The Incredible Dissolving 67 Convert

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  1. i was given this 67 convert .as you can see it has a few ....problems:rlaugh:a slight bit of rust .
    the front frame rails are gone and the front end is folding up. the rear leafs are sticking through the trunk floor or where the floor used to be . i was afraid it was going to fall apart tring to pull it on the car trailer. the top bows are good. quarter windows are there. the convert rear seat area is good and so is the drip rail.some of the window chrome is there and good.
    it has a 289 still in it with a c4. the real kick in the butt, it appears to be one of the play boy pink cars. it is an F code car so i can get a Marti report to see for sure. looks like i will be doing a coupe to convert conversion. uh ,i was also given a 67 coupe body .free is nice:D _MG_3239.JPG _MG_3241.JPG _MG_3242.JPG _MG_3243.JPG _MG_3244.JPG _MG_3245.JPG _MG_3246.JPG _MG_3240.JPG
  2. i pulled the front sheet metal off ,and i am not kidding i pulled it off. it was so rotten the bolts and clips had rotted away. the frame rails are just gone ,not there. the torque boxes floor supports ,nothing! i have seen model T's in better shape. you have to wonder how . the bad part is, it was a pink 67 convert. _MG_3251.JPG _MG_3252.JPG _MG_3254.JPG _MG_3253.JPG _MG_3248.JPG
  3. What the H-E double hockey sticks is an "F" code in 1967?:scratch:
  4. Dearborn - F
  5. Too bad looks too far gone - parts car at best.
  6. Playboy pink from the factory must be fairly rare. Seems, maybe, worth the effort to use the VIN, door tag, etc, for a restoration/conversion? What engine code does it show in the VIN?
  7. Classic "Mary K" car?

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  8. way to far gone to save for more than parts . no door tag. engine code was C 289 2 v
    i do not believe there where many pink cars made. my code book shows play boy pink as special order, i know there was a Marry K as well but my book does not show it .not sure if they are the same color. the interior appears to be factory black standard. the hood was gone but the wireing for a turn signal hood was still pluged itno the firewall ,it is drum brakes all the way and non power steering so nothing realy special except for the color
  9. My ex had a 92 grand prix that started life as a Mary K car. The white was chipping of the bumper covers and the pink underneath was pretty close to pepto bismal pink.

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  10. that is just about what this looks like
  11. i think i setteled the color of the car. i took a look at the old Illinois title that came with the car and found
    type of title/origional body style/convertible no. of cylinders 8
    and best of all, color - blk/pnk i assume the blk -black is the top and pnk- pink would be the body:nice:
  12. Rust be damned! Restore it back to original! :p

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  13. OK, I so bored I just looked at the wiki for Mary Kay cars. All cadi's till the 90's. Guess someone just wanted a pink Mustang. :confused:

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  14. i like pink ;)
  15. I think we're talking about two different things.
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  16. man i need to play the lottery this week. i was just given another 68 rotted out convert. and all the convert structure is good on it, and on top of that he gave me a 68 coupe .it looked like it had been paint stiped and left to rust but the guy said ,oh no thats primer.i looked at it up close and it is primer that looks like rust:scratch: the body is in great shape .it was a 4 speed car ,acapulco blue with a 289 .it is just a shell now but a nice one. this one will make a killer convert with all the pieces i have now and he is going to deliver it . any one else have a mustang they want to give away ? send it over
  17. just get a new dynacorn body...what's the difference between replacing the whole body as parts or individually as a whole. If you have a good vin plate and title and you can pulls some part of this like the convert frame and other little thing, then part of the car still remains.
  18. Yikes. Some cars just aren't worth saving. That one looks like it'll eat up your sanity as fast as your wallet?
  19. next to impossible to register a dynacorn body in cali.
    the fraim rails and just about every thing else is a pile of rust.
    the coupe i was just given will make a nice convert .the back seat area and the drip rail at the front of the trunk devider is good in the convert .i just have to buy the inner rockers and the seat box and under pans and a few small pieces .
    i was taking the convert off the car trailer and it broke in half:rlaugh:the bad part was the tail housing broke off the C4 and that had been rebuild recently:(