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  1. Well it didn't really come out and say it. It was more of a whisper. Hopefully this weekend I can pull a vacuum on it and see if it holds. I got an email this morning saying my hubs - which were supposed to be here in 2 days - will be here next week. Ghey.
  2. I trust that you're buying them from RA?

    I got just one word for you on that subject:

    Don't buy any other Hub bearing.
  3. The electric fan fairy left a present on my doorstep yesterday. Also snagged a 130a alternator.


    Also, the window run channel on the door was trashed, so I started replacing it. Complete and total PITA.



    Also, the windows wouldn't roll up. Took it apart, tested, worked fine, put back in and now it works, albeit weak and slow. At least the windows are up now.
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  4. Keep the pics comin!
  5. Should be a lot more soon. I fixed the driver door run channel and power window last night, but didn't bother with pics. I want to try and redo my door panels on a budget and will document that as I go, as with the rest of the stuff I clean up and restore - in particular all of the door and window trim that is peeling and nasty.
  6. My hubs are at the UPS dist center but they say I cant pick them up until Monday. That is annoying, I think ill pay them a visit on my way home anyway. I'd love to get them, fix the A/C and drive it to work Monday. I'd be a happy camper.

    Side note - If the Maximum Motorsports 2 to 3 port MC adapter is $50 shipped and is a T fitting, lines, and some flare fitings, Can't I get all that at Oreiily and do it myself and save $25?

  7. Yeah, you can. I made all my fittings and adapters from parts store brake line and fittings. I bought nothing premade. Its been a few years though, I wish I had written down all the part#'s.

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  8. Thanks Joe, might try it this weekend. My buddy does it for a living so it should be ok.

    we drove it to my in laws tonight. Ran like it should. I couldn't be happier.

    The only issue I have is the negative camber. The cc plates are pushed all the way inboard. Are the fox and sn a arms different lengths? I think a longer a arm would fix it, especially since the track width seems narrow. @Sharad have you heard of this before with a fox k member kit and SN spindles?
  9. @madmike1157 I am fortunate to report that you were wrong. I switched out the multifunction relay, low pressure switch and added a charge and voila! Ac blows cold. Someone had already converted it to 134 and it still had a charge left in it, just needed to add a little.
  10. Well, sure to make a note of that. That'll be the only time I'm wrong.

    In your lifetime.
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  11. God has spoken . Now back to regular programming !

    (Yes Mike -I heavily respect your opinion when you give it so the god part is perfect ! )
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  12. Took a small road trip this afternoon. Roughly 140 miles give or take before I stopped for gas again and put in 7.5 gallons. Not too bad for 4.10s and dire need of a tune up. Plus the ac was cranked since the ol lady was in attendance.

    I cleaned up the door panels with a Mr. Clean magic eraser and they look GREAT! I'd definitely recommend using what I've dubbed the 'voodoo sponge'. I'm happy with how the car is cleaning up. Looks new-ish now. Getting closer.

    The only image from today's trip:

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  13. One more A/C question @jrichker @madmike1157 - On the firewall closer to the pass side, there is a 3 port vacuum tree. One port goes to the vacuum tree on the driver side, one goes to a canister behind the pass fender, and the other goes through the firewall to the A/C. How necessary is the vacuum canister behind the fender? Right now, the line to the A/C runs straight to the vacuum tree on the driver's side and there is no 3 port tree on the passenger side.

    The only reason I am asking is because my A/C is charged to the correct pressure and everything seems to work as it should, but it does not blow as cold, just cool. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  14. The vacuum can is a supplemental reservoir that keeps the vacuum operated valves in a state of vacuum regardless of how deep your foot is in the throttle. You will want to keep that, or everytime you accelerate, or go up a long hill your dash vents are gonna close and default to floor ducting.
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  15. Ok, I'll reinstall. Still doesn't solve the partial cooling mystery.
  16. You have leaky.
  17. Two things:
    1.) Turn the A/C on and the fan on high. Feel the suction line (it's the one with the low pressure blue fitting) on the A/C compressor with the engine running about 1500 RPM , it should be cold to the touch. If it isn't, then the refrigerant charge is probably: low. proper R134 charge is 28-32 oz.

    2.) The cable operated door that mixes cold and hot air may need some adjusting.
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  18. Got the 130a alternator installed last night, along with a new cap and rotor. It's been had to start in the afternoons for some reason. All the plugs looked great, light brown and no signs of detonation. Thinking fuel? I have a new filter to install, no telling what's in the old one after sitting so long.

    It's got an obnoxious gear whine at 40 mph and 2500 Rpm @ 70 mph means it's time for 3.55s

    Also has a decent vibration at 70 ish, I'm betting u joints.

    Overall still a fox and still fun to drive.
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  19. Make a bookmark of this reply so you wont forget and cut the front end off of the car, and try to stuff an LS in it.
  20. I'm enjoying the evening projects too much. Alternator last night, fans tonight. And tomorrow I'll drive it to work again. Hindsight is a mofo.