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  1. The only similarity in the interiors of an 80's Mustang and the 2005 Mustang is the placement of the door handle. Everything else is pure 60's Mustang.
  2. by the owner's sure, they have a right to nitpick. but others are called trolls. If i went into the 5.0 forum , and nitpicked their cars to death, I would be booted.
    it's nice to have an opinion, but the same people don't need to repeat threads on how much they don't like this or that, or how much they like the Australian super-sized Chevy Cavalier we call the GTO.
  3. From a styling stand point I don't think retro interior was the way to go. Old American interiors arn't know for being great like the extrior designs. I'm sure the quality is way up, but is doesn't look as good as the F-150 IMO. I have not sat in the car yet so I really can't comment of quility or the feel of it. The style of the interior looks ok, but I would have gone with a more modern look, the two tone looks geat though. I can't wait to sit in it and get good feel for it. I'm also excited to see it the back seat is any better than the SN95.
  4. So we need two sub-forums -- one called "Owners Only" and restricted by the admins to people who present a photo of their window sticker or invoice, and another forum called "Trolls", where everyone else can go to **** about how much they hate it... :rlaugh:

    J/K. Freedom of speech is cool, I just ignore the people who disagree with me :lol:

  5. Hahaha, just like "I'm not biased, I hate everyone equally"
    But yes, there is a place for nit-picking and differing opinions, but after a while it's just draining, if you hate the 05 so much, stay off the 05 forum, simple as that right? :rolleyes:
    But everyone is entitled to dislike at least one thing about it I suppose
  6. Since none of us own a 2005 yet I guess we are all "Trolls" :D

    I expect this forums to become more serious once the '05 is finnaly out. We got nothing to do but BS until Sept.
  7. haha true, very true. We are all just killing time and speculating waiting for the arrival of the 05,

    semi-relevant simpsons quote: "And now we play the waiting game . . . . .aww the waiting game sucks, let's play hungry hungry hippos"
  8. At least 106 more days of being a troll... :nonono: I wish it were here now, so I could enjoy it all summer. I hope it at least shows up before the last track day of the year!

  9. No but if we could get the admins to make custom titles for each troll. Then we'd know who to ignore. And who to actually discuss things with. :D
  10. Here's a spy shot of the mustang interior I found a while back. What they ultimately came up with is much better and way more distinctive.
  11. That is interesting, reminds me of the Stealth/3000GT interior, I'd say the final design is better too.

    I hate how new cars that would be perfect for Summer come out in the cold months. '03 Cobra, XLR, SRT-10 and GTO all came out in the fall/winter months :(
  12. Haha, that'd be a good way to solve the problem :p

    Speaking of titles, how come mine says stanger and not stangette? I guess the automatic ones aren't gender-specific? :shrug:
  13. Thumbs up for the interior

    I for one love the interior, and is one of my biggest drawls to this mustang. I want to keep this car looking as retro as possible, I'm still debating on weather I should get all the power options, I'd rather have a manual window handle, I think it'd top off the interior. I have to say I have no complaints about the interior so far. Hopefully when a take a sit in it, I will be able to keep that thought, and given the junk that I've owned so far, its aint gonna take much
  14. I wouldn't spend too much time debating that -- power is not an option, it's standard. ALL Mustangs will have A/C, AM/FM CD, cruise control, power windows, power locks, etc. It's cheaper for Ford to do that than engineer and offer manual windows & locks for a tiny minority of customers that would go for it.

  15. As far I as I am concerned, the last guy on the assembly could take a dump on my dash on my 05 GT and I would like it better than the interior in my 02 GT. :D
  16. :rlaugh:

    If he takes a dump on the dash of my '05 GT, I will hunt him down and leave 235 mm tire tracks across his face... :lol:
  17. LOL!!! I'm right there with you! But why stop there? Who needs those pesky power door locks, when leaning and contorting across the car to pull up the knob and eventually breaking the console from leaning over it is so much fun? Really takes me back to the good ole days.... And that fancy schmancy Mach stereo thingy has gotta go, please offer an AM-only radio with a tin-can dash speaker. Power mirrors? It would be so much more retro and cool to revert to the old manual passenger side mirror that always vibrated out of adjustment, so you could lean over every other day 5 or 6 tries to get it tuned in, and again, break the console doing it. Lastly, I'd like to have no ignition switch, and a crank handle sticking out the front bumper to start the car with, and a brass horn bolted to the outside of my door with a big squishy rubber bellows that goes "AHH-OOO-GAAAA" when I squeeze it! (Sorry tac3242004, but your severe nostalgia got me off on a tangent I couldn't resist. Crank windows??? Man, I wouldn't go back to those days any more than I would relocate the $hitter in my house to the backyard, or install manual lever pumps at all my sinks for well water).
  18. Go back to those days? Well I'm still living those days! I drive a 93 dodge shadow everyday, with no air conditioning, thus why I named it the "sweatbox". But hell it was a huge upgrade over my dodge colt no power steering 4spd manual. But anyways, Its like being in a fernous on a 70 degree day. I hate when it gets in the 90s up here. So, to say the least, this car definetly qualifies for mtv's pimp my ride. Its such a piece of poodoo, I will have to post some picks for you. I get looks with this car everywhere I go. Its a magnet. I'm not putting another dollar into this thing, hell I'll ride my bike to work before I put a dollar in it. Gas is its only update. I really need this car to come out soon, once I save for the huge downpayement, I can relax, I just hope that I can get the GT for around 25 with all the options I want, cause I will haggle them mf for all there worth. If it ain't a corvette or a mustang, I don't give a rats asre what I drive. I'd rather save the money for other things
  19. Hey .... while your at it, might as well drop the IRS and offer 235/50/17 allseasons as the top of the line tire ..... uhm, never mind.
    Still, I'm glad they dont offer cranks ... too basic ... got to have some stuff on the car.
  20. If he really really wants he could frankenstein something and give himself crank windows. He'd have to cut a little hole in the door panel to put the crank on. But we'd all probably hunt him down and burn him at the stake for doing so, lol