the home link takes you to Stangnet home, not forum home

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  1. As the title says, when you click the home button (not the one at the very upper left) but the one below that is listed next to whatever you're viewing, it takes you to , not the forum index. Not a huge deal but it makes it easier to get back to the index.

    Also, what is the replacement for User CP? I see something called watched threads but it just shows the last 20 threads, not ones with new replies.

    Lastly, that Watched Threads list isn't updating when I post to a thread even though I have it set to do so when I reply or create a thread.
  2. The bread crumbs (links) yes take you back to Home as in SN home. To get to root of Forums just click on the Community crumb.

    Really the Alerts is your replacement for a CP. If any thread you are watching, if anyone tags you, replies to you, PMs you etc you are alerted. In the old system you had to look at what was going on. Now you do not. It tells you.

    This is what I Would watch.

    And Here
    and also from here you can click on Watched Threads, etc to just for fun.

    As for the updating, not sure the timing on those actually updating for viewing but I know it works.

    Try it out lemme know.
  3. NotA4.6

    Here is where I guess you have to read... ;)

    Unread Watched Threads

    This is a list of the 20 most recently-updated threads with unread replies that you are watching. There may be more to view.

    The There May be more to view takes you to your entire list.

    We are all learning, but there ya go. One link that shows you ones you Follow that YOU HAVE NOT read all new posts and then one with ALL POSTS you follow.


    cc: Noobz347

  4. When you click on WATCHED THREADS the window defaults to those threads that someone ELSE has posted to, that you've not read yet. The benefit, is that you get a quick reference list of your watched threads that have changed since your last visit.

    You can go even further by clicking on the option to see ALL of your watched threads. This is nice if you need to go back an reference something you know was in that thread of give it a bump if it happened to go down the list without the reply that you were looking for.

    Granted, it's a lot different than what the old forum did but it's pretty slick if you thing about it. It streamlines your access to the updated information for the threads you were interested enough in, to want to track it.

    The HOME button for the forums is the COMMUNITY button. Click it once and it will take you to the top of the forums.

    If you hover over the COMMUNITY button for half a second, you will see a small drop-down menu show up. That menu contains the WHAT'S NEW selection. Use that to navigate to new unread threads when you're in any portion of the forum that is NOT in COMMUNITY (i.e. User CP, INBOX, ETC.)

    Lastly... the user CP. There are a couple different ways to get to your options and account profile etc...
    Look at the navigation bar at the top and bottom of the forum. It's the one that looks like this (from this forum screen):


    All the way to the right of that navigation bar is small icon. Click on that icon. A pop-up menu appears that is a QUICK NAVIGATION MENU. Also pretty slick IMO. Within that window, you can jump to pretty much any portion of the forum. It's like the jump menu in the old forum but made for quick access and infinitely more usable.

    The more I play with this thing, the more I like it. There's a couple things I have in mind that I'd like to find ways to do but like many, I've not finished exploring all the options so I need to ensure these options aren't right infront of me before I go trying to find ways to change them. hehe

  5. I found the error. For some reason the site thought that about 20 threads had new posts in them during the software switch. I simply needed to visit each of those threads to clear them. Now it is working correctly.