The honest to god definiton of rice...

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by ganador01, May 17, 2004.

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  4. First of all, got me through AP English in high school. That combined with Cliffs Notes can do wonders for the lazy at heart. Secondly, how in the world did this thread get from what defines rice to talking about Beavis & Butthead?? (which by the way = teh gay) It was cool when we were 12, not 20. :nonono:
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  6. yet the main demographic of people watching that show were between 18-25... :owned:

  7. Owned?? Yeah, not so much, bud. I could care less what the demographic is. I know for a fact the demographics don't tell you that the majority of those 18-25 year olds are probably meth addicts either. Its a homo cartoon about two rejects who have head banged themselves stupid and are really, really annoying. I know for a fact I stopped watching it once I hit puberty, but hey man...if that's your thing then have at it.
  8. I don't watch beavis and butthead nor ever did for that matter...I was young when it came out. My brother watched it. That doesn't change that the main demographic was 20 year olds...
  9. i didn't watch it i thought it was stupid :shrug:
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  13. hey umm...I don't mean to give you a hard time here or anything but...aren't you kinda contradicting yourself a little here?

    "A body kit doesn't make a car rice, that is just SOMEONE'S PREFERENCE. A body kit that belongs on a honda accord but is fit to a mustang is rice. A ricer is someone who thinks their car is made better by an obviously crappy mod"

    So then a body kit for an accord fit on a mustang WAS someone's preference. But you said its still rice. So what is it? Rice or preference?

    Are you saying that if you liked the accord's body kit on the mustang then its not rice, but if you don't like it is rice? Obviously the owner liked it.
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  17. To the general population...

    Rice = anything done to a car *you* don't agree with.

    Everyone's opinion is different. Not everyone is going to like that ugly Saleen double deck wing and they will call it rice if they want.

    Most people call it "Rice" when what they really want to say is it's "UGLY" or "I HATE IT"... because cars that define Rice have now made Rice the new cool word for ugly.

    This is not going to change. Ever.
  18. and i said that exact sentence in my rant :D
  19. Well, I was the owner and no I didnt like it. I didnt mean honda accord type body kits that are made for mustangs. I meant literally a honda accord body kit made to fit a mustang. (very badly as u can see)
    Some things are just wrong. That is one of them. i Agree that I do sort of contradict myself there but that is an ify part of my conclusion. Lets go with this. If the owner put the body kit on the car to make it look better(and it was off of the accord) then it would be rice because the body kit obviously doesn't fit. I put that body kit on because I had nothing else and i needed a front bumper. Therefore it is just really f*n ugly. I guess I have to retract my statement that the bumper makes it rice but thats where the person comes in. The car could easily be rice with the right owner. All you need is some guy claiming that the honda accord front bumper is lighter then mustang bumpers or some bs like that.
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