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  1. Hello all,

    I have a '12 GT on the way from the factory here in a couple of weeks, so I thought I'd get in on a little forum action.

    I want to do a few things right off the bat, and I wanted to get a few opinions since this is my first Mustang. I plan on doing a full exhaust (headers back) and was wondering who is making some good stuff for us right now. I'm not used to the vast selection of after market, so making a decision is difficult. Thoughts on headers? Mufflers? I do like that low rumble, so I'm thinking something with an H-Pipe (maybe leaving the stock one in).

    I also want to lower it. Ford loves to make every car look like a 4WD from the factory, so I'd like to fix that up asap.

    A little about me:

    I'm just about 26, and recently got back from a 7 month deployment on the USS Ronald Reagan. I bleed blue but have never liked Mustangs, so this was a huge leap for me. I also have a 2004 Mercury Marauder that gets a lot of my mod attention. I just recently got a supercharger kit for it, so that's going in pretty soon. I love that car to death, but I really wanted another coupe, so here I am! I'm also into photography, so you'll have no shortage of Mustang pics from me.

    Here's a shot of the Marauder, her nickname is the Black Pearl. I'm going to have to come up with one for the Mustang too.

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    See you around!
  2. Nice rides. I sat in a gt500 they had in the dealer show room. That as close as ill ever get, but the Manual trans is amazing. Not sure if yours is going to be but I wish my 86 could shift like that. Way to step it up though. I predict a lot of fun in your future.
  3. :welcome: I'd say nice car, but had a hard time focusing in on it :D, what color of mustang did you decide on? Oh yeah, welcome back :flag: from your TDY....Quick question just for it, when you guys/gals go out for that long on a boat how often do you port? Has to be along time on the sea
  4. Your Marauder has a nice bum. :nice:
  5. I got the white with charcoal interior. I don't think I could have dealt with 2 black cars haha.

    We hit 6 ports in 7 months, but we had a 76 day stretch and a 78 day stretch without seeing land, so the port calls were pretty close together.
  6. Long stretch w/o seeing land I don't think I could of handled that part of the navy, perfectly happy with choosing the USAF out of high school. On the car, yeah the white looks nice. I almost got one but then I decided on not settling on a color I was going to get the color I wanted so I tracked down one 400 miles away the exact way I would of built it.
  7. Yeah, being out to sea sucks, but I have gotten to go to some pretty cool places. It isn't something I want to do forever, but I am definitely glad I did it.

    I ordered the car from the factory, so I got the exact options I wanted. I really like the look of the white, not to mention being much less maintenance than black. I also got the glass roof, which I think looks pretty cool in contrast with the white body. I never thought I would be this excited about a Mustang! :D
  8. Thank you for your service:flag:

    Whats it like not to see land for almost 3 months?
  9. I can understand how that is, at least when I deployed I looked at stretches of sand....I don't know if you ever seen what a bare base looks like in a deployed environment. Imagine living in a city of nothing but tents, fun stuff. But I would pick living in a tent city, over on a ship any day of the week. But hey, you done what you needed/wanted to in your life with the military, even though not a lifer you still stepped up for an enlistment whether it was to benefit you/or something you wanted who ares you still done it, and with that enlistment it sets you pretty good with the GI bill for when you get out for college in that.

    But back to the car and off the boring talk, yeah that white/glass roof would prob look pretty sick. Think what would set it off completely would be a new set of feet. Black w/chrome lip would prob be my choice a car like that