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  1. Am i the only one that thinks the interior looks like an 80's fox body? It looked ok in the old pics but in person.... damn, everything is boxed or squared off... the current interior looks way better, with the exception of the guages, imo.
  2. I think you're the only one.
  3. :stupid:
  4. Your serious? ... wow... not even close pal. :bs: :lol:
  6. It's all a matter of opinion. I don't think it looks anything like the Fox bodies. And I am not afraid of straight lines or angles -- make everything curvy and it becomes a suppository shape with no personality. :D Are there things I would change if I could? You bet. But I haven't seen a factory car yet that was everything I wanted it to be.

  7. I cant think of anything I would change
    well id like the engine cover, and besides that its perfect
  8. A picture is worth a thousand words


  9. So let me get this straight.....

    You are disappointed that a Mustang looks like a Mustang??

    Yes, the interiors do carry hints from older interiors. It's part of the Mustang legacy. But trust me, 99 out of 100 people will never sit in it and say "Wow, this interior looks like a '86GT"

    I love the interior...i love it BECAUSE it has cues for older stangs. The 67 shelby pic is probably the best example.

    The new '05 interior does not remind me of my Fox's interiors. I love it.

    Until i sit in a real example and see it up close and on my butt, i still rank the 01-04 interiors as my favorite Mustang interior.
  10. I like it no matter what other Mustangs it resembles, since I thought that was kind of the point in the first place :shrug:
    Looks good IMO and I can't wait to see one in person and feel the same way
  11. The only thing I'm not crazy about in the new interior is the 180 degree sweep gauges, but I can live with that.
  12. I don't know it that was directed at me, but what I was trying to illustrate is that the '05 interior looks *nothing* like the 80's interior. The only common element is the shelf over the drivers side dash, but even that's a stretch because

    a) it doesn't resemble the one in the '05, and
    b) there is no symmetical shelf on the passenger side.

    Aside from the promminent speedo and tach placed side by side, I really can't find a similarity.

    The 67 GT500 interior on the other hand...

    Edit: And I love the interior in the '05 btw.
  13. I can see the resemblance between the 05 and the fox body. I mean they bother have guages, vents, and a steering wheel.:D And the radio and A/C controls ARE in the center section. :D I mean if you drink enough alcohol they could look very similar.
  15. Don't forget they both have seats, you can see out the windows, the shifter is between the seats... :D

    I've had a 67 vert and (still have) an 84 GT vert. The 05 pulls WAY more elements from the 67 but it is still unique. Great examples, Shatner...sometimes you really have to put them side-by-side to notice there are virtually NO similarities with the 80's fox.
  16. Yeah the 05 has a lot of elements from the 67. A lot more than i thought now that i look at the pics posted by shatner saves
  17. I wouldn't care if a Festiva had that looks damn cool.
  18. I can't wait for mustangs to come out selling already. then this will be a real user's forum and not some gathering of nitpickers.
  19. Oh there will still be nit-picking, there will just be alot more facts to back it up. People will always have different opinions on different things (ie: the interior in this case)
    That being said, I still can't wait for them to come out! :D