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Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by hoopty5.0, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. Damn, now I need a T-body! :(
  2. :drool: niiiice..
  3. They should throw in the stamped steel valve covers for the price you pay for the heads. Might take $10 off their profit margin though...

    I've always sworn against bling, but everything on this engine is aluminum or aluminum colored. I think it's going to pop against the glossy black of the engine bay, especially with the AN fittings tossed in there. Gonna look fast at least View attachment 152497
  4. Well, I'm kinda discouraged at how much money I have dropped on the motor in the past two weeks and how much further I have to go to get it to live.​

    My birthday was last week and my mom has been pestering me with gift ideas, so finally today, I got on Jegs and made a wish list worth about $250 in ARP fasteners that I need. Oil pan bolts, intake bolts, water pump bolts, valve cover studs, and I threw in a windage tray just for good measure. :p I have no idea how much of it I'll end up with. My granparents are going in on it too she said.​

    I'm also waiting to hear back on some 42# injectors and an elbow for the intake. The Accufab 90mm TB is in the mail and should be home before I get there on Thursday. Any more spending and I won't be able to buy food, hahahahah.​

    Still need:​
    - Harmonic balancer​
    - Flywheel​
    - Intake Elbow​
    - Injectors​
    - Fuel lines​
    - AN fittings​
    - Fuel Pump​
    - LS2 coils​
    - Crank wheel/Trigger​
    - 5.0 and 3.8 cam degree sensors (gotta make a hybrid to drive the oilpump)​
    - Oilpump shaft​
    - Wiring Harness​
    - Megasquirt (ECU kit, stimulator, blah, blah, blah)​
    - HEADERS $$$​
    - Sensors​
    - Radiator​
    - Alternator bracket​
    - New mechanical gauges​
    - Clutch​

    And it should be close to running/driving by then. I'm sure there's something really important that I forgot but it'll become apparent soon enough.​
  5. Ohh stop your sniveling. A day will come that there won't be anything to put on a list. (unless you get overcome w/ a burning desire to ditch everything like SOME folks around here and just buy a new 5.0):cool:

    Take comfort in the knowledge that we all have that list. Some people have deep pockets and can just dial 800 345 4545 and eliminate them. As for me (and probably quite a few others) the list gets whittled over time. In reality, If I hadn't had that 2 valve sitting in the corner w/ a TR 3650 attached to it, it would've taken considerably longer to get mine done than what it did..:cheers:
  6. Weeeellllllll.......

    Something's for sale near me that I really want and it's an absolute steal of a deal. I put my TKO and bell housing up for sale locally for $1100 in an attempt to finance said purchase.

    If all goes according to plan, my "low compression" woes will be more of a blessing :chin
  7. There's no mystery here, can say it. I'm not gonna snipe it out from under you. If you get rid of the better transmission, what are you gonna use to handle the power from that...............(pause for effect while suspense builds)..........TURBO!! ( Loud, two note revelation music)
  8. An automatic mayne!!!

    The guy has a T-76 .96 A/R Ball bearing Q trim for $750. No issues with it....
  9. Hell, I should get a trophy for being able to stand up after watching the screen move all over the place.

    Congratulations on your decision(s).
    I think an automatic is way more fun w/ a turbo anyway (you don't have to lift, (or worry about missing a gear if you dont))
  10. Well it hasn't happened yet, but it should. He also has new 60# injectors he's selling for $300. Hopefully I can just give him a grand and call it even.

    I am really looking forward to fabbing the system up...
  11. Hmmm,...More junk to add to your list;)
  12. yeahhh. I think I just tacked on another year to the jackstand jail sentence hahahah
  13. You'll eat those words once you actually start doing it :p.
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  14. Yeah,...and they'll have a distinct metallic taste.
  15. Har har. Well The injectors sold yesterday unfortunately (just found out) but the turbo is being held. Anyone interested in a TKO would greatly expedite my turbo efforts *COUGH buy it COUGH*
  16. Man, dont sell that tko for 1100.. you can get waaaay more...
  17. And i would have bought it had i not just bought one...
  18. its a 3550/TKO - - - Not a 500/600. Rated at 425 lb/ft.
  19. Ooohhh, ok. Proceed.:)
  20. You can still buy the heads though :D

    Here's what i figure - If I keep the heads and put in a .060 gasket, that gets me down to 9.3....
    If I sell them and buy AFR 185s with a 72cc chamber, I'll be @ 8.7 with a .040 gasket AAAND have a few dollars left to re-invest in __________.