Progress Thread The Hawaii 5-ohfox Official Progress Thread

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  1. looking good, but im confused did, will smith sell the project to bill cosby?
  2. LOL yes he did
  3. Picked up some parts yesterday, and picking up more today! Picked up my 94 GT rear axle. Got the rotors with it, even some SS brake lines for the rear! He also gave me a slotted and drilled cobra rotor...Id like to figure out what brand it is, so i can buy the other side lol.

    Picking up stock exhaust manifolds (because id like to get rid of my longtubes. Its a pain in the ass, doesnt fit right and wont seal properly. And i dont have the cash for shorties. Still looking for a midpipe) and calipers and brackets from a 98 GT!

    Ill have pics later today :)
  4. Welp, haven't updated this baby since March!

    BIG progress has been made

    So for a while we were chasing down some idle issues. Somehow, after installing/reinstalling the upper and lower intake a few times and replacing all vacuum lines and IAC, resetting the timing, and some other small stuff, the car runs fine! Idle is still kinda shaky but after driving it for the last few days its kinda smoothed itself out a little.



    Yes, yesterday morning me and my dad tackled the paint! Its not the best, but with the silver two tone, it looks AMAZING. I really couldn't picture the red and silver two tone, but it just looks awesome! Letting the paint cure for a few weeks than its time for a good wet sand and buffing! (slight runs here and there and looks like a bug got on the hatch so that needs to be taken care of)

    Lastly for the exterior needs all the rubber trim and paint all the metal trim and mirrors!


  5. You are all crazy. It's an E-cam for Christ sake!

    Make a handle for it and go around waving it over impoverished countries to end world hunger.