The honest to god definiton of rice...

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by ganador01, May 17, 2004.

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  1. I didn't even notice.
    SHows how regularly I post. :D
  2. 66coupe was browsing the old stuff i guess :shrug:
  3. Actually, looks like Ganador was the first to post in this thread today.

    I usually don't go past the newest posts.
  4. old posts are fun... :banana: and yes rice is exactly how you pointed it out, and a srt-4 is not rice because it's not stupidified by a owner if it's stock.
  5. Paragraph's are you friend.
  6. next time give cliff notes for the lazy :fuss:
  7. Nope. I never post in paragraphs. Wastes more space. And it makes the post look longer. If you don't want to read it then don't. lol. 97v6silver, you complain more then any perosn i know about reading any post longer then like 2 sentences. Either get hooked on phonics or shut up! lol j/k man. :D Here are the cliff notes for 97v6silver and with new improved paragraphing ...

    The definition of rice has changed over the years. It no longer just describes one type of car and their owners. It now describes a whole race of people who think body kits and big wings make their cars faster. Only people can make a car rice. If a manufacturer puts a big wing on a car, its because they think it can sell. They could care less (for the most part) on how it looks as long as it sells. Any car can be rice and any person can be a ricer. If you live up to the name, you are one. I have a perfect example of what most people would call rice, but technically its not.

    Remember that old pic of my car the really nasty one? This one below. This car is not rice. Here are the reasons. I did not claim nor never did that any of these parts make my car faster or more aerodynamic. These parts were put on because thats all I had.(car was in small wreck, but it managed to get the hood and front bumper) I liked the way the double stack spoiled looked and realized that its slowing me down more then helping me out. (only thing good about this car was the paint, it was all done by me :D)This was just an ugly ass car. But not rice. For it to become rice I would have had to claimed at some point that these parts some how make the car better or faster. Get it?

    The only thing rice about this car is the honda accord front end. I didnt have a choice though. Its all I had. It was that or nothing. But that would definately be considered rice just because its the wrong parts for the car.

    Btw, i brought this old post back. I didn't feel it got enough exposure. I think people really need to read this post and understand what it says.

  8. :nonono: the front of that car looks like butt. :nonono:
  9. you don't understand what cliff notes are do you... i'm not reading that long ass post either!

    cliff notes:

    - teh guy talk to the other guy
    -they got in a fight
    -the second guy died
    -teh end

    spare us the long drawn out sentences! :fuss:
  10. yea...its gone worries :)
  11. Well, i took 934 words and turned it into 354 words. I dunno if you have ever read cliff notes but thats nearly 1/3 of what it used to be. Thats what i consider cliff notes.
  12. If Cliff Notes sucked that bad, I would've never passed High School.
  13. i've written essays for college shorter then 354 words...

    yeah cliff notes are great but i just used an internet site that told you stuff (theme, plot, setting, characters, what happend each chapter) and i never had any problems
  14. but did u pass those essays?
  15. yes actually i'm pretty good student believe it or not... after i put the spellcheck on
  16. lol...suree...change ur story now....u = teh loozer! lol j/k man. :D
  17. I'd like to think I read most of this thread. I have to say, I'm a little disappointed I didn't hear any reference to a pissed off bumble bee.
  18. lol...generally you can tell who is and who is not a ricer because the ricers car sounds like a pissed off bumble bee...there i said it!
  19. FINALLY, ahhh the satisfaction. Awesome essay by the way, lots of work, but nice nonetheless.
  20. BUUZ BUZZZA!!!!
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