The infamous rattle


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Jul 11, 2019
Hi everyone. I know there are probably hundreds of threads already on a rattle noise for this model of mustang but my noise seems to not fit the other descriptions. My car was sounding completely fine, but I installed the c&l racer Cai and a 91 race tune from bama. The rattle seems to be unpredictable at times besides one thing. When the car is under moderate to heavy load. It seems to happen when I'm letting off the clutch and giving it has while I'm shifting. It also can happen under a A wide open throttle. But in all of these scenarios it only rattles for maybe a second at most. I checked the intake heat shield and actually screwed it down in a few extra spots. The sound seems to be coming from the front of the motor like the throttle body or intake. I don't think it's the separator between the trans and clutch that people are talking about. The datalog I sent bama said that there wasn't any pinging. My next step would be to seal the intake to the heat shielding with some gasket maker. But another option would be to upgrade the spark plugs. I did see a thread that was the most similar to mine and that did the trick. I'm slightly new to all this stuff but I do know a bit. I hope some of you guys can give me some insight, anything helps thanks I really appreciate it! Oh also it doesn't happen when I rev in neutral
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