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  1. My pos svo today, was knocking so I turned down the boost and timing and then I had a horrible miss under boost, the car would fall flat on its face, like you went from 3rd to 1st. So I pull over on the side of the road and it dies. I try to start it and nothing happens, then all the sudden I turn the key and PUFF, a HUGE cloud of smoke comes out the tailpipe. I got it running enough to get home, but im really starting to get pissed every time I drive this pos, something goes wrong. Oh yeah what would it take to get it running. Ive fixed almost everything on this car once so fixing it will be no prob.

    Thanks josh.
  2. i wouldnt give up so easy...
  3. yeah, I really dont want to, but this thing is just not very reliable. Im really not going to sell it probably till the end of the summer.
  4. Alright fixed the thread, no longer for sale. But could this be a headgasket and plugs that is causing this?
  5. It "could" be a bunch of stuff. I would give it a complete tune-up reset the timing to 10* and leave boost stock. It might not hurt to try a new ignition module either.

    Also promise should you decide to sell it you give me first crack at it.
  6. I got it running straight again but, it still has a little steam coming out of the pipe. I set the boost to 15 and timing to 11-12, I like the throttle response with it like this. What is with the steam, just condensation? Could it be a headgasket? Oh yeah the title is sarcastic. If you are serious about buying it in the summer, tell me. Im going to have a new project hopefully if I sell this, consisting of a 302 a big turbo and hopefully running 11s that I can drive everyday to school.

    Thanks josh.
  7. I'll tell you now if you intend to buy it in the summer I am definately interested.
    Get a coolant pressure tester and see if you are losing coolant into a cylinder. You can also just watch the coolant very close.

    While youre at it get a cylinder leakdown tester, pressurize the cylinders and check for a leak that way. This will also tell you if a head gasket is leaking coolant because you'll see the antifreeze bubble with the radiator cap off.

    Dont' get too carried away with the idea of a turbo V8 daily driver. Notice you don't see one of those in my vehicle list. Its proving harder to do than I had anticipated. Plus you can run 11's in a 5.0 with bolt-ons and some nitrous.
  8. also to think about...a dead plug wire can cause a miss but like stated do a full tune up has a FRPP tune up kit for not that bad of a price. I would start there...but "if" the svo is up to full opp temps and it has condensation out the tail then it very well could be a H/G or just alot of water in your gas.A reliable turbo 302 is no easy also have to remeber twice the parts twice the money...and Stock production 302 2-bolt main blocks have a shelf life of around 500hp(which might be plunty for you But I always want more) after that you stand the risk or cracking it.there for with next years tax return im geting a cast iron 4-bolt main block for my single turbo 302. but your talking 1.5-2k for just a bare block.(good to 1,500hp) IMO i would stick with the SVO because you can make 250-300hp easily with a holset turbo swap...Choice is up to you though.
  9. a cracked head can also cause some steam from the tailpipes...that's what happened to my Mustang (overheated)
  10. well I tryed to start it with out the radiator cap on and it blew water all over the place, so I put water in the radiator and used that as a reference point and let her run for about 20 seconds and, she drank about a half a quart of water. Im thinkin headgasket.
  11. Ya that defantaly sounds like a head gasket. Time to pull the head! Good luck with her, Nick
  12. Thanks, everybody Ill try to get her running tonight.
  13. I got the head off and, there it was, the gasket blew in two different places. In cylinder 2 and 4, and they blew hard and there was 1/4 inch of coolant in those cylinders. So off to autozone I go.
  14. Oh yes, the 302 turbo project will only be running a max of 8psi so it should work out well, with aluminum heads and arp studs. Ill try to get it to at least 400hp at the wheels.
  15. dont forget to drain the oil a couple times and flush the cooling system...i would put in fresh oil run it for a couple hundred miles then change the oil/filter again.
  16. any color to the smoke? is there smoke only when your on the gas? a leak in the intake may cause a bit of smoke on these engines. maybe the pop you heard was an intake pipe blowing off. ive had a couple silicone hoses fall off the intake and had similar results. check for whistling or hissing
  17. the color is white, all it was, was the headgasket. It was completely destroyed, it was running on 2 cylinders, and drinking alot of water, causing the steam. Got it fixed now:D
  18. Alright guys, I need an answer pretty quickly here. How long does it take for the computer to reset after you unplug the batt? I turned the distributor without the spout conn. out and screwed up the timing and now no runno svo.
  19. what is it doing just cranking and not firing?
  20. yes just cranking, it will pop every now and then but no luck.