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  1. Between March 5th, 1964 and late June 1973, Ford built approximately 2,978,272 Mustangs at their three U.S. plants -- these numbers are well documented. However, even many of the most fervent U.S. Mustang fanatics are largely unaware that Mustangs were also built at five Ford locations outside of the U.S.:
    Mexico City's "La Villa" plant

    Valencia, Venezuela (starting in October 1966)

    Lima, Peru (starting in November 1966)

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    and (either assembled or simply converted to righthand drive) at Ford's plant in Homebush (a suburb west of Sydney), Australia (July 1965 - September 1966)

    there ya go good ol' mustang as none usa
  2. Ford plant in Hermosillo, Mexico. The Mexican plant is expected to start production in the late summer of 2005 of a new Ford mid-size sedan. The vehicle, called the Fusion, is one of the up to 10 new vehicles Ford is planning for launching over the next several years, which are based on the Mazda6 sedan. Mazda Motor Corp. is a Japanese affiliate of Ford.

    wow not only is ford usa, but mexican, and japanese
  3. 325M More for Michigan, Ohio Plants


    Futura production will add as many as 2,000 employees in Hermosillo (pictured), the northwestern Mexican site where Ford's 2,100-worker plant opened in 1986.

    Back to the Futura: Ford Adding
    2,000 Jobs in
    $1B Mexican Project

    thats a lot of money to put into a mexican plant as opposed to ohio for an all american company
  4. See every company does a lil outside the usa. And now ya know even a mustang at one point was built outside the usa for a bit.
  5. Dude you're like a car with a bad Alignment're all over the damn road.

    My whole damn beef with you started with what...the single thing that got me to respond to your post was the crack about FWD cars. Now granted theres a ton of imports with FWD but I was including all FWD cars. Reread my first post when I was comparing how good my moms Grand Am was compared to my S.S on Snow. Does that sound like I was taking up soloy taking up for imports :shrug: Then I said these cars handle really well in Rally Sport racing and this is why cars like EVOs/WRX are made for. Then you came up with that crap that a F150 out does a freaken EVO/WRX in Rally Sport racing...which I still have yet to see video of them competeing against each other in the same damn race. I don't get a chit about Trophy truck racing crap I was talking about FWD/AWF cars...stay on topic. This is where you got off into drifting and other ricer crap. Do I know what drifting is....Hell NO. If you learn one thing from me,its that I would rather die than buy foriegn car. I would only consider one in xtreme situations like if I got in Rally sport racing or I lived in places where it snows a lot. I only take up for them because most of the crap said about them in coming from a unitelligent person who knows nothing at all about what he/she is talking about. You managed to link cars like My SVO and my friends Buick into the Ricer catagory and they are completely stock cars.

    Ok I don't even want to hear about them damn cry babies who was crying to Ford about the Probe replacing the stang. These are probly the same bunch of cry babies that had the SVO xcl because it was making more power than the 5.0L counter parts was :rolleyes: Do I like the Probes better...hell NO. Most of them are in a J/K for a good reason. Try changing a water pump on one...
  6. American car manufactures has been doing this for decades.

    Chevy had a long line of SBC casted and built in Mexico. I think its the heads without casting marks. Don't quote me its been over 10 years since I've messed with one. Then theres cars like the Tahoe, Suburbans, and Camaros that was done in Canada as well. I also got a friend who builds GrandMarques ( use to Maradurs also) in Canada. With this in mind I find it funny that a Handuh/Mistu built compelety in America is put down compared to a Camaro imported from Canada :rlaugh:
  7. Just how I think a lot of time. I just figured a certain person or two on here needed to see a few things for them selves to remind them and everyone that yes there are cars that will always be called all american no matter where they are built and others imports no matter where they are built. Just don't think that location of a plant is what makes a car fun, fast, enjoyable, reliable, piece of crap, gold, entered what ever ya want here.
  8. This is why I say the term ricer is more a mental thing than the type of car someone drive.

  9. Yep yep totally agree with ya.
    course I also rember the muscle car version of "rice" it was called pro-street LOL LOL
  10. i still think rice is something ugly and/or huge added to any car. By huge i mean a body kit that is just so big, that it hits the ground, but may not be ugly, qualifies as rice to me. A huge wing looks good on some cars (Porsche GT-1 anyone?) but bad on most import cars (The skyline for example can get away with a pretty big wing) And as far as acceptable bodykits for imports i would include chin cpoilers and othe replacement bumpers that dont get too extreme

    of course, this is all just my opinion, some of you may think this is going too far, or pyushing it, or what ever, but its just my opinion
  11. WHOAH WHOAH WOAH wait just a second!
    Remember this guy? i posted about his cardomain website, which was pretty bad
    he stated this bodykit was custom made for him, the fron and the sides, apparently he got RIPPED OFF!
    full kit^ eight hundred seventy two dollars and ten cents
    ^ him thinking his kit is unique? PRICELESS!
  12. Did you notice that in both of your "Bad" pictures, the Civic and Mustang have the same kit...?
  13. The "getting started" section also states FWD are best for beginners. RWD would be better but you have to have more skill.

    Here's a site with Trucks doing Rally... like on your site.
    Pikes Peak

    My favorite class is this one.
    Here's your truck:
    Here's your RWD:
    The Super Stock class winner was Clint with the '01 Mustang, with an 11:43.90. Notice... He's very close to the "Pro Rally" cars and their AWD.

    Here's your AWD:
    And for comparison's sake, here's your FWD:

    Now... I'm willing to bet you should look closer at Rally racing before you talk about "a FWD car in this even will out do and damn stang or F150 any day of the week" anymore. :D
  14. woah i didnt even notice X_X oh well, you get the picture, i dont like that damn kit! lol
  15. Jakencub; When I said "Asian or asian owned manufacturer", I meant "Asian MANUFACTURER or Asian owned manufacturer". Sorry if that misled you.

    I was just expressing MY opinion of what rice is, and was subsequently called stupid etc.

    If anyone can provide me with any info. about Stangs being built outside the USA I would appreciate it. An artical in the Sept. '04 issue of Mustang Monthly about the Mustang plants and about the '05 Mustang moving to the AutoAlliance plant in Flat Rock Mich. states that Mustangs were only built at 3 different plants. Dearborn, Edison NJ (ending in '71) and San Jose,CA (ending 1970). They go on to state that Dearborn produced 6.7 million stangs while "the other 2 million plus were produced at San Jose, and Edison". Please let me know if you have any documentation of them being built elsewhere.

    I don't care about rally sport cars. A 600 hp desert truck with 2 feet of suspention travel would make junk out of 'em.

    Pro-hawk; just because someone has a different opinion than you does not make them stupid. Try not to get upset.
    There are many imports I wouldn't mind owning, but I have decided to at least try to buy as many American products as I can, and not just cars- but everything. I think it is sad so many manufacturing jobs are being lost overseas. Yes, many foreign companies have assembly plants here but the profits still leave the country. Our presidential candidates are fighting over who can keep the jobs in the US. But it's really not up to polititians, it's the decisions we make with our wallets. Just my thoughts and my choices.
    I still think the Mustang is about the most American car you can buy. If you think a Honda is more american then put a flag sticker in the window and be proud.

    This thread was my first post here, I thought I would find some hardcore Stang fans here. I'll leave y'all alone now, but will lurk a day or two to see if anyone found the info I requested above. Bye.
  16. im pretty sure some were built in canada at some not 100% sure though...
  17. Mustang 'eh?
  18. My only thought about buy hondas built in the usa is that it is keeping american car workers employed and is filling gaps left by american companies going else where. To be honest I don't care how much money the big wigs get it's the workers that are the back bone of america and the american man. If some guy in japan gets some extra bucks cause his stuff is built here and it keeps 1,000 workers in the usa employed that means more to me than the ceo of ford making tons of money buy paying mexicans do to the work. That the nationalist side of it.

    As for your proff
  19. Well I'm finnaly back to civiliation with the land of internet and HotRods.

    I guess I will start with Dude its to damn late for me to set here and read through your links and my links.

    before I do get started...Who TF thinks a truck in considered a damn car???. I was comparing a FWD car to a RWD car in a rally sport event. I don't give a damn whether or not there are trucks racing or not racing in Rally sports. My whole argument was that FWD cars was not complelely junk and would out do a RWD car !!! not a damn truck. I'm sick of hearing about these damns trucks can we get some what back to the topic????

    If I get bored enough I will see about it. I really like to know if FWD cars are sux a chitty car why in the F*** have they been made for so many damn years with no end in site? I'm sure its not because of cost but who knows maybe a RWD cost more to build now days. One of these day I will really have to set down and research Rally Sport racing since I admit I know nothing about. I will say, I do watch it when I have the time and have never seen a truck on there before. Now this doesn't mean they don't have them, just I've never seen one racing other than Baja. I'm sure these trucks your talking about are daily driving cars and who knows maybe I'll see one on the road one day.

    This is the reason I "Cut & Paste" when I can.

    Where in the hell does that last sentance say RWD is would be better :shrug: That how top page is talking about pices of your first Rally Sport car. Since some people can't aford a 30-50k car to go trash out you can use a RWD since its cheap to fix. Where does it say it takes more skill to drive it :shrug: I guess your right since the damn thing wouldn't have any damn traction in the first place :rolleyes:

    From NASA Rally Sport's web site.

    There is a class in rally for almost any type of production based vehicle. Generally you will find that the classes for higher horsepower and all-wheel-drive (AWD) vehicles include the more experienced drivers and co-drivers. Vehicles in these classes are also much more expensive to prepare and maintain. These high horsepower AWD vehicles are not recommended as your first rally car. Vehicles in the two-wheel-drive (2WD) classes tend to be less expensive to operate. Front-wheel-drive (FWD) rally cars, without turbo charges are the cars best suited for the new driver and co-driver. These vehicles have good torque, are extremely forgiving of mistakes, easy to maintain, and definitely less expensive to sustain. Rear-wheel drive rally cars are considered to be the most difficult to drive, but are generally inexpensive to maintain.

    :to be continued

    That is when we are back to
    talking about cars :rolleyes:
  20. P.S.

    If you reread my original first post, It states that I was saying a FWD car was better than a RWD car in Rally Sport like what cars like the WRX/EVOs was built for. Below is a list of cars in the rally sport for the web site you posted and I don't see a truck mentioned in it. That is because the trucks are in the Truck/SUV class. I guess your right they do race trucks but don't apear to be racing against any EVOs :rolleyes: Even if they do I'm talking about cars !!!! Trying finding a site where a RWD car beats a FWD/AWF car in a rally sport race. Again notice where I mentioned the word cars!!

    2003 Falken Tire Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Drivers and Riders

    SCCA Pro Rally
    1, David Higgins, Wales, United Kingdom, 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.
    4, Mark Lovell, Avon, Great Britain, 2003 Subaru Impreza.
    5, Ramana Langemann, Alaton, Mass., 2003 Subaru Impreza.
    6, Lauchlin O'Sullivan, San Francisco, 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.
    11, Jeff Zwart, Woody Creek, Colo., 2003 Mitsubishi Evolution.
    29, Tim O'Neil, Franconia N.H., 2002 Ford Focus.
    52, Doug Shepherd, Plymouth, Minn., 2003 Dodge SRT-4.
    62, Dave Kean, Everett, Wash., and Chris Havas, Richmond, Vt., 2001 Volkswagen Golf.
    83, Mark Utecht, Stacy, Minn., and Jeff Secor, Hudsonville, Minn., 2002 Subaru WRX.
    84, John Niday, Richfield, Minn., and Allan Kintigh, Andover, Minn., 1997 Subaru Impreza.
    86, Masayuki Akba, Tochigi, Japan, 2001 Mitsubishi Lancer.
    88, Scott Putnam, Richfield, Minn., and Doug Havir, Golden Valley, Minn., 2002 Subaru WRX.
    89, Wolfgang Hoeck, Thousand Oaks, Calif., 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer.
    103, Wyeth Gubelmann, Placerville, Colo., 2002 Subaru WRX.
    306, Julie Lin, Thousand Oaks, Calif., 2002 Mitsubishi Evolution.
    374, Leon Styles, Mission Viejo, Calif., 2002 Mitsubishi Evolution.
    456, Brian Moody, Denver, Colo., 1990 Audi S2.
    470, Geoffrey Maguire, Austin, Texas, 2000 Subaru WRX.
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