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  1. Ok so... Charged the battery overnight. Started it and got it to operating temp. Couldn't get it to smoke.

    Got the inspection mirror out, back of te plenum seems dry, valve covers still dry.

    Could it be an oil galley plug in the back of the block?
  2. At least you can write about working on the car,........So you got that going for you...…...........Which is nice.

    AND,...if you have a loose or missing oil galley plug you wouldn't have any oil left in the motor .
  3. Not sure what the first part means, but it's not a small leak coming out, wherever it is
  4. got it
  5. AHHHHAAAAA!!!!!

    "The mls gaskets do not go all the way up to the intake rail, its about a 1/4'' short, you have to put silicone on the upper left corner of the head gasket before setting the head on. I had this exact problem, SORRY TO SAY but the heads will have to come back off to fix the problem. I tried Brake cleanin and jammin silicone in that area but with the oil it would not seal. USE the gasket silicone material called the
    ''Right Stuff'' this stuff bonds to the metal unlike silicone. It remains elastic
    but needs a metal scraper to be removed where as I can scrape regular silicone off with my finger nail, I also use it for the lower intake rail..."
  6. I meant if your back was hurting so bad you couldn't work on your car, you could actually still write about doing it.
  7. Well it does, but not a constant pain. It's more like that game "Operation" where im fine until I make that wrong move and its a crippling pain. If I'm standing I usually fall when it happens. Unfortunately, that "wrong move" can be anything and is pretty much unavoidable. It's happened before and will go away in a few days. Sad to say I'm only 25 and am having back problems already.

    I am excited that I found (seem to have at least) the solution to my problem. Any pointers to re-using MLS gaskets? Do I just put them on as I would a new set?

  8. Made a short video chronicling what I believe to be the issue:

    And a picture after a half hour of work. Had to call it quits because I have plans for tonight.


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  9. Totally unrelated from the build, but have you ever seen a chiropractor? I'm 29 and been suffering from back problems since I was 17 from a motorcycle accident, slipped two disks, and just started seeing a chiro about 4 months ago. He has done wonders for my back, my s*** is still f***ed, but don't feel anywhere as much pain as I used to! Just a thought...
  10. geeze you ever going to be done! LOL

    hmm interesting on the head gasket problem. Im guessing it has something to do with the drain back holes? Any way yup the Right Stuff is the stuff to use. I have used the Right Stuff on intake ports to fill pin holes in a Alky engine and the fuel does not even bother it.

    I had issues with my intake leaking oil on the china wall but found retorqueing cured it.

    Seen you hit me up in another thread. Car is running but has only seen street use this year. No time or money to play at the track this year. I know I need to spend some money before I can go back to the track. Would have liked to run NMRA true street in MI and IL but didn't happen. I did get the itch pretty bad a couple of weeks back going to NHRA qualifying in Norwalk, OH.

  11. I picked up a can of it this evening, so hopefully tomorrow I'll get it done (assuming I have time). I know how you feel about the itch to race. I was excited to go to a local call out race in early August, but I have to go to some pre-wedding party for my best friend. Meh.

    As far as progress today, Blaaaah. Remember that hood I traded for last month? Well that guy talked me into working on his mustangs. Yes, plural. He has 3, none of which are anything to write home about. He has a white GT (year unknown, but aero nose) that I put a new driver side fender and bumper cover on. Then, he has 2 rollers, and I switched the K members. That was no fun. So I finally get home and my buddy calls about 10 minutes later asking to help drop the trans/t-case in his Scout. Off I go. I managed to pull the valve covers and start the headers on mine before I decided to take a healthy dose of "f**kitol". End of day.
  12. Well, it's a little after 10 this morning. I'm gonna finish my coffee and head out to the garage and make it happen today. Hopefully, I can have it all back together later this afternoon for a test drive and report some good news this evening.
  13. Here is a better shot of the gap. It looks like I can fill it from the inside and build it up so it can't push out of let oil by. The question is, do I try and fix it without lifting the heads and hope it works?


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  14. Well, it ran. No smoke either! Then I turned it off to get gas. When I went to restart it, the starter said no way man, I'm too hot.

    Sooo here I sit, about a quarter mile away from where I got towed home last time, waiting for everything to cool off.

    And yeah, there's a starter blanket on the peg board hook in my garage. I'm a glutton for punishment...
  15. So the nightly report:

    I'll start off by saying that I'm sure many of you read this for comedic relief. Glad I could could be of use. Just want to say that I am learning and if you have a better way of doing it, feel free to post it. That's what we are here for.

    To those of you who read this to learn, thanks, I'm learning too, and hopefully you learn what not to do from me.

    With that said, I need to wrap the heat shield I have around my starter and run a signal wire from the alternator to the battery. Battery isn't getting enough juice in in the 18' cable run to the trunk.

    As far as the performance, I set the timing by feel tonight, I have no idea where it is at since I don't own a timing light yet and didn't have my dad's. But wherever it is, it is near the 20* that I had set last time. Either way, it makes waste of the 275 BFG drag radials at will. To the point where it is boring, and I've driven it 3 times. Yeah, its cool to have power to blow the tires off, but I want it to pin me in the seat and not stop until I let up. I think with some more tweaking in the rear suspension I will have it where I want it to be.

    Suffice to say it's an animal. Once I get it tuned out, it will be dangerous. The AFRs are in the 10.0 area which is well into the rich zone and needs to lean out. The wideband and the plugs tell the same story.
  16. To me, it's awesome that within a matter of a couple days you were able to find this problem, break the engine down as far as you did and build it back up, then drive it the same night. I guess I haven't got the cajones to pull my engine apart and reassemble it like that.

    My hat off to you sir.
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  17. I'd like to point out the oil problem - solution was found by another person using a different forum. These tools are invaluable
  18. "And now.....I have a dead battery" Haha
  19. After 2 1/2 years, I decided to break it off with my GF last night. I'm hoping this frees up funds for the project.It should at least.

    Still sucks though. Need to go let it loose off the trans brake a couple times and hopefully I'll feel better.