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  1. Please God tell me that is a sick, sick joke.
  2. BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! thats f**kin hilarious. first of all there from japan. theres your first mistake. all of those cars look like there out of a CHEAP video game from the original nintendo!!
  3. Lol Stil cant get over this one!!! What the heck were they thinking :shrug:
    Mabe he's just trying to make up for somthing :rlaugh:
  4. WTF? sorry dude, those are some of the most hidious car i have ever encountered. :rlaugh:
  5. You guys do know of course I wasn't serious about LIKEING any of those pieces of crap aren't ya? That's just rice at it's riciest.
  6. I think we're well aware. We are continuing the sarcasm with which the thread started! :D
    God I can't get over those cars! :nonono:
  7. yeah, they're something hidious alright. I can't belive people can be proud of something like that.
  8. this is the only good one in the hole bunch. Dont know what would posess him to go to that show though?
  9. I think those pics where selected from a VERY wide variety of cars at the show. He's probably one of the more respectable tuners, as opposed to a total ricer.
  10. wow, those are some of the ugliest cars i've ever seen in my life, i didnt know rice got that bad
  11. to bad teh term ricer DOSENT APPLY TO THAT.

    ricer is the term given to someone who thinks there neon can take something that definatly more hp/tq than they do...

    its attitude not what they do to a car.

    if so then your gonna have to call everyone who has ever customized there exterior of there car over building the motor.

    hell I would build up a car for showing off if I dident like racing so much.

    becides I think there making fun of how ppl else where in the world make cars ugly.

    I admit some of the cars there are really hidious but ricer dosent fit anywhere in there...theres some oldschool body kits on some of the cars there.

    the 4th car down from the right side that silver thing....thats an oldschool widebody kit.

    the yellow and orange ones next to each other one up thoes are 2 cars built for drifting and the owners are very skilled at it.

    the blue 300zx(second row on teh right)...I want one of them badly.

    I could go on but dont feel like it...

  12. somw one posted this on another site and i think all of those cars where from a school build off to see who could build the most out ragous car or somthing !?