just need to collect the plumbing bits and what not.
  19. Progress today. Put back the rear bumper and the taillights. finished the passenger side silver lower area. Even continued it into the door jamb area. Same will be done on the drivers side. And even did some small touch up work on the radiator support. gonna do some cleaning in the engine bay when the car is complete and see if any areas need paint. Hatch is up next to repair the rust. Gonna paint the underside of the hatch as well as the hatch jamb.

    Shooting for mid march or the end of the month for paint to be completed. Picking up some 98 GT calipers and brackets, complete rear axle out of a 94 GT, and a set of stock exhaust manifolds (redoing my whole exhaust system, don't feel like spending lots of coin on aftermarket shortys).




  20. Also wanted to point something out, just incase any questions pop up about it. Our methodology on how we approach body work is different from many others. Most would take off the fenders, doors, front and rear bumper, hatch, quarter windows, and all moldings and exterior trim. Thing is, we don't have the space to do all of this. Also, we wouldn't have time to take stuff off at the paint booth since we are only renting it for the day. Its unorthodox for some, but for us, this is the only way we can do it. But like everything else, you just do what ever you can to get the job done.