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  1. Thanks Scott!

    I've been busy with work/house so the car has taken the back burner while I pulled more funds together. Yes, the radiator needs to be replaced. I want one of those Mishimoto ones, I guess they are good quality?

    The good news is that the car itself is built enough to handle the power of the 408. The only thing it really lacks is decent brakes. I have a chubby for the Wilwoods, so those will be the major 2012 project I think. It could really use disks on all 4 corners.

    I just need to be patient and wait until I get home to buy the right pieces. Its hard when im on shift with nothing to do and I start cruising the classifieds finding a bunch of crap that I think I can't live without.

    Not gonna have much time to ride a snowmobile as Ill be on a boat 24/7. Maybe someday!
  2. Also, someone school me on a fuel system. This is the only blank spot I have in the final plan.
  3. :D



    Got some 205s with 1.6 promagnums for $1600. Have about 100 miles on them.

    Also working on a Victor EFI right now. IF the price is right, that is. Stay tuned...

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  4. Need some opinions. Im looking at an intake on Corral, its a Victor EFI. It has been port matched for "factory" gaskets and the T/B opening has been opened up to unknown specs. I sent the guy another email asking for more clarity on what has been done.

    Would you pass on this considering how much money I have tied up in the engine so far since this is a gamble - kinda situation? Just wait and pay more for an unmolested casting?

  5. 176,000 members and nobody can answer a couple of simple questions about a fuel system and an intake? Maybe I should spend my spend my entire day posting on here to become part of the "elite" group? :shrug: Naah.

    Looking for what I should do about a fuel system to support around 550 hp

    Also looking at a Victor EFI that has some port work, but the guy is unsure what specs it was ported to. Should I chance $440 on it or pass to buy an unmolested casting?

    Thaaaaanks for all of the responses in advance, folks.
  6. Is that a victor Jr or a super? FWIW I had to open up the ports on the super victor to fit my 205's also had to mill the intake. Sorry cant help on the EFI stuff im on a carb.

  7. I don't have the knowledge to answer your questions but neat build. I especially like the blower sticking out of the hood :)
  8. I'll admit I had to think about it for a second, but I definitely LOL'd as did the rest of the guys out here on the boat. :rlaugh:
  9. i would wait because it he fu**ed up anything it will cost more to fix it than the differance in price of one untouched
  10. Yeah, I think the money would be better spent on an oil pan/pump/pick up and timing chain cover thats up on Corral right now. Ill just have to bite the bullet later and shell out the cash for a better one.
  11. from expierence I would never touch a modified intake unless you know exactly who did the work and it's documented.

    From all the reading I did I think the victor efi has a lot of issues with port alignment depending on the heads being used and usually have to be milled to achieve ideal positioning.....I maybe wrong however

  12. Yeah, the more I hear, the less inclined I am to buy an intake not knowing what has been done. Also heard that most Eddy intakes need to be milled to fit properly.

    Would a TFS intake fit on AFR heads without issues?

    Also, I am buying a Moroso 7 qt pan/pickup and oil pump
    tomorrow as well as a timing chain cover. I figure thats better use of the funds.

    Do I need to get a windage tray to keep the oil off of the crank counterweights?

  13. You can't go wrong with a trick flow intake, but a street heat or track heat may be undersized for a 408W. Are you planning on keeping the motor naturally aspirated, or are you considering a supercharger or turbo in the future? In my opinion, that'll be the deciding factor in intake selection. If you're going to go forced induction, buy a TFS box R and be done with it. If not the Vic EFI will still be a good choice.

    As far as a windage tray, they aren't necessary, but it couldn't hurt. You could also have the shop that's building your motor knife-edge your crank for you, but that's become a pretty controversial practice among engine builders. A crank scraper would be fine, but I'd prefer a main girdle, if given the choice.
  14. Dont touch modified anything. Heads, headers, intake, etc. I learned the hard way.
  15. FWIW both my eddy intakes fit perfectly, they just had some ****ty castings i had cleaned up.
  16. I have a chubby for the On3 kits, but that's gonna be way in the future. I'd have to swap heads also when I go that route so might as well get another intake then.... thats IF it happens.

    As for the girdle, I told the guy i wanted one, but he "forgot" and already machined the block and said it was too late to go that route. He'd have to line bore the mains again.
  17. Got the 7 qt Moroso pan with pickup, pump, and timing cover for 270 shipped. Shazaaam.

    Thats gonna end my spending spree for this week. Also need to figure out where the hell my heads are. I sent lots of dollars and have yet to receive teh tracking numberz...
  18. Well its been a while since I posted in here, mainly because progress has been slow.

    I got the heads in the mail finally, but from the looks of them, the postal service played football with them. Had to file a claim and send them to the machine shop to get cleaned up, where they still sit....with the unfinished, but PAID FOR 408 shortblock. Sheeesh!

    I've been in Norway for the past month for work, so I've had ample time to read about the Megasquirt system I'm going to buy when I get back. Going to use version 2.2 with LC-1 wideband. The cool part will be the EDIS 8 ignition system that I'm going to use, instead of the standard TFI distributor and such. How often have you seen that? I can get all of the necessary parts from eBay for $75.

    My only question is can I use a 302 cam position sensor to drive the oil pump or is there one for a 351 based engine?

    The plan is to set up the MS II and EDIS on the 302 to set base tunes mainly for learning purposes. That way, I don't make any silly mistakes when the 408 goes in. Hopefully I'll have some more progress in the middle of February after I get home and pay off some bills.
  19. Just worked out a trade. My wheels/tires for some 15x8 and 15x4.5 Pro Stars. Comes with some 275 wide BFG D/Rs in good shape and 185 fronts.

    I just need to get off of this F*****G BOAT!!! Been on for a month, have 9 days to go. Can't come soon enough.
  20. What size tires do you have on the Saleen wheels?