The honest to god definiton of rice...

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  1. very good conclusion
    btw, i never like Beavis nor buthead, lol, im 16 now, so how old was i when it came out? and i still thought it was f*n stupid.
  2. First of all I need some dang set cliff notes to read more of this thread :D

    Second of all I really think a Ricer is more a state of mind now days than anything else. I mean I have met some really cool import owners that put all there money under the hood instead of body kits. The people I call rice is people who does really stupid things to there cars exspecting it to improve HP. I saw a guy put a ton of money into a car like a strut brace and C/C plates. When he was all done he thought he gained 50+hp ( the dyno said differently) :rolleyes: I don't count a factory cars as rice exspecaily a SRT-4. If this is rice than so is my SVO, its got a Bi-wing along with a hood scoop which I may say adds Zero air to the intake.
  3. [QUOTE='66 coupe]You all have your facts wrong about the SUPERBIRD and Charger Daytona. The wings and nose DID NOT help sales. But since Chrysler was running them in Nascar, a limited production run had to be made. Most dealers couldn't give these cars away.
    And the cars DID win races. It was Chrysler's 3rd attempt at beating the Ford Torinos. After the failure of the original Charger, and Charger 500 bodystyles, they realized that making the car more aerodynamic was a lot easier than just squeezing more hp out of it. When the Charger Daytonas hit the superspeedways with their 426 Hemis, they immediately became the first Nascars to break the 200mph barrier.[/QUOTE]

    Well said :nice:

    I would like to add that most people do not understand how a spoiler works either. About 99.9% of stock spoilers you see on cars to day its useless or just for looks. The spoiler has to be in the air stream to be of any use...kinda like the SuperBirds. Now for you to get use out of it once its in the air stream the car has to be traviling pretty fast...I guess atleast 85+mph and maintain it. The other thing is the angle of the spoiler. Most people call it the angle of attack like in flying a plane. (If you think about it its just like a air foil) Anyways, to much angle on a plane would cause a stall while on a car would cause to much drag. Theres some pretty cool books out there that you should really check out on this. The one I read and got this imformation out of is called, " How to Make Your Car Handle," by Fred Puhn. Now this book is kinda antique but the principals are still the same :D Sorry I'm more of a old school person.
  4. Nope, that's rice. No excuses.

    OMFG! WTF? DIE! Poor Mustang.
  5. yeah he unriced it since that pic i believe
  6. i think he has an entirely different car...
  7. doesn't look like that....ace are just wrong...ur probably a ricer urself....
  8. yeah and who comes on a car site with a name like ace xbox pfft :rolleyes:
  9. Ricer; Any car or motorcycle made by an Asian or Asian owned manufacturer or in an Asian country. Usually characterized by a sidewards mounted engine cramed on top of the transmission and front wheel drive front end- resulting in poor handling and difficult maintenance and repairs. Sometimes decorated with silly looking huge spoilers, chrome fuel door covers, ground lights etc. Originally from the term "riceburner". See also "crackerbox".

    Mustang= American muscle car Ford Probe= wannabe ricer

    Very simple despite what the word police here say.
    Now shall we discuss Eurotrash?
  10. BUZZ wrong, im not going to flame, ill let everyone else do it.
    I wouldnt call my friends parents nissan sentra rice? who does that? Japanese motorcycles kick ass btw... who calls a kawasaki rice?
  11. :bs:

    This wins my Bs award for being the most unintelligent post I've read today :rolleyes:

    First of all do you realize your car probly is made of or has parts made in Asia :shrug: (If not Mexico and Canada) They define American made by a car being Assembled 80% in the U.S. This means a car built 80% in the U.S. using 100% of its parts made in China makes is an American car :eek:

    Second of all so if any car made with FWD and using foriegn parts is a ricer :scratch: I got a friend who would love for you to say that to his face about his S/C 3.8 Buick Regal :D Heres a link to his car and his newely imported tail lights from China. Just tell him the guy who's SVO you beat sent ya and he'll know it was me :eek:

    Third of all why pick on Probe :shrug: What some Fords are ok and some are not:scratch: Just because you can't work on a FWD car don't mean its junk! Also keep in mind some of them are Turbo charged and can kick your a$$. Besides the Probe is a wannabe Mustang get your crap straight...the Probe was going to replace the stangs but Ford changed its mind. Luck for you I guess :rolleyes: Now as for this FWD not handling right...did your mom drop you on your freaken head at brith :shrug: When is the last time you seen a Rally sport off road car without atleast FWD:SCRATCH: I'm not talking racing on a paved road, I'm talking litterly off road on dirt tracks. Why do you think the Evo/WRIs are AWD :shrug: Try doing a test on which does better on Ice/Snow/Rain..your stang on a FWD honda :shrug: We got 10" of snow here once and my S.S. couldn't do crap in it and I had to use my moms Grand Am to get to work. I could stand on that Grand Am almost the whole way there and never slide out of control. Try doing a long distance drive on the highway in a RWD car and a FWD car. When you get to the RWD car you will think its got a bad alignment problem from hell becuase of how smooth the FWD car is. The motor sitting on top of the drive wheels gives the car a great deal of handling and tracktion. It would be more fair to say that these import cars are not made for high speeds unlike most American cars.

    Lets talk a little on this decoration deal. I want to see you tell a Bullet guy his gas lid is ricey :D I really want you to come tell me my Stock huge wing is ricey. Hell want about the SuperBirds with the 6' tall wings. Ya go tell them guys their ricers :rlaugh:

    Now to what reallt got my attention...Euro Trash.

    My mustang was built stock but by a joint team of Ford and Franch enginears :nice: This includes using some parts made over seas like my Fog lights. One of them says made in France while the other says Beligum. This whole car has a euro look to it and its factory! The thing most people does not understand is that there is a lot of things on our cars that is a result of Euro auto makers. The Gerermans have been the top thinkers for decades and I'm gald to have them enginearing parts that will soon end up on my car(s). It beats the hell out of crap from China :D

    This whole ricer deal is stupid and thats comming from the number one haters of rice!!!The thing that sets a person a side as a ricer is there mentallity. Those guys who worship F&F and installs useless crap on there cars is probly rice. I can't set here and call a guy who lies about his mods making power rice because I've seen Camaro guys and stang guys do the same :rolleyes: I've seen Hondas that could eat a 03-04' Cobra for lunch in a 1/4 and have zero crap on there cars like big wings/fart cans. Wait that can't be true because there FWD cars and we all know they sux :rolleyes: These guys don't set around talking BS and lieing about crap. These guys are generaly pretty cool people and very serious about cars.

    P.S. While I'm still on my soap box...Heres some Euro trash for ya.

    Wait we can't call it Euro trash...Ford owns Volvo :bang:
  12. I don't care how many pages of non paragraph explanations of what is or what isn't rice, that car will be called rice.

    You sir, personally don't seem to be rice but guilty by association and this is just my observation.
  13. I knew my post would get somebody riled up! LOL LOL LOL
    BTW what is a FRANCH engineer pro hawk?
    Yes the probe was to replace the mustang but ford recieved over 30,000 letters from mustang enthusiasts screaming not to let thier favorite car be turned into a wannabe ricer. (I bought a Probe for my daughters first car, we liked it)
    Yes Ford owns Volvo, and also Jaguar, Aston-Martin, Mazda, Land Rover, ect. I will take one of each. Never said I would not drive eurotrash or rice.
    Yes a Nissan Sentra is rice. Very nice rice! My mom drives a Mazda.
    Yea, there are fast ricers. Many kick butt on my 01 v6. Haven't had one touch my 69 sportroof though (427, 1/4 mi. upper 10s). Mostly thier front ends bounce up and down and then CLANK!
    Most front wheel drives are too front heavy to handle decent. A Kenney Brown race v6 stang has a perfect balance. The new 05 stangs are very good at 52/48. Try to drift a FWD car around an oval track.
    FWD cars have very good traction on snow because all the weight is on the front drive tires. Makes for a heavier steering feel too. All wheel drive would be better though, like the new Pooch 911s and Jags.
    You are right that japanese bikes are fast. Way faster than HDs. My old 550 Seca Suzuki would kick any harleys butt. I would rather have a Hog though. Perhaps a better discussion would be what is cool and whats not.
    "OH, I think Rice is a state of mind, an attitude, a religious experience, a metaphorical expression of esoteric design intent". Geeze Man.
    We see a lot of rally cars when we go desert racing ( Thats what I do). We race Prerunners and a trophy truck (Ford totally dominates this division) All the good prerun, and trophy trucks are 2 wheel drive Rangers and F150s Etc. AT 120 mph you don't need 4WD.
    Hey, Drive what YOU want, watch The fast and the furious 10 times a day, Hang laundry out on your big wing, whatever flips yer switch. But I'll call imports as I see 'em. And if your car is all weenied up I will try to not let you see me laughing. And you try not to laugh at my old 17" cobra wheels when you scream by me on your 22" steamrollers.
    Yea my newer cars have some imported parts that I wish it didn't but it's made by Americans in America by an American owned company. (the sound of me wrapping myself in the flag, apple pie etc)
    I will continue to use the word Rice as it was originally meant. And will continue to drive my white trash fords. Pleeze don't think this is angry and malicious, sarcastic-yes, But I like to get things riled up and lively. I'm just an old fart that grew up in the 70s, that should explain a lot.
    May you always drive fast cars!

    (even if they be rice he he he he....)
  14. Dude, do you offer a set of Cliff Notes for all that crap :shrug: I'm sure your not that F***ing stupid to not know what I ment when I said Franch. That whole statment just tells me one thing.....I spelled the other country right :nice:

    Who the F*** said anything about Drifting :scratch: man you must be a ricer if the only thing that comes to mind when someone mentions FWD is drifting :rolleyes: How the hell would I know if a FWD car would sux compared to a RWD car on I look like I would F***ING drift? I would have to drive 300 + just to find a place to do that dump a$$ crap. Ok if that don't make you a Ricer than that whole BS about F&F should. Then on top of it you actualy owned a Probe and admit, its a ricer wannabe. Hell you even owned a Suzuki. Then theres that whole my car does 10's chit. I bet you see a ton of so called American cars every day pull up next to you who can pull a 10 second pass :rolleyes: A 10's car is impressive but I've seen 9's Imports before and one of them was N/A :rolleyes: I'm pretty sure that you knew I was talking more a long the lines of average street cars. The ones running in the 15-12's range like the ones I see running side by side with V8s and not V6s.

    As for a F150 winning in a Rally sport race in the desert...thats pretty cool send me some Video feeds :nice: Although I don't really think thats the racing I had in mind when I originaly posted on this tpoic. I've never seen a truck in the Rally sport dirt racing I'm talking about. Next time I watch one I'll see if I can get the specific class on it.

    P.s I'm not mad either...why would I be its only the net.
  15. ah, that reminds me of that game for PS2
    smugglers run! they had a baja buggy and one of them ford desert rally trucks! ja

  16. I guess I'm wrong since a Video game has a F150 as a Rally sport racer :rolleyes:

    I think people are just calling every race car a rally sport car these days and even Baja trucks. I really don't think you will find a F150 in the rally sport racing I'm talking about. The newer F150s are so screwed up for power to weight ratio its not even funny. With that in mind a Rally sport has to be a daily driving stock type car you bought on the lot. So making a F150 handle like a Rally car probly wouldn't be allowed into most of there events. Here is a link to a rally sport site for those of you who really care to see WTF I'm talking about :rolleyes: Try clicking on the link for "what is rally racing." Theres a few pics of these cars jumping around but not one damn truck or a 10's muscle car for that. Click on "getting started", and it has some imformation on picking your car but nothing on a truck. It does mention the high classes are best done with AWD cars. Now I'm willing to bet that a FWD car in this even will out do and damn stang or F150 any day of the week. This doesn't mean there are no trucks in rally sport racing or RWD but I like for you to show me one in a rally sport event like whats posted on this link. I
  17. Well the whole point behind me putting that picture up was to show neccesity vs stupidity. I then restated my point on how that car can go either way because the bumper is not from that car. Although, it was fitted to that car because of neccesity (no other bumper available). But, if U refuse to read my unparagraphed essays, then I cannot argue with you. lol. You can't argue with the ignorant. (not being offensive, im being literal here. You are ignorant because you really don't know what I said because u didn't read it)
  18. that wasnt to prove a single point, u sir obviousely dont know me, i follow common, yet not always similar brainpatterns with one 97v6silver.
    you were saying how youve never seen a dirt rally truck type thing, so i thought about that, and remembered what he was talking about and how there was one very similar in Smugglers Run.
    even the way i phrased it was thrown together in such a way as to not be taken seriousely, but still to be mentioned.
    also, as im sure u know there are many very different types of rally racing, my favorite being b class, i think it is, in which the cars have the same body as their civilian counterparts, but are beefed up in other ways. (Lancer Evo+Subaru WRX+Peugeot+Ford Escort, which is the focus nowerdays right?)
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