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  1. they're 255-45-18s on the rear and a 245-40-18 up front...

  3. Well, I've been working a lot lately. Just got back from Norway. I'm a navigator on a seismic vessel. Here's a couple pf pics from where I was at in Norway:

    By hoopty50 at 2012-01-28
    This is the boat I work on. Its amazing how a 260' boat can get tossed around like a toy out there...

    By hoopty50 at 2012-01-28
    One of the platforms we were working near.

    Anyway, I got back to the states Thursday. Friday, I went to the machine shop and picked up my 408 short block after nearly 10 months...

    By hoopty50 at 2012-01-28

    By hoopty50 at 2012-01-28

    By hoopty50 at 2012-01-28

    Its a zero - balance 10.25:1 408 . Eagle cast crank, I-beam rods, and Mahle forged pistons, Sure is puuuuurty. Anyway, he talked me out of selling everything. Going to stuff in a mechanical flat-tappet cam from Bullet and a carb on top (temporarily) and see what we can make. Thinking about milling the heads down to get the compression up to near 11:1. We'll see...

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  4. thanks for not leaving lol! I enjoy reading this thread!
  5. Well what can I say. Times are tough and I was looking for an alternative. These cars just don't have any resale value, especially compared to anything SVT or Shelby.

    Goin to the racetrack the other night inspired me to finish it. Hopefully the 302 sells soon (its for sale locally) and I can use that cash to bring this beast to life. We'll see.
  6. Im a little shocked right now. I'm selling off my 302 with computer and harness locally for really, really cheap and nobody is biting. Same with the exhaust. I kinda figured it would have been sold over the weekend, but nope. Guess I'll have to convince the GF to start turning tricks for car parts? :scratch:
  7. Did some work today on the car.... Where to start. All of my effort thus far has been under - under the hood, under the car, etc. I haven't given the interior a second of attention. After 21 years of neglect (as you'll see) it was time. I knew the carpet was bad, but wasn't aware of the full situation until after I pulled the seats....
    By hoopty50 at 2012-01-30

    By hoopty50 at 2012-01-30

    I think the primate cage at the zoo has cleaner floors...
    Anyway, after the carpet was out, the "custom audio" equipment had to go.
    Here's the rat nest:
    By hoopty50 at 2012-01-30

    Can anyone here justify why 2.7 miles of cable were needed for a car this small?

    By hoopty50 at 2012-01-30

    OOOHHH, before the carpet could be pulled, I had to pull the plastic trim pieces that run along the door. Small screws usually hold those in place. Not in this case...
    By hoopty50 at 2012-01-30
    WHAT THE HELL?!?!?

    Anyway, I finally the ridiculousness toned down to a reasonable level:
    By hoopty50 at 2012-01-30

    Tomorrow, the trans and engine come out. The car is officially a jackstand queen again. :(

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  8. join the club
  9. +1 :(
  10. Looks like someone failed at successfully keeping their coffee upright between the e-brake handle and center console....multiple times.
  11. How the **** did the previous owners manage to dump 60 cans of Diet Mr. Pibb down the side of the console and onto the carpet? Slovenly trash.
  12. These interior pictures are the Power point presentation as to when they pitched multiple cup holders standard in all vehicles.

    "Without cup holders your interior may look like this......."
  13. Porsche doesn't have cup holders, these cars are for driving, not for fat americans to drink artificially flavored , artificial sugar water.​
  14. Dude you have no idea the sh*t I've pulled out of this car. There was a pink/red wire light thing going around the inside of the gauge cluster. A gigantic NAWZZ switch on the shifter bezel wired to nothing. Holes everywhere where crap was mounted (no doubt a 12" tach and religious statue) Every crevice in the back covered in black viscous goo.
  15. Good news! I sold the 302/harness/computer/flywheel/clutch for $850 tonight and will make another $125 on random exhaust pieces tomorrow. Going to call Bullet Cams Friday and order a cam. No idea what yet, we'll see what Mark has to say about the application.

    Stripped the interior a little more today, nothing worth taking pictures of.

    Went to the accountant with my income taxes today. By the end of the week, I'll know what else I can afford.

    The guy I was supposed to trade wheels/tires with is giving me the run around, so I'm thinking I'll just try and sell the Saleens to pay for parts and buy slicks later on. Overall, a very productive day. Stay tuned for more updates as I thrash this terd together in the month that I'm home.
  16. looks like its comming along pretty good but, instead of a solid flat tappet cam, would a solid roller cam maybe a better option? good luck with it and keep the pics comming
  17. Thats where i was born and raised! Alot of my family still lives there....
  18. Ordered the roller cam and lifters form bullet today. $893. Oooouch.

    Traded my wheels and tires today too. Got some 15x10 welds with 275 wide bfg drag radials. They look like steam rollers. I'll take pics tomorrow since it was too dark tonight. Oh, got 4.5 fronts too.

    Front seats might be sold. If so I get my buckets soon. Pics tomorrow
  19. New meats are installed. They look like steam rollers (to me at least)

    By hoopty50 at 2012-02-03

    By hoopty50 at 2012-02-03

    By hoopty50 at 2012-02-03

    This morning, I wrestled the dash out to remove the wiring harness and computer to sell. Can you say heater core leak? Luckily its just a stain and not actual rust in the floors.

    By hoopty50 at 2012-02-03

    Before and after with the harness removed:

    By hoopty50 at 2012-02-03

    By hoopty50 at 2012-02-03

    Now, its a waiting game. Waiting on the heads to be machined, waiting on the cam to come, waiting on my tax return to get here.

    Coming next:
    - EFI parts
    - Intake
    - Megasquirt

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  20. Happy early birfday to me.

    By hoopty50 at 2012-02-21

    Got some seats too.

    By hoopty50 at 2012-02-21

    Finished stripping out the rest of the interior. Also tried removing the factory sound deadener for about 20 mins...

    By hoopty50 at 2012-02-21

    By hoopty50 at 2012-02-21

    ... Then said F this.

    I was hoping to have gotten the tax return by now, but no deal as of today. Unfortunately, I leave on Monday to go back offshore for a month, so its going to be quiet in this thread for a while. The machine shop got my springs/retainers/locks the other day, but haven't worked on them yet. Hopefully, by the end of April, the engine will be fully assembled and in the car. Then I can start building the computer and harness. Gone for all of May (Work), then fire this b*tch up in June.

    This is the cue for everyone else to start updating their progress threads while I ride a boat for a month with nothing better to do but live vicariously through your builds. Thanks.