The honest to god definiton of rice...

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by ganador01, May 17, 2004.

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  1. Rice is a food, not a mode of transportation.

  2. LOL
  3. You answered your own question here.
    I gave you that site also.... Pikes Peak Here are some of the results. It's the same track, on the same day, so I say it would count for something that the RWD got a better time than the FWD.... just look at these finishing times if you don't want to click the link.

    AWD= 11:39.63 '04 Impreza WRX

    AWD= 11:43.65 '03 Impreza WRX

    RWD= 11:43.90 '01 Mustang V6

    RWD= 11:54.74 '02 Camaro

    SUV= 11:57.90 '96 Bronco

    RWD= 12:19.67 '02 Mustang V6

    FWD= 13:19.09 '03 SRT-4

    AWD= 13:23.61 '02 Lancer EVO VII

    Chill out.... lots of people use trucks just like cars, to drive around town or to go fast. It's quite popular to use them as you would use cars. I didn't bring up trucks. I was just giving the info you didn't have.

    When you said this in an earlier post, I thought you would like to know about trucks and Mustangs in Rally. Again, just trying to help. :shrug:

    Because they are so easy to drive.
  4. i always thought rice as mods that are ridiculously stupid excess. A 4 inch exhaust on a 4 banger? Actually hurts performance. a 5 foot tall wing on a front wheel drive car? excess drag that does nothing for performance. That was always my definition of rice
  5. Holy old post batman! :eek:
  6. i was bored and digging
  7. So was I. :)
  8. I should take a pic of this guy's car. Rice. Picnic table on the back of a fwd 4 banger that runs higher-mid to high 17s, with the annoying ricer muffler scrapping the ground, his wheels were rubbing the fender because he lowered it too much, and his "Cold air intake"...the filter sits about 2 inches from the header and it pretty much sits on the engine. He doesn't have a CRAZY body kit, but does have Z3 fenders or whatever. While showing off, he missed the shift, tried to put money on the table but he doesn't want to go against my high 15s V6 oh darn.
  9. It's amazing some people still do this. You would think they would get the hint that they are the joke of the town by now eh? Guess if you're that clueless to stick that crap on a rice beater, you wouldn't have half the brain. Oh well, gives me something to laugh at. :D
  10. hate to breat it to ya but rice is anyone that says there car is faster than yours and when they lose they come up with excuses as to why they lost.

    The wings? the huge ass body kits? its all just a new form of what ppl ahve been doing years with CHROME.

    Like on that show car crazy they have the next gen section....whats what all that is about, just a new form of showing off....but bloddy gear heads dont get it so they talk trash on it and some how that got brought into the de4finition of rice.

    Lord knows how wish I did, but ppl on forums my god....

    need to grow up and see that the person that put there 20's on a civic or a body kit on a celica is not a ricer just a car customizer like yourself. you want to go fast they want show some want to go a lil faster so they do an engin swap.
  11. have u guys seen the posts that people put on about this whole rice subject? its pathetic, arguing over a topic with such passion. if someone thinks a car is rice...then in their eyes, it is! who really cares? i think that all japanese "sports" cars are rice. because they are japanese, and they look and sound horrible when most people try to modify them. some of these posts are pretty gay...that are 28 paragraphs long, and are targeted at the last guy's post. rice 4 life ******s :0
  12. I'm sure everyone has their own version of what "rice" means. But I’m sure we can all agree it's the bad "R" word in the car realm or bike. In fact, if there is such a history on this word from what I understand it originated from the Harley bikers calling the sport bikes "rice rockets" being Japan as one of the origins of a lot of the sport bikes.

    Now it has mutated into just "rice". Take it the way you want, but we are all on the same page...that when "rice" is said, you don't want to be on the receiving end.

    Won't stop me from laughing at it. :D I got another word for that one, but that's cause for a whole other thread. :p
  13. i have a couple words for that one :)
    dumb*ss, idiot, retard, etc etc...

    there's a difference between a show car and a riced out car, customizing has nothing to do with it. If you can't see that...well there's no point in explaining it.
  14. Yeah. Cobra-Rs are rice for sure. And why is this back:S.
  15. damnit i hate people that resurrect old threads. sorry. shoot me now.
  16. Wow...I don't even remember typing all that. What the hell was I thinking engaging in such a thread? lol
  17. Yeah this thread is dead...
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